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Left &

How gay history came out of the closet. "Throughout history, it's been up to queer people to document their own history... Historical archives — libraries, both academic and public, and private institutions that make it their mission to hold and properly preserve historical artifacts — have traditionally refused to preserve the records of LGBTQ people. When they did, homosexuality appeared in card catalogs under derogatory subjects like deviance, criminality, and medical disorder."

Black people simply saying they’re multiracial makes others think they’re better-looking.

Why the death of print journalism is bad for all of us.


28-year-old man stabbed in homophobic attack on New York subway.

The new Youth Risk Behavior Study, released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, paints a dark picture for LGBT youth...

...And with Christian groups distributing "gay cure" comics to children, that's no surprise.

American youth overwhelmingly favours LGBT equality.

Disgraced gay congressman Mark Foley spotted in crowd at Trump rally.

Why Trump is LGBT Americans' greatest threat.

Donald Trump dodges Pulse memorial...

...For a rally ten miles away where the confederate flag was displayed.

Pulse shooter’s father Seddique Mateen attends Florida Clinton rally.

What Pulse looks like two months later.

WATCH Zumba instructor injured in Orlando dances for the first time since the shooting.

BlackRock targeted by gay activists for investing in firearms.

Young African-Americans not being reached by LGBT equality campaigns.

On screaming queens and the riot at Compton's Cafeteria. "Though history has forgotten and dismissed the transgender women and drag queens who stood up to police violence 50 years ago in San Francisco, their brave response paved the way for our lives today."

San Jose police face class-action lawsuit over gay sex stings.

Closure of Tallywackers - Dallas’ all-male version of Hooters - only temporary.

The tyranny of a traffic ticket. "How small crimes turn fatal for poor, minority Americans."

South Bronx: Home of hip-hop fights to keep its soul as gentrification creeps in. "As Netflix’s new show The Get Down charts the borough’s musical past, the area is becoming a hipster hotspot."

We are all witnesses. "Twenty months after Tamir Rice was killed in Cleveland, his mother is still grappling with how to grieve in private following her son’s public death."

After the fall. "One night in 2014, a Dallas high school basketball star punched his friend, leading to his death. That much is clear. Then came an aggressive detective, witnesses with changing stories and an altered autopsy report. That night was only the beginning."

Inside the deadly world of private prisoner transport. "Tens of thousands of people every year are packed into vans run by for-profit companies with almost no oversight."

A death on Usenet. "Sharon Lopatka had found many identities on Usenet: VHS interior decoration pitch-woman, author of love spells, and pornographic film scammer. Her final posts concerned wanting to find someone to torture her to death."

The Yosemite horror. "In a setting of beauty and grandeur, a twisted soul was on the loose, a murderer who revived gnawing fears that our national parks are no longer safe. New evidence reveals the confessed killer's tortured past—and his bizarre obsession with Bigfoot."

My favorite teacher (March 2000). "Mr. Lindwall was the only high school teacher who understood him. Then Mr. Lindwall went to jail, and it was his turn to try to understand."

The killer cadets (December 1996). "How two love-struck, type-A high school students almost got away with murder."

11,341 rape kits were collected and forgotten in Detroit. This is the story of one of them.

"How’s Amanda?" A story of truth, lies and an American addiction.

How the haters and losers lost. "From political power brokers to the entire island of Manhattan, a varied cast of taunting insiders has inadvertently driven Donald Trump’s lifelong revenge march toward the White House. This is what it’s like to be one of them."

Bleecker Street: Bohemia's barometer (December 1965). "A day and a night in 1960s Greenwich Village."

CANADA  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to apologise for the country's historic treatment of LGBT people, expunge the records of those convicted under homophobic laws, and possibly compensate those affected by them.


Photographer Nigel Wilkinson drugged and raped two male fitness models after luring them to his home for a free photo shoot. Now he's been sentenced to nearly twelve years in prison.

Student claims homophobic attack left him "addicted to botox".

"Kissathon" protest at Sainsbury’s store where gay couple were ejected. "About 200 people take part in mass kiss-in after pair were asked to leave supermarket in east London for holding hands."

Conservative plans to scrap the Human Rights Act won’t be pushed through after Prime Minister Theresa May "junks" draft bill.

The heart of darkness that still beats within our 24-hour cities. "With technology man has conquered the night. Yet walk the streets alone at 3am, and still the magic and mystery seep through..."


