Issue 204: Jussie Smollett, Michael Sam, Nazis, ISIS, Bayard Rustin, Rob Smith, Steve Grand, Sundance, Uber, and more...

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think, progress

Half of all black gay men in America will have HIV by the time they are 35.

The barely remembered gay victims of the Nazi concentration camps.

When you say you "don't see race", you’re ignoring racism, not helping to solve it.

Now that white people have declared "bae" over, black people can use it in peace. "Majority culture’s adoption of the word, stolen from African American vernacular, distorted it to the point of misuse and meaninglessness."

The fifteen brutal attacks that show anti-LGBT hate is still very real.

Inside the spiritual retreats that are helping homeless youth. "A buddhist and a christian joined forces to create an agency to help homeless youth. among the organization's work: mindfulness retreats that encourage spiritual practices." (Image.)

Our "impartial" broadcasters have become mouthpieces of the elite. "If you think the news is balanced, think again. Journalists who should challenge power are doing its dirty work."

Rob Smith: "We're giving Leelah Alcorn what she wanted. This is why we should stop."

Watch gay twins Aaron and Austin Rhodes come out to their father in an emotionally charged video - and their subsequent appearance on Ellen with said dad...

A straight dad of twin baby boys explains why we should all support LGBT rights.

news from america

Why it’s awesome to be white in America.

Case in point: Out NYC hotel Ian Reisner has paid $US10.1 million for the Fire Island Pines commercial district.

Bisexual, lesbian, and transgender people mentioned for the first time ever in the State of the Union speech.

Wade Davis II: "In 2010, President Barack Obama signed into the law the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare. But many LGBT individuals, especially young adults, are still uninsured - and the 'open enrollment' period for 2015 ends February 15th. Good health and health care are not privileges - they're rights."

Nigerian author Kenny Brandmuse comes out as gay and HIV-positive.

Nikon's new ad campaign features gay couple Kordale and Kaleb Lewis.

This is 46-year-old teacher David Frigaard, who ran the gay-straight alliance at Park High School in Minnesota. He was gunned down by a teenager at a bar he owned.

Meet 31-year-old Don Brooks, who was gay-bashed in West Hollywood by three men in a white Audi. "They saw me crossing, they saw that I was gay, and they wanted to just feel manly, or whatever."

Gay Chicago couple ejected from taxi for kissing...

...Whilst a Chicago Uber driver has been charged with sexually assaulting a male passenger.

Snoop Dogg mocks gay carer Cortez Booze on Instagram, triggers torrent of homophobic abuse.

Atlanta fire chief Kelvin Cochran fired for equating gay sex to bestiality.

"Sodomite semen" pastor admits he's been tempted by gay sex.

Bryan Fischer, one of the most anti-gay voices in the US, fired by the American Family Association for connecting Nazism with homosexuality.

Twitter suspends the main account of anti-LGBT hate group the Westboro Baptist Church, as well as that of its leader, Shirley Phelps-Roeper.

Former "ex-gay" poster boy Randy Thomas comes out as gay.

Former Florida A&M band member Dante Martin sentenced to six years in hazing death of gay drum major Robert Champion. Martin was the ringleader of the hazing ritual "Crossing Bus C."

Jane Clementi, mother of Tyler Clementi, speaks out on the suicide of transgender teen Leelah Alcorn.

Idaho Republicans kill gay protections bill.

A gay couple owns the Jeb Bush for President website - and they're not going to give it up.

Canada | Students at Onoway Jr/Sr High School in Edmonton, Alberta protest against "an administrative decision" to cover up one student's mural depicting two boys kissing.

news from latin america

Jamaica | LGBT youth evicted from Shoemaker Gully in New Kingston.

Jamaica | School principal has gay sex photos posted, goes into hiding after he gets death threats.

Jamaica | HIV activist Prof. Brendan Bain fired for supporting anti-gay laws.

Chile | Lawmakers give final approval to gay civil unions.

Chile | Pedro Lemebel, the writer, activist, and provocateur, is dead. He was 62.

Cuba | Photographer Kevin Slack on Cuba's endangered authenticity.

Mexico | Meet Victor Manuel Aguirrre and Fernando Urias, who have been trying to marry since July 2013. They've been stopped - again - after a complaint alleging they "suffer from madness."

news from africa

Gambian president Yahya Jammeh claims the US is an "evil empire of homosexuals" that "will also go down the dirty drain and garbage of hell."

Uganda | Nine young gay men arrested by police and tortured in jail - after being attacked by a homophobic mob.

Uganda | UN General Assembly President Sam Kutesa taunts gay activists upon his return to Uganda.

Uganda | Refugee project survives anti-gay attacks of 2014.

Nigeria | Twelve men, mostly teenagers, arrested for holding a "gay wedding", could face death penalty.

Tanzania | Straight couple arrested for gay sex.

Zambia | Anti-gay defense minister Edgar Lungu inaugurated as president.

Botswana | Government appeals ruling in favour of LGBTI rights group.

Cameroon | How police are entraping gay men to extort bribes.

news from asia

Vietnam | Police bust $47m gambling ring run by the gay magazine owner of the Vietnamese edition of UK publication Attitude.

