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Denis Carney and Essex Hemphill.
 Ponder This 

< The heroes lost to AIDS can be seen, if you squint.

||| Homosociality: What is it?

||| The masculine mystique. Could bullying be the reason young gay boys are using steroids at five times the rate of straight-identified boys.

||| What's wrong with "choosing" to be gay, anyway?

Frat boys, as imagined by Falcon Studios.
A frat boy’s gay experience. "I always considered myself straight. What happened with Tom left me questioning everything about my sexuality."

||| Gay men have a big problem with camp, but prejudice is corrosive, wherever it comes from.

Ji-hu was furious when Min-jae refused to pass the salt.
||| Two thirds of young gay people have considered suicide.

||| Grappling with what people see as my privilege. "Assuming that all white, cisgender gay men have the same experience is also quite problematic."

||| For gay and lesbian parents, equality is a myth when it comes to custody cases.

||| The American Dream is now just that for its middle classes – a dream. "For years, the US enjoyed unrivalled prosperity - and its middle classes were the envy of the world. No longer. Last week, a study of decades of economic data concluded that the US had fallen behind other nations, apart, that is, from the super-rich."

Rich white people.
||| How Britain has become a plutocrats' paradise. "We subsidise the landed gentry and their shotguns. While the poor are plunged into brutal insecurity, the rich are untroubled."

Super-rich perfection anxiety? It can't be worse than poverty ennui. "Yes, I'm sure it's tough being ultra-wealthy – but for mind-numbing tedium nothing beats being poor."

||| Guess what? The top 1 percent is very white. Surprise!

||| The rise and rise of the anti-gay religious right.

 U.S. & Canada News 

||| Former Ku Klux Klan leader exposed as having once been arrested for paying for sex with a black male prostitute.

< The Ali Forney Center, together with the National Coalition for the Homeless, launches a new campaign to address the problem of homeless gay youth.

< Five ultra-Orthodox Jews arrested over vigilante attack on 22-year-old gay black New Yorker Taj Paterson.

||| New York bar owner sues landlord to turn premises into a gay bar, something his lease prevents him from doing.

||| The NYPD's Twitter outreach backfires in most predictable way possible.

||| My 10 most shocking memories of "club kid killer" Michael Alig.

< It's time to declare a death penalty moratorium. "Clayton Lockett's agonizing final minutes were the results of a failed experiment, proving states can no longer be trusted to run their laboratories. Let's stop tinkering with the machinery of death."

||| Why the U.S. prison population has exploded.

> How Chicago is using psychotherapy to fight crime — and winning.

< This is Blue Human Condition, by sculptor Mark Chatterley, it's been moved from a Michigan town, because residents thought it was meant to be a gay orgy.

||| CANADA: Toronto club Fly - famous for doubling as Queer as Folk's Babylon - is to close in June, after World Pride.

 U.K. News 

||| Anti-gay Section 28 is back in UK schools, teachers warn.

> It has been twenty-five years since homeless gay teen Albert Kennedy died after being chased by an anti-gay gang. His brother Billy, who is also gay, has spoken out about how Albert's death has helped to change the UK.

||| Nursery worker Sarah Mbuyi sacked for telling a gay colleague being gay is wrong, and refusing to read stories about gay parents to children. She is claiming unfair dismissal.

||| Rupert Everett: "We've lost our London – and Soho is the last victim".

< Remembering the Admiral Duncan nail bomb attack, fifteen years on.

||| Major UKIP donor claims gay people are incapable of love. Another says Prime Minister David Cameron is a "gay loving nut case".

||| NORTHERN IRELAND: Marriage equality bill, proposed by Sinn Féin, defeated by the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). But Amnesty International warns a legal challenge is likely.

 Europe News 

||| What's it like to be gay in Norway?

< ITALY: Designer couple Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana to appeal 18 month prison sentence for alleged tax evasion.

||| SPAIN: World's lowest rate of moral disapproval of homosexuality is in Catholic Spain.

||| RUSSIA: Vigilante group escorted by police storms premiere of Children 404, a documentary about the online support group gay Russian teens, but fails to stop the screening.

||| RUSSIA: Biggest gay equality protest held in St Petersburg since anti-gay laws were enforced.

||| RUSSIA: Vitaly Milonov condemns Eurovision as gay propaganda.

> UKRAINE: Chernobyl to become a top tourist draw?

 Latin America News 

< JAMAICA: Homeless gay youth receive Easter dinner, prepared by LGBT youth supporter Nevin Powell.

||| JAMAICA: Opposition leader Andrew Holness wants referendum on the country's anti-gay laws; Holness is opposed to their repeal.

||| MEXICO: Gay couple arrested, fined, for public kiss.