Meet 21-year-old Belgian dance coach Raf Van Puymbroeck, the New Mr. Gay Europe.

NETHERLANDS  Amsterdam Canal Pride 2016, in pictures. There's more here.

ICELAND  Rainbow staircase brightens up historic Reykjavik school for Pride.

BELIZE  The Supreme Court has struck down a colonial-era antisodomy law.

TURKEY  Housemates of murdered gay Syrian refugee Wisam Sankari receive new death threats.

TURKEY  The story of Ahmed and Alin, Syrian orphans who became child laborers in their new home.

IRAQ  The so-called Islamic State have executed another man accused of being gay by throwing him off a roof in Mosul.

SOUTH AFRICA  This is 17-year-old Lesley Makousa, an openly gay student who has been strangled to death with a shoelace.

BRAZIL  “It’s like a war zone”: How the Olympics nearly destroyed a Rio neighbourhood.

COLOMBIA  A terrifying journey through the world's most dangerous jungle. "The Darién Gap is a lawless wilderness on the border of Colombia and Panama, teeming with everything from deadly snakes to antigovernment guerrillas. The region also sees a flow of migrants from Cuba, Africa, and Asia, whose desperation sends them on perilous journeys to the U.S. Jason Motlagh plunged in, risking robbery, kidnapping, and death to document one of the world’s most harrowing treks."

CHINA  HIV transmission is soaring. Guess who's most affected? Young gay men.

CHINA  How the increasingly assertive superpower is forcing the west to make tricky strategic and political choices.

PHILIPPINES  President Rodrigo Duterte in homophobic tirade against US Ambassador Philip Goldberg.

AUSTRALIA  Youth justice scandal stirs race controversy.

Médecins Sans

Gay Men's Health Crisis at 35: The first organised gay response to AIDS started 35 years ago. The CEO of Gay Men's Health Crisis reflects on the past and ponders the future.

Gay Men's Health Crisis at 35: A visual history.

How easy access to online porn is damaging men's health.

Michael Phelps uses cupping to ease his muscle pain. What does science say?

When the body attacks the mind. "A physiological theory of mental illness."

As good as dead. "Is there really such a thing as brain death?"

Can you reverse the long-term effects of drugs and alcohol with exercise, food and vitamins?


Ten times Olympian Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black were #RelationshipGoal.

How gay couples commodify their relationships on Instagram.

Single people more fulfilled, psychologists claim.


Iris Prize announces its LGBT Short Film Prize shortlist.

North Sea Texas actor Jelle Florizoone out as gay and "finally happy," now with Egyptian boyfriend, Amir.

If Hollywood won't tell our stories, we must. On Section II, the new film company and streaming platform dedicated to better representation.

Twenty-four child stars who grew up to be LGBT activists.

Legendary NYC club Paradise Garage getting its own film highlighting its contribution to New York City’s dance music culture and nightlife.

Ghostbusters heading for $70m-plus loss, sequel unlikely.

Why has this summer blockbuster season been so bad? "After a record year at the box office in 2015, failed franchise-starters and tired superhero films have had an underwhelming time at the multiplex."

The new book about films that have vanished from view.

Vin Diesel maybe threatens to spill the truth about the Rock.

Looking back at Spike Lee’s powerful, underrated crime drama Clockers.

READ  An excerpt from In Search of Lost Films, by Phil Hall, in which he goes looking for two trash opuses, Space Jockey and Pachuco.

WATCH  Here's the trailer for Moonlight, the new film from director Barry Jenkins about what it’s like to grow up black and gay in America.

WATCH  Trailers for The Ways of Man; Downriver; People You May Know; and Want It, a short film.


500 scripted shows in 2017 and 71 Netflix originals: The future of TV is crowded.

The real reason networks keep resurrecting old TV hits. "Your favorite TV show will never die because streaming rules the world."

On Pharm, the new web series from the creator of About Him. "It looks to be... a sibling to recent soft-core porn Black Gay web series Freefall and About Him.”

The Real O’Neals showrunner Casey Johnson on cast member Noah Galvin’s controversial interview about toxic gay male identities in the industry, the vague coming out of actor Colton Haynes, and the sexual life of X-Men: Apocalypse director Bryan Singer.

