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||| A response to last week's eye-opening article "the men who want AIDS — and how it improved their lives". The GMHS says, "we told you so. It is not the final product that is the problem... it is how people got there."

Why ACT UP has declared war on the new HIV pandemic, which threatens to infect more than half of all young gay men.

||| Young, homeless and HIV-positive? Help is on the way. Activists and philanthropists Frank Selvaggi and Bill Shea donate $US50,000 to support a housing development fund at the Ali Forney Center.

||| Why we should ditch the Sochi Olympics.

||| Eight horrific and uplifting stories about being gay in Russia.

||| Stranger in my homeland. "Russian's brutal treatment of sexual minorities is nothing new. For me, growing up gay in Russia felt like I had a terminal disease."

||| The 19 in prison for being gay.

||| Be afraid: Holding hands can still pose a risk.

||| Gaybros: Where are the real men?

||| The power of gay stereotypes. "The supposed clichés about being gay are nothing to be ashamed of."

||| Why the choice to be child-free is admirable, not selfish.


> Judge orders anti-gay US pastor Scott Lively to stand trial for crimes against humanity. Lively is accused of engineering the Uganda "Kill The Gays" bill, and recommending Russia's "gay propaganda" laws.

||| American Bar Association votes against "gay panic" defences.

< Gay US Marine Corps veteran Eric Alva - who lost a leg in Iraq - booed by anti-gay crowd in Texas.

||| Gay US Army soldier Bradley Manning apologises during sentencing hearing. "I'm sorry I hurt people. I'm sorry that I hurt the United States".

> Bradley Manning sent this photo to doctor with letter titled "my problem".

||| B. Scott and BET's transgender problem.

< First member of the Latin King Goonies gang - who tortured three males his gang believed were gay in New York - sentenced. Nelson Falu will spend seven years in prison.

||| Teen alcohol abuse lower in gay-straight alliance schools.

||| San Antonio Councilwoman Elisa Chan brands gays "disgusting".

||| Anti-gay Ender's Game author Orson Scott Card compares Obama to Hitler.

||| Post-Zimmerman trial, a divided America.

||| CANADA: Gay Russian asylum seekers will be treated in the same manner as those from other persecuted minority groups.


||| Section 28 returns as at least eight schools schools are found to ban promotion of "gay" issues.

||| Straight Pride UK attempts to silence gay equality blogger and fails.

> A preening Vladimir Putin, wearing nothing but skimpy pink hot pants, turns up at London's G.A.Y. bar.

||| ASDA removes "Tranny-saurus" greetings card after complaints.


||| RUSSIA: How the country's anti-gay laws could kill its cities...

...So who can force Russia to change its ways?

< RUSSIA: TV personality Anton Krasovsky comes out on the air - and is fired.

||| FRANCE: Anti-gay fanatics Les Hommen paint fake blood on the offices of Act Up.

> BELGIUM: Gay kiss-in outside Antwerp's Russian Consulate, in pictures.

< SWEDEN: The crosswalk in front of the Stockholm Russian embassy has been transformed with the colours of the rainbow flag.

||| ITALY: One in three gay teens considers suicide.

||| ITALY: Costa Concordia salvage could see ship fracture.

||| TURKEY: Sexual minorities to be protected from discrimination under new constitution as Turkey becomes second majority Muslim nation to protect gays.


||| HAITI: Mob hurls rocks and molotov cocktails at British and Haiti gay couple during private engagement ceremony.

||| ST KITTS AND NEVIS: Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas "in favour" of marriage equality debate.

||| JAMAICA: Police manage to intervene to save "a man dressed as a woman".

> JAMAICA: Dane Lewis, Executive director of J-FLAG, talks about murdered teen Dwayne Jones. Video.

||| JAMAICA: "My gay family did what my parents didn't".

||| JAMAICA: Anti-gay hate a way of life, plus an interview with Dwayne Jones.


||| ZAMBIA: Young gay couple arrested after being "caught red-handed".

||| ZIMBABWE: Mugabe's Zanu PF to toughen anti-gay laws, as Mugabe threatens to behead gays.

< CAMEROON: A final adieu to murdered activist Eric Lembembe.

||| CAMEROON: Life "getting harder" for gay people.


||| PAKISTAN: New website Queer Pakistan helps gay men find ways to get around harsh anti-gay laws.

||| INDIA: Mother and brother of HIV-positive man confess to his murder.

> CHINA: Beijing doctor builds "mountain" on top of his penthouse.