> BRAZIL: Friends and relatives mourn Douglas Rafael da Silva Pereira during his burial in Rio de Janeiro. His death triggered violent protests in the city.

 Africa News 

||| AFRICA: The anti-gay tsunami sweeping the continent is a legacy of colonialism.

||| CAMEROON: Augustin Siewe, a 42-year-old gay man, was killed by an anti-gay mob in Douala. Two of his friends survived the attack, only to be arrested by police on charges of suspected homosexuality.

< KENYA: Prominent film maker Wanuri Kahiu: "Homosexuality is not un-African, what is un-African is homophobia."

||| NIGERIA: Delta state governor Emmanuel Uduaghan warns of a gay cult of teenagers called "Yansh" operating in his state.

||| UGANDA: New anti-gay law planned banning foreign non-government organisations from helping gay people.

||| UGANDA: 12 await trial in ongoing anti-gay crackdown.

||| UGANDA: Why Martin Ssempa, the notorious preacher who demanded anti-gay laws, should now be prosecuted under those same laws.

> UGANDA: Climber conquers the country's highest mountain and plants rainbow flag.

||| SOUTH AFRICA: White South Africans are going back where they came from.

 Asia News 

||| INDIA: Gay college student kills 11-year-old relative after having sex with him.

< INDIA: Gay fan following necessary to become a big star, says actor Saqib Saleem.

||| PAKISTAN: Serial killer Muhammed Ejaz lured three men to their deaths through a gay dating website, to stop them from "spreading evil".

> THAILAND: Gay people can make good monks too, openly gay Buddhist monk Venerable Tanaisawan George Chandha-dhammo proclaims.

||| AUSTRALIA: Gay Muslim man granted refugee status after a tribunal reversed an Australian Department of Immigration decision that had found he was not a victim of persecution.

||| AUSTRALIA: Cambodia is no place to resettle the refugees Australia does not want. "Dumping refugees in under-resourced, aid dependent countries can have disastrous consequences for all involved."

 Middle East News 

||| SYRIA: Gay men hunted, raped and killed by Syrian Army, Human Rights Watch report reveals.

||| BRUNEI: New law which sentences convicted homosexuals to death by stoning comes into force.

< BRUNEI: Hotels of hate: The Sultan of Brunei's 10 properties to avoid.

||| QATAR: Has wealth made Qatar happy?


||| Gay artist and writer James Hannaham's art exhibition Card Tricks features nonexistent artworks.

> Archie's got something to say about Looking's love triangle.

||| So, there's already a petition against Finland's Tom of Finland stamps.

||| Finland's homoerotic stamps are an ocular feast for women, too. "Sometimes it takes a gay man to cater for the female gaze, so thank you Tom of Finland for your entirely lickable stamps."

||| Marvel is realising straight white guys aren't the only ones who can save the world.

< The melancholy, crumbling remains of great socialist murals.

> Ten years of artists' tube map covers, in pictures.

||| Horror storeys: The 10 worst London skyscrapers.


< Philadelphia's Giovanni's Room, the oldest gay bookstore in the U.S., is to close after nearly forty years in business.

||| It's the 90th anniversary of his birth, but James Baldwin's work is disappearing from classrooms?

> Virginia school committee votes unanimously to keep Two Boys Kissing on the shelves, following a parent’s request to remove it.

< Book preview: Tomorrow's Man, by Jack Pierso. "One man's visual stream of consciousness."

> Book review: Light, by 'Nathan Burgoine. "Part mystery, part romance, and part superhero novel. Which is not to say that Light emulates such 'edgy' angst-filled comic book heroes as the X-Men; if you’ll pardon the pun, it is much lighter in tone."

< The Princes and the Treasure, "a gay fairy tale" by Jeffrey A. Miles.

> The Dark Galleries, by Stephen Jacobs and Lisa Colpaert, rediscovers works of art from film noir sets.

||| 35 sci-fi predictions that have come true.

||| Comic Sans gets a makeover.

 Shouting In The Night 

||| The AIDS Quilt makes its Broadway debut.

||| 12 things that prove Shakespeare was gay.

Don't miss Broadway Bares: Solo Strips, 11th May at New York City's BPM Nightclub, featuring the dancers in this year's burlesque benefit for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

 At The Movies 

||| Gay men of hollywood, just as bad as straight ones. "A culture of gay men preys on the young and resourceless, and that we, oppressed in so many ways, can act as oppressers, and of our own kind."

||| Bryan Singer calls sexual abuse allegations against him a "sick twisted shake down".

||| Larry Kramer, author of The Normal Heart, on when even gays didn't want to know about AIDS.