Laverne Cox plays "a fiercely competitive Ivy League-educated attorney" in new legal drama Doubt (and she’s also broadcast television’s first full-time transgender character).

Survivor’s Remorse hilariously tweaks the modern outrage cycle in a standout episode. "The series is one of TV’s best at satirizing the 24-hour news cycle."

The Get Down: Often brilliant, often frustrating tribute to '70s hip-hop. "The musical sequences are tremendous. Everything else needs a little work."

The Star Trek TV shows that never happened.

If he hollers let him go (October 2013). "Searching for Dave Chappelle ten years after he left his own show."

NBC's coverage of the Olympics is atrocious. There's a simple reason why. "The network views the games as entertainment, not as sports."

WATCH  Here's the trailer for original TV series Feral, debuting 6th October.

WATCH  New web series Metropolitan; the latest episodes of The DL Chronicles and Street Behavior; and the the season finale of gay web series Disposable Teens.

At Night

Joan Rivers always knew she was funny (May 2010). "The rise and fall, and rise and fall, of a legend."

A Pryor love (September 1999). "A look at the life and career of Richard Pryor as he reached the end."


How to get a bigger promenade on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Behind the famous Piccadilly Circus signs, in pictures.


WATCH  Contradicting Resentment, a poetic collaboration.

Navigating sex parties and Pride: A week in the life of cartoonist Jeremy Sorese.

REVIEW  Boy Erased, by Garrard Conley. "Understanding that a shaky coexistence—if not a clear threat—still lingers in this country is one of Boy Erased’s most important missions and its greatest success. Conley’s story is a reminder that challenges to the everyday lives of LGBT people continue."

On the rag, your weekly look at the free gay 'zines.

Beats, Rhymes
& Life

Inside the playlist factory. "The people at Apple, Spotify, and Google who decide what you listen to."

Ten observations while watching Usher’s No Limit video.

Hip-hop artist Bow Wow to retire as he can't see himself rapping aged 30. "Rapper, now 29-years-old started working aged 13, has made $20m and will turn his attention to acting and TV production."

Bow Wow’s young retirement is a Platonic example of a good call. "The 29-year-old millionaire rapper, rather than grasping for exponential wealth, follows the advice of the great philosophers: work less, sit around more."

The story behind Prince’s $10 million Paisley Park estate.

INTERVIEW  Talking to KillASon.

WATCH  Starchild & The New Romantic - Mood; Kaoz - Overtime; and the latest episode of gay music show The GrooveOUT.

Red Light

NextDoor releases dead gay porn star Dimitri Kane’s final scene: “It’s what he would’ve wanted.”

Behind-the-scenes on Falcon's About Last Night, with Ryan Rose, Brent Corrigan, and Topher DiMaggio.

Falcon's Ryan Rose has posted a video of the aftermath of his offscreen hookup with Alexander Volkov.

XL hooks up with Dato Foland.

Diego Lauzen posts pictures with fellow porn stars Darius Ferdynand Julio Rey - and husband Wagner Vittoria. Private party, or new scenes coming?

Mario Domenech, Martin Mazza, Ibrahim Moreno and Frank Valencia take part in a live sex show in Barcelona. Pictures, video.

Here's some pictures of a massive circuit party in Barcelona.


Rio 2016: The longest run. "For the Refugee Olympic team, the Rio Games will not be about winning medals. They will be about earning dignity and changing hearts and minds."

Rio 2016: The Refugee Olympic Team doesn’t need your cheers. They need countries to fix their crisis.

Rio 2016: The Daily Beast's Grindr-baiting is the worst invasion of privacy. "A straight man's foray into gay hookup apps at the Olympic Village is a violation of journalistic integrity and a risk for closeted athletes."

Rio 2016: Gay Olympian Amini Fonua condemns despicable "Grindr-in-Rio" hack Nico Hines.

Rio 2016: The gay Olympic torch kiss that lit up Ipanema.

Rio 2016: Tom Daley and Dan Goodfellow seize Rio platform to claim diving bronze - and celebrate with wet, nearly naked embrace...

...Meanwhile, a hug between synchronised divers Jack Laugher and Chris Mears, who won gold for Team GB in the 3-metre synchronised dive, was deemed "unmanly" by the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper (often referred to as the Daily Hate).

Rio 2016: Tom Daley and Dan Goodfellow finish the men's synchronised 10-metre platform event in third place, take bronze (and each other).