< AUSTRALIA: Road outside Russian embassy painted rainbow for gay equality.

||| AUSTRALIA: PM Kevin Rudd promises marriage equality if re-elected...

...Whilst opposition leader Tony Abbott says marriage equality is just the "fashion of the moment".

||| AUSTRALIA: Perth lawmaker compares marriage equality to marriage between half-siblings in bizarre "Ethan and Stephanie" speech.


||| IRAN: Some gay Iranians are outing themselves to avoid military service.

||| DUBAI: UK-owned gym pulls ad claiming fat women turn men gay.


> Introducing the Olinguito, the newest rare mammal species discovery.

||| But the Olinguito isn't new – it was with us all along. Let's hope it stays that way.

12 real animals that will make your eyes pop out of your head. Left, a cuddly goblin shark.

> Possibly less rare is this majestic lion dog from China.

||| Are you ready to embrace the apocalypse?


||| The stigma of HIV still remains.

||| No new cases of deadly bacterial meningitis strain among gay men in New York since February; thousands of gay men got vaccinated against the disease.

< So, a sea snail grew and hatched inside a kid's knee.

||| You've been lied to about carrots your whole life because of Nazis.

||| This is why you aren't sleeping right.

||| Heavy coffee consumption increases death rates in under-55s.

||| Why altitude sickness kills people.

||| Near-death experiences: the brain's last hurrah.

||| Medical procedures that have gone obsolete in our lifetimes.

> If hook-up culture doesn't exist, why did we invent it?


< How internet shame is killing our children. 17-year-old Daniel Perry took his own life after being targeted in a web-cam blackmail plot.

||| Twitter to be sued by human rights groups over "Gays Must Die" hashtag.

||| Apple iTunes lists "bisexual" as risky word.

||| Google outage caused 40 percent drop in internet traffic.

||| Facebook tests payment system to rival PayPal.

||| How to encrypt your email and keep your conversations private.


> Hercules, the bisexual demigod, has been the icon of alpha-masculinty for centuries — do you know about his gay love life?

||| Do not miss these spectacular composite photographs that allow us to time travel...

||| Abandoned sea forts have been turned into luxury hotels.

||| 15 breathtakingly bad architecture ideas.

< Spaceship designs, from before the space age.


> New book Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor: Jim French Polaroids sheds light on Colt Studios founder Jim French's early, unseen Polaroids.

||| Book review: Hungry Bottom Comics: Volumes 1 and 2, by Eric Kostiuk Williams. "Unique and confident, the assured work of an artist who has found his drawing voice, and is excited to explore it."

> Faggamuffin author John R. Gordon's writer's diary. "Recently I've been fascinated by the notion of punctuation in prose: punctuation as sculpture, shaping not only the sense but also the rhythms of a sentence..."

||| Read a new short story from Andrew Holleran.

||| Introducing the first official CockyBoys fan fiction contest.

||| Archie and the gang to boycott Russia in forthcoming story arc.

> Anti-gay preacher ends up with a very Modern Family on his book cover in epic fail.


< Dance for Life brings together buff dancers to raise money for HIV and AIDS.

> Theatre review: The Pride. "A timely production of a low-key but powerful play that uses a simple structure in a very deft fashion. Superb performances."

||| Theatre review: Harbor. "Cracks in the homo-American dream."

< Theatre review: As Is. "Strong direction, well dressed set pieces, brilliantly paced action and committed performances."


Pictures from Sal, James Franco's biopic of gay star Sal Mineo (Giant, Rebel Without A Cause).

||| Trekkies Into Darkness vote worst Star Trek film.

< 50 science fiction/fantasy films that everyone should see.

||| 50 places every film fan should visit.

> What movie have you watched 1000 times, and will never stop? (And me? The Towering Inferno.)


< The ultimate guide to this autumn's science fiction and fantasy TV! Left, The Tomorrow People.

< Microsoft bankrolling Blake's 7 remake for Xbox Live service in latest original programming investment. One wag comments, "Because nothing says Microsoft better than a band of criminals led by a self serving sociopath looking for a leader lost in the wilderness, on board a flagship that implodes and gets replaced by something slightly worse every other year..."

||| A Star Wars TV series may be in the pipeline again, but will it work?

||| Lost TV interview of first Doctor Who William Hartnell discovered; it's the only known on-screen interview with Hartnell to exist.