Vietnam | Separate jails proposed for gays.

Vietnam now more progressive than much of the US. Eight in ten gays see positive change toward them.

North Korea | Kissing soldiers caught on CCTV.

China | Meet the former policeman who launched China’s biggest gay dating app.

India | The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has come out in support of decriminalising gay sex. But some six hundred LGBT people have been arrested since the Supreme Court recriminalised gay sex in December 2013.

Back in the shadows: The perils of being LGBT in India.

Australia | Declassified papers reveal Australian Government’s fear 25,000 already had HIV in 1988 - and considered forcing gay men to be tested for HIV.

news from
the middle east

Iraq | The Islamic State terrorist group has released graphic photographs purportedly showing a man being thrown off a roof for being gay.

Israel | Tour company serving “gay Jews and those who love us,” offers the first ever gay tour of Auschwitz.

Egypt | Government tells media to boost its anti-gay coverage; editor claims it is to distract from the government.

Egypt | All twenty-six men in the gay bathhouse trial have been acquitted. The men were arrested in December for "inciting debauchery."

Kyrgyzstan urged to drop new anti-gay propaganda law.

news from europe

United Kingdom | Pardons sought for the 49,000 men and women who were persecuted under anti-gay laws.

United Kingdom | Last year saw a huge increase in children adopted by gay parents, with figures released by the Department of Education showing more than three hundred kids went to live with same-sex parents in 2014.

United Kingdom | Stonewall unveils the Top 100 Employers for 2015, the "definitive list of Britain's most gay-friendly workplaces."

England | A McDonalds security guard has been suspended after telling two gay men to stop kissing, claiming that the couple would make "people feel uneasy." Matthew Dummigan was "insulted".

England | London Uber driver kicks out gay couple for kissing.

England | Is a serial killer stalking Manchester’s gay village?

England | Germaine Greer spews out vitriolic anti-trans rant, claiming there is no such thing as transphobia, and that sex reassignment surgery is "unethical."

England | Watch what happens when two straight men hold hands in public...

Scotland | Whatever happened to Glasgow's Red Road flats?

Northern Ireland | Activists fight proposed "conscience clause" which could allow gay discrimination on the grounds of strongly-held religious beliefs.

Ireland | Dublin school cancels anti-gay bullying workshops as "both sides should be represented."

France | Court allows gay man to marry Moroccan partner, breaking a long-standing agreement between the two countries.

Spain | King Felipe VI becomes world's first monarch to appear on a gay magazine cover.

Ukraine | Parliament throws out Russian-style "gay propaganda" bill.

Russia | Founder of LGBT youth support group fined thousands for breaking anti-gay law.

Russia | Four people injured in an attack on gay nightclub Fantom in Tolyatti.

Belarus | Football team fires gay man after fans campaigned for "no fags".

Republic of Macedonia | Parliament votes to ban same-sex marriage and civil unions.

Lithuania | Gay students who posted kiss picture on Facebook told by court they were "asking" for death threats.

Germany | Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell on the horrors gay people faced under Nazism.

art & design

New York City’s 17th Annual Visual AIDS Postcards From the Edge Benefit raises money for HIV.

Hugh Steers art - about mortality, isolation, and AIDS - is exhibited at Alexander Grey Associates, New York, until 14th February.

Art & AIDS: Amor y Pasión, an exhibition featuring 45 artists living with HIV or AIDS, and hosted by the Gay Men's Health Crisis and the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, opened 26th January in New York.

Inside the world of gay Japanese manga.

Walkie Talkie review – bloated, inelegant, thuggish.


Canadian LGBT weekly Xtra! to cease print publication after 31 years - but promises to expand online.

Bayard Rustin was my love, my leader: Walter Naegle remembers the legacy of his late partner, the civil rights leader Bayard Rustin.

Bayard Rustin, in pictures.

Read a 1986 interview between Bayard Rustin and Joseph Beam.

Read a 1987 essay by Bayard Rustin revealing a personal account of Martin Luther Kings's feelings toward gay people.

John R. Gordon'swriter's diary: "Not another butch dyke" and other lies.

Bisexual man with two penises releases tell-all autobiography.

shouting in the night

Why Broadway legend Harvey Fierstein thinks "self-loathing" Johnny Weir is an "asshole."

Which LGBT-inclusive Broadway shows are closing?

Transport for London bans new ad for the 20th anniversary revival of Kevin Elyot's AIDS-themed comedy My Night With Reg.

at the movies

Not a straight white man in Hollywood? Well, good luck.

Make 2015 the last year of the white guy Oscars.

The LGBT films of Sundance 2015. Above, Rick Famuyiwa's Dope.

Kid Cudi is "mad" his gay kiss was cut from new film James White: "We made out so many times – and it was so good! That's my only gripe."

Meanwhile comedian Kevin Hart wouldn't consider taking on a gay role:

Pride director Matthew Warchus doesn't mind the removal of gay content from the US DVD cover of his film.