Rio 2016: Nine of the most inspiring, funny, and heartwarming LGBT moments.

Rio 2016: What Rio looks like so far for LGBT Olympians, in pictures (part 1).

Rio 2016: What Rio looks like so far for LGBT Olympians, in pictures (part 2).

Rio 2016: Only fourteen nations have out Olympians.

Rio 2016: BBC forced to apologise after commentator makes homophobic remark.

Rio 2016: Iranian activist at volleyball match censored, removed.

Rio 2016: On the USA Men’s Gymnastics Team.

Rio 2016: Tonga flag bearer Pita Taufatofua (and cover star of The Kaos Theory #238) shows us how to oil up like an Olympian.

Rio 2016: Bromance at the Olympics, in pictures.

Rio 2016: Is Rio's Olympic architecture a success or failure? "After the ‘worst ever’ preparations, how are the park, arena and athletes’ village holding up? And are the designs for the mascots, torch and kits medal-worthy?"

What happens when the carnival moves on: Decaying former Olympic sites across the world, from Germany in 1936 to Beijing in 2008.

Ex-football player Howard Gayle turns down MBE. "Unfortunately I had to decline the nomination for the reason that my ancestors would be turning in their graves after how Empire and Colonialism had enslaved them."

The meaning of Serena Williams. "On tennis and black excellence."

Welcome to the Far East Conference. "Exiled from the NBA, vilified by the press, and ridiculed for a serious of questionable YouTube videos (eating Vaseline? c'mon!), Stephon Marbury is seeking redemption—and vast riches—in basketball-mad China. Now, if he can just win over his Communist bosses, he'll be the biggest thing since Yao Ming."

Allen Iverson, NBA icon, struggles with life after basketball (April 2013). "Basketball’s iconoclast is now a broke recluse at 37."

Love me, hate me, just don't ignore me (Janiary 2012). "As you're planning your Super Bowl party this year, give a thought to future Hall of Famer Terrell Owens. He's out of work, out of money, and currently in court with all four of his baby mamas. And now for the part that really depresses him: For the first time in his long, checkered, and spectacular career, nobody wants to throw him the ball."

Dennis Rodman broke his penis three times. He explains how.

The WWE is talking about including LGBT storylines in future programs.

NBC Sports has a gay problem.


The new campaign to put pressure on McDonald's to impose a global ban on products from animals treated with antibiotics.


Jorge Ilich, the Venezuelan underwear model, is dead. He was 26. Ilich

Grindr launches "Varsity Collection" clothing line to benefit non-profit Athlete Ally, the organisation dedicated to fighting homophobia and transphobia in sport.

WATCH  Here's the latest Andrew Christian promo.


Deliveroo riders protest in London against changes to pay structure. "Takeaway delivery company faces row with couriers after it said they would be paid per delivery, instead of by the hour."

What it's like to tell your boss you're HIV-positive.

Surviving the long haul. "For women in the trucking industry, going to work can mean subjecting themselves to catcalling, harassment, rape, and a system built to deny them justice."

I Own 51% Of
This Company!

BHS shuts the doors on its flagship London Oxford Street store for last time.

On the decline of Michigan City's Marquette Mall.

Planes, Trains
& Automobiles

China unveils its "straddling bus".


Why global warming will make it nearly impossible to hold the summer Olympics.

400-year-old Greenland shark is oldest vertebrate animal. "Shark, which would have reached sexual maturity at around 150 years, sets new record for longevity as biologists finally develop method to determine age."

The man who loved grizzlies. "For Timothy Treadwell, the grizzlies of Alaska weren’t just the world’s largest terrestrial predators. They were his soul mates, his salvation, and his cause. Last October, when a 1,000-pound male tore him and his girlfriend, Amie Huguenard, to pieces, Treadwell died as he’d lived–by the bear."

And Whilst You're
Thinking About That,
Think About This...

Why do people want thousands of dollars for Disney VHS tapes on eBay?

And finally, Jack & Ben ("your friendly UK interracial gay couple") discuss open relationships; Rogue "Marbie" Scott on why he can't get enough meat; Andrew dreams of his perfect man; and Qaadir gets political...

See you kids next week - it's been emotional! Zee Jai

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Issue 239: 08-14 August 2016
On the cover: Dan Goodfellow and Tom Daley in Rio.




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