> The replica original TARDIS console - which will feature in the BBC drama An Adventure in Space and Time, focusing on the genesis of Doctor Who - is now on display at Cardiff's Doctor Who Experience.

||| Go inside London's real TARDIS with Google maps.

||| DVD review: Doctor Who - Inferno. "This dark depiction of 'what if' is frighteningly believable and unsettling."

||| Remembering Inspector Gadget.

< The most gut-wrenching Ninja Turtles fan art ever made?

||| Why we should be watching PhoneShop.

> Return to the Summerhouse estate as Top Boy returns for the second series that wasn't meant to be.

||| Top Boy: "We don't really cry. The tears are fake."

||| Is Top Boy Britain's answer to The Wire?

||| "Canned laughter" doesn't exist, so why complain about it?

||| Netflix: should I subscribe?

||| Gays of our lives: All the latest gay soap developments from around the world, with Anthony D. Langford.

< Hollyoaks - already home to more gay characters than any other TV show - toys with gay father/son incest storyline.

||| The BBC needs conserving. Yet these Conservatives think not. "Yes, it makes mistakes, but the corporation is a democratic asset. Try telling that to ministers taking the Murdoch line."


||| The Difficult Brown gets 1000 more hours of community service.

< Justin Bieber. Naked.

> The X Factor USA's Emblem3. Naked.

13 ways to enjoy your One Direction dolls.

||| 50 electronic albums you should own, 1963-2013.

||| Listen to Don Christian - Morning Glory, featuring Le1F.

||| Video: Out gay Canadian singer Chris Munro's Go.


||| Los Angeles-based Boys Town Studios to donate 100% of sales to gay Russian refugees to "give back to the LGBT community".

< Race Cooper got engaged!

Talking to Trey Turner.

||| Talking to Prince Creamz.

||| Diesel Washington says goodbye to Junior, the Dawgpound assistant who recently passed away.

||| 10... er, "people" react to Mick Lovell and Kevin Warhol's bareback flip-fuck.

||| The 13 most insane illegal sentences from the scene descriptions of Treasure Island Media's Bad Seed. Our favourite? "You'll hear the crackwhores screaming in the hallway."

||| 10 guidelines for fucking a barely legal twink.

||| Take revenge on your hole!


< WWE wrestler Darren Young comes out...

...Because he's "deeply in love" with his boyfriend (left) of two years. Salon has an in depth piece on the story here.

||| And the reaction has been positive - as it has been for every gay male athlete to come out before him.

||| Now is the time for a gay NFL player to come out, says Robert Griffin III.

< Out, gay Puerto Rican boxer Orlando Cruz is getting married.

||| Russia's deputy prime minister says gay athletes will be safe in Sochi as long as they don't mention being gay "in the presence of children."

||| US Senator Chuck Schumer calls for athletes to wave rainbow flags at Sochi Olympics...

...But the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have threatened to punish athletes who fight for gay Russians.

||| Pride House International, however, has called on the IOC to protect gay athletes from discrimination, demanding that protection of sexual orientation be enshrined in the Olympic charter.

||| The US Olympic Committee denounces Russia's anti-gay laws - but asks that athletes abide by it anyway.

||| 6th November 1935: Hitler to take down anti-semitic signs during Olympics, IOC blasts boycott movement as "lies". Sound familiar?

||| Tough questions Olympics' corporate sponsors are eager to avoid.

||| Russia's anti-gay laws will damage athletes' performance, says gold medallist and rower Zac Purchase.

||| Russian pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva condemns gays after winning world title in Moscow. "We consider ourselves like normal, standard people. We just live with boys with woman, woman with boys."

< US track star Nick Symmonds said, "It blows my mind that a young, so well-educated woman can be so behind with the times." Symmonds dedicated his silver medal to his gay friends.

||| She later claims she's not anti-gay, blaming her poor English for the "confusion".

||| Meanwhile, Swedish athlete Emma Green-Tregaro painted her nails rainbow in protest.

||| But Maurice Greene thinks we should keep politics out of sport.

||| Russia's World Cup chief Alexey Sorokin likens gays to Nazis.

> Lightning strikes (literally) as Usain Bolt takes back the 100 metres world title. Video.

||| Bolt becomes first to win three world titles in 200 metres event. In pictures.

< kaos krush David Oliver takes gold in the 110m hurdles. In pictures.


||| Why did the '80s turn so many of us into nerds?

||| The four types of people most likely to murder their families.

And finally, Ashelly from Drunk Dialers is back with his make-up tips; judging celebrities; your purpose; and why do so many black women insist that black gay men hate them?

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