Straightwashing at the movies: The Pride DVD shows gay people still make the film industry nervous. "The US cover left out references to gay men and lesbians. It’s the latest in a long tradition of playing down homosexuality on screen."

New pictures from the forthcoming film I Am Michael, starring James Franco, Zachary Quinto, and Charlie Carver.

Film review | I Am Michael. "Its ending will appease your inner gay activist... yet it's still a somehow unsatisfying movie."

Matt Bomer wins Golden Globe for his portrayal of an AIDS victim in HBO's The Normal Heart. In his acceptance speech, he said, "To the generation that we lost and the people we continue to lose to this disease, I just want to say we love you. We remember you."

Bomer is to play Montgomery Clift in a HBO biopic.

Taylor Negron, the actor and comedian, is dead. He was 57. Read his last essay.

the box

Billy Crystal thinks gay scenes on TV are going "too far" - and he doesn't get why his comments were controversial.

Billy Crystal is wrong. There is nowhere near enough gayness on screen. "Crystal might not want gay sex ‘shoved in his face’. But after hundreds of years of straight white guys telling straight white guy stories, I say bring on the disabled black lesbians."

Queer As Folk US cast to reunite at the ATX Television Festival in June.

Gays of our lives: A round-up of everything gay in soap.

Talking to dreamy Waterloo Road newcomer Regé-Jean Page.

EastEnders' Davood Ghadami gets naked for Attitude magazine.

EastEnders: Richard Blackwood cast as new villain.

Watch EastEnders' chilling 30th anniversary week trailer.

Days of Our Lives love triangle takes a sizzling, unexpected twist as Will Horton has sex with his husband's ex-boyfriend.

Seventeen winter TV shows LGBT viewers can't miss. Above, Empire.

Empire creator Lee Daniels on wanting to "blow lid off homophobia" in black America.

How Empire brings a different perspective on the parents of black gay men.

Out Broadway star Kyle Dean Massey joins Nashville as gay country singer.

Activist Dan Savage's life to be made into ABC sitcom.

Five reasons you should be watching USA's Sirens.

Check out a preview of Looking's second episode; and the latest episodes of Triangle and Steam Room Stories; and a preview of Finding Me the Series' second season... 

beats, rhymes & life

What happens when the world's largest queer record label closes and no one notices?

Christian musician Byron Rice - once a star in the contemporary Christian music scene - comes out as gay and HIV-positive folk singer.

Sizzling out, gay country singer Steve Grand's debut album is to be released in March.

Talking to out singer and choreographer Bobby Newberry.

Aging soul singer Alexander O’Neal walks out of the UK Celebrity Big Brother house after calling Perez Hilton a "faggot."

Videos | Gay R&B singer-songwriter Matt Palmer's new single Break Up; Ukrainian "boys in heels" Kazaky are back with What You Gonna Do; and Bobby Newberry - Flight from Paris; and OWS - Waterline.


FCKH8's 2015 Charity Calendar sizzles with gay and straight beefcake.

The 30th annual Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather contest, in pictures.

Exploring the rich, moist beginnings of our bathhouse culture.

Johnny Rapid (above, rightarrested after "attempted threesome with 14-year-old girl."


Michael Sam proposed to Vito Cammisano — at the Vatican.

Out football star Robbie Rogers blasts FIFA for supporting anti-gay Russia, Qatar.

Japanese pro soccer player Riku Matsuda denies college gay porn appearances.

st. elsewhere

Rare type of syphilis infects six, leaves two blind. HIV-positive gay men are the main victims.

Boffins train immune system to spot and kill HIV, could lead to vaccine.

Newly diagnosed with HIV? Here's what's next.

Why it is problematic using "clean" to describe HIV-negative status.

PrEP Version 1.1, 2.0, and beyond.

Gay actor in sero-discordant couple reports successful surrogate conception thanks to sperm washing.

Five ways to survive grief.

Six dating dilemmas for gay men and how to avoid them.

hell's kitchen

Five ways 3-D-printed food will change the way we eat.

Foie gras is exactly as delicious as you've heard. It should nonetheless be banned.

What Sonic gets that McDonald’s doesn’t. "Sonic, the fourth largest burger chain in the country, has taken that credence to heart, doubling down on the notion that there's little reason to clutter its menu with healthy options, like salads and wraps. Instead, Sonic focuses on ensuring that its hamburgers and french fries remain as affordable as possible. And it seems to be paying off."

Every new restaurant serves the same "unique" dishes as every other place.


Imagine if we neutered all the cats – how the birds would sing.

inside the spaceship

Why does Facebook censor gay images?

Lena Dunham goes dark on Twitter. And it's no wonder.

The "internet will disappear" as everything in our life gets connected, Google claims.

and whilst you're thinking about that, think about this...

Seven reasons to be hopeful in 2015.

And finally, Rob Smith's guide to coming out; Rogue "Marbie" Scott gets into drugs; the weird things gay guys say to their straight best friends (and vice versa); and imagine if guys acted in real life the way they do on gay apps...

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Issue 204: 01-31 January 2015
On the cover: Michael Sam and Vito Cammisano.





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