Talking to Matt Bomer about The Normal Heart.

||| Matt Bomer on losing more than 35 pounds to play man dying of AIDS in The Normal Heart. And the film's writer Larry Kramer feared Bomer was "too beautiful" to appear.

||| X-Men star Caleb Landry Jones signs for gay rights film Stonewall.

< Dustin Lance Black talks about his leaked sex pictures.

> The story of South African filmmaker N. Mabasa-Mathope, and his attempts to get his film, Boyz Will Be Boyz, into production.

||| New documentary Gaming in Color focuses on queer gamers.

||| New documentary asks Do I Sound Gay?

Watch the trailer for Club King, a new documentary on L.A.'s nightlife impresario Mario Diaz: "For the last 20 years, club kingpin hunky and hot Mario Diaz has been throwing the hottest, sexiest, and most fun parties in the LGBT nightlife scene from New York to L.A. Club King dives deep, and goes behind the scenes to find out what makes him tick and how he does it. Watch him balance the personal and professional while remaining fabulous at all times. As Diaz himself says, 'It's a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it.'"

||| Watch The Valley of Dolls. In the Japanese village of Nagoro, one woman makes doll versions of her neighbours whenever they depart, leaving a village filled with dolls...

> How disaster movies took over cinema.

||| Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill reunite for latest Star Wars film.

< 33 summer blockbusters to look out for.

||| Why it's time to kill the Spider Man franchise.

> The weirdest things you never knew about the making of Flash Gordon.

||| Would James Dean have been a Newman or a Brando?

||| 10 abandoned sets from film and television.

||| The perfect shot, every time. One Perfect Shot tweets beautifully framed stills from classic movies.

||| Trailer: The Case Against 8, the documentary about the groundbreaking Supreme Court case that overturned Proposition 8.

 Telly Addicts 

< Gay Sesame Street actor Kevin Clash cleared of all sex abuse charges. Clash was accused of sex with underage male teens he met on gay chatlines in 2003, who subsequently claimed the psychological effects of the abuse were only realised in 2012. Cecil Singleton, left, wanted $US5million in damages.

||| Was it rape? T.V.'s new obsession with sexual consent.

> Uruguayan actor Federico Díaz comes out as gay.

||| Hollyoaks' Kieron Richardson takes the credit for Tom Daley coming out.

||| Is Jonah From Tonga the modern minstrel show?

||| NBC confirms Will & Grace isn't being revived.

||| The Golden Girls legend Betty White on why says she doesn't understand homophobes.

||| Are these the 25 best cop shows of all time?

Gays of our lives: The latest from our favourite gays in soaps, with Anthony D. Langford. Left, Neighbours.

> EastEnders' Ben Hardy covers Attitude.

||| 10 questions from science fiction that we're glad were never answered.

||| Is it time to let go of Torchwood?

||| Doctor Who gets another porn parody.

Lego TARDIS, anyone?

> Ever wondered what the inside of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle looks like?

||| Here's the trailer for True Blood's forthcoming final season, and the latest episode of Freefall.

 Beats, Rhymes & Life 

||| Cultural appropriation is the last resort of the lazy pop star.

||| Madonna upsets fans after using "gay" to describe kale, Putin.

||| Crack-smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford got into a fight with Justin Bieber at a club.

||| Dutch rapper Ismo under investigation for anti-gay, anti-Semitic lyrics.

< Here is Frank Ocean in a sexy selfie.

> Freaky Boiz show NoH8.

||| Rappers ranked by the size of their... vocabulary.

> Meet gay singer Drew Khandi, who is up for PETA's ninth annual Sexiest Vegan Next Door award.

< Looks like the former members of JLS have still got it.

||| 25 awful '90s songs to consider.

||| Videos: The-Dream's newest video features historical footage of several civil rights trailblazers, including Harvey Milk; Joel Compass - Forgive Me; MNEK - Every Little Word; and Tujamo & and Plastik Funk (ft. Sneakbo) - Dr. Who.


||| This is a real thing.

< A glimpse of San Francisco's finest.

||| Why is one American bank shutting down the accounts of porn industry workers?

||| Would legalising the sex trade mean state-approved, monetised gangbangs?

> Diego Lauzen, Wagner Vittoria, Valentino Medici and Sergio Serrano perform jaw-dropping train for Kristen Bjorn.

||| Bareback performer Mike Dozer's boyfriend also arrested for child porn; commits suicide.

< The White Party, West Hollywood, in pictures.

> Royal Marines, lensed by Emily Nolan, anyone?

< David McIntosh flaunts it for Muscle and Fitness magazine, and rejects an offer to appear in Celebrity Big Brother.


> Former middleweight boxing champion (and former Ugandan child soldier) Kassim Ouma has been charged with felony battery. He allegedly assaulted a man in Los Angeles, who he had met in a bar and went home with. The victim allegedly made "gay advances". Ouma's story was the subject of the 2008 film Kassim The Dream.

< Openly gay NBA player Jason Collins named one of 100 Most Influential People.

||| MTV's True Life follows two gay athletes as they come out to their teams.

> Anti-gay World Cup T-shirts sell out quickly.

||| Climbing Everest is the peak of hubris. "With Sherpas treated like pack animals by the cretinous rich, the crisis of the world's highest mountain was inevitable."

||| Johnny Weir's ex Victor Voronov dishes the dirt on the fights, the bites, the furs and a possible case of OCD: "He vacuums four times a day. If I step on the carpet and ruin the lines in the carpet, I get yelled at."

 The Human Body 

> Sexuality is hard-wired in the brain. Researchers have discovered that gay men react to the pheromones that other men release when aroused.

||| 45 percent of men climax within two minutes.

||| Why is the T.V. news ignoring major stories about HIV?

< New vulnerability found in HIV virus.

||| Do HIV-positive guys make the best boyfriends?

||| Can marijuana help stop HIV?

||| How factually deficient screed on PrEP harms efforts to prevent new HIV infections.

||| What your poop is trying to tell you.

||| The real reason drugs cost so much – and why big pharma is so rich.

||| The disease that causes people to self-cannibalise.

What is Nature Deficit Disorder?

||| How humans evolved to cope with city crowds.

||| 12 ways to de-stress without booze, drugs, or expensive spa trips.

||| Psychiatric drugs are doing us more harm than good.

< An illustrated guide to surviving a lightning strike.

||| Getting your balls squeezed can kill you.

||| Well-endowed? You're more likely to get cheated on by your partner.

||| How to know when a shy guy likes you.

||| What do HIV-negative gay men really think about positive guys?

 Planet Earth 

THE BIG PICTURE: Earth, in a satellite photo taken at 07:45EST (11:45GMT) on Earth Day.

||| Climate change is the fight of our lives – yet we can hardly bear to look at it.

||| Two degrees. "How the world failed on climate change."

||| The floors of our oceans are littered with rubbish.

This is a zonkey...

...And this is an endangered baby Java mouse-deer.

||| Watch (warning: graphic) a newborn seal pup being kidnapped by another female - before it even exits the birth canal.

< This is what can happen when a snake gets stressed.

> The world's deadliest animals, ranked. Who'd have thought dogs and elephants would be so high up?

||| Can animal behaviour help us understand empathy and dehumanisation?

||| Is this bug having an existential crisis? And the elephant that is.

 Betta Work! 

< The minimum wage worker strikes back. "Across the U.S., fast food workers are asking: 'What am I worth?'"

||| Reviving trade unionism won't be easy, but we need it to fight inequality.

 Inside The Spaceship 

> Is Facebook finally getting serious about privacy?

||| 7 things you told Facebook without even realising it.

||| Why the internet might be about to get worse.

||| Long after we're gone, our online witterings will endure. Have you considered your digital legacy?

< Legendary lost Atari video game found in Mexico landfill.

||| Technophobes? No, being wary of innovation is a natural human response. "Those asking what technology does for society are not stupid or afraid of change but an important part of a democratic debate."

 And Whilst You're 
 Thinking About 
 That, Think 
 About This 

> Meet trolley dolly Rodrigo Alves, who's spent £100,000 on plastic surgery - to look like a Ken doll.

||| Avoiding the coffee chains' hysterical eruptions of coffee is something of an art. But nothing beats a nice cup of tea; it belongs to a richer, more contemplative side of life.

||| Powdered alcohol is a real thing.

||| The best ways to thaw frozen food.

||| What is the real cost of a disposable razor?

< Don't miss this rare footage of the 1964 World's Fair in New York City.

||| Why washing machines are no longer built to last.

||| And finally, Walter wonders why so many in the black community blame white people for their problems. Is Andrew a top or a bottom? Rogue "Marbie" Scott discusses his theatre debut, and Fanny through the decades.

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