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> The men who want AIDS — and how it improved their lives.

||| Am I black or gay?

||| How gay youth of colour lack support, face homelessness and racial discrimination.

||| From surviving the streets to thriving in San Francisco. Neil "escaped an abusive relationship and homelessness to find a new family and the love of his life."

||| Why gays face a greater risk of becoming homeless in some cities.

||| Meet the Gaybros, for whom it's all about gear, grub, guns - and guys.

||| What killed suburban gay bars?

||| And what killed New York City? "When Splash does close this month, I won't necessarily miss it. What I will miss is the New York City that it was a part of, a place where the fringes of our culture could come together and celebrate. Maybe gay men are no longer fringe, or maybe the fringe is simply not able to afford Manhattan."

||| How should gay couples fend off pressure to marry?

||| Peter Tatchell on how the Gay Liberation Front Manifesto helped to shape me. "The 1971 manifesto expanded my civil rights perspective into a radical critique of heterosexism, male privilege and gender roles."

< 76 countries where anti-gay laws are as bad as - or worse - than Russia's.

||| The trouble with male feminism.

||| Britain is racially diverse, so why is friendship still a black and white issue? "It's ironic that in a white-dominated society, the onus of mixing and integrating is firmly on ethnic minorities."


||| No Sochi boycott, Obama says - but he does cancel a meeting with Putin, citing the anti-gay legislation as one reason.

> NYC bar owners dump vodka to protest Russia’s anti-gay laws.

||| Expand asylum for persecuted gay Russians, LA councilmen demand.

||| "Ex-gay" Donnie McClurkin Christian gospel singer won't be performing at Martin Luther King memorial concert, after all. Washington DC Mayor Vincent Gray told him to keep away.

> New Mexico shuttle bus company apologises after driver told gay couple Ron McCoy and Chris Bowers to sit at back of bus for holding hands.

||| Bradley Manning's possible sentence reduced to a maximum of 90 years.

||| Apparently, soldiers stationed in Afghanistan are using sites like Craigslist for gay hook-ups on base. Gee, who'd have thought?

< Sean Sasser, the renowned AIDS activist and former MTV The Real World star, is dead. He was 44. Below, a 1996 interview with Sasser.

> Civil rights activist Bayard Rustin awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honour.


||| David Cameron refuses calls to boycott Sochi Olympics.

||| Gay London professionals snub Stoli vodka boycott.

< But better Londoners - more than a thousand, in fact - protested against Russia's anti-gay laws near Prime Minister David Cameron's Downing Street residence.

||| Gay dads Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow to sue church for right to religious wedding.

||| Conservatives hire campaign chief linked to anti-gay advert.

||| Brighton Pride 2013, in pictures:

< Brighton drag queen Lady James - real name Robert Clothier - jailed for organising sex session with dad and two kids. Clothier "carried glow-in-the-dark condoms and Lego toy to child sex meet only to discover it was a police sting".


> SWEDEN: Stockholm Pride, in pictures.

||| Why Russia turned against the gays. "Vladimir Putin’s new campaign for national — and political — survival."

< RUSSIA: 36 photos that everyone needs to see.

> RUSSIA: Gay teen dies after being kidnapped and tortured by neo-Nazis in front of video cameras.

||| RUSSIA: Paratroopers violently attack lone gay rights activist in St Petersburg:

||| RUSSIA: Gay bashing inside the Garden Ring.

< RUSSIA: Meet GASH, or Gay Aryan Skinheads, a collection of white supremacists fighting the anti-gay legislation. Warms the heart, doesn't it?

||| RUSSIA: How Olympic sponsors and the IOC could have stopped Russia's anti-gay law - and didn't.

22 Russians who we won't let Vladimir Putin forget were gay. Right, Vaslav Nijinsky.

< GERMANY: Drag queen Barbie Breakout sews her mouth shut as a demonstration against Russia’s anti-gay laws.

||| ARMENIA: Officials discard anti-gay bill.


> JAMAICA: This is 17-year-old Dwayne Jones. He was beaten to death in St. James, near Montego Bay, after attending a party in women's clothing.

||| Dwayne's story: What it's like to be gay in Jamacia.

||| The senseless death of Dwayne Jones, aka Gully Queen.

||| JAMAICA: No tax money for reggae singers' homophobia, Maurice Tomlinson writes after Queen Ifrica's anti-gay diatribe at the Grand Gala.

||| JAMAICA: Culture Minister releases statement expressing "regret" over Queen Ifrica's slurs.


> UGANDA: 2nd annual gay pride march held in Entebbe. Police did not intervene. Other brave activists staged a pride parade in Kampala - more on that parade here. In pictures.

||| UGANDA: Why the celebrations were so discreet.

< NIGERIA: Pentecostal preacher jailed after admitting to gay sex with one of his congregants. Benjamin Ndubuisi appears beaten in pictures.

||| GHANA: Don't jail gays, says Dr. Sekou Nkrumah, son of Ghana's first president Kwame Nkrumahof.

> CAMEROON: Hundreds mourn murdered gay activist Eric Lembembe.

||| ZIMBABWE: "The violence is just too much." Gay Zimbabweans respond to Mugabe "victory".

||| ZAMBIA: Police arrest two men for consensual gay sex.


||| VIETNAM: Hanoi pride, in pictures.

||| PHILIPPINES: Lawmaker Edcel Lagman Jr seeks to ban same-sex adultery.

< NEW ZEALAND: Mr Gay World won by island for second year in a row. Chris Olwage follows fellow New Zealander Andy Derleth's 2012 win. In pictures.

||| AUSTRALIA: Marriage equality number one civil rights issue for young voters...

...But Rev. Fred Nile's Christian Democratic Party claims heterosexual Australians are oppressed because gay couples earn more.


> Polar bear found starved to death looked "like a rug".

||| The Sun's magnetic field is about to flip and cause a "ripple effect" that will effect our planet.

< So they found a pink planet.


||| 10 rules for managing your penis.

||| Punditry of the penis: let's see this simple, elegant organ for what it is.

||| Have boffins created the first HIV vaccine?

Are you responsible for your friend's HIV?

||| HIV cases reported in every state in the U.S. for the first time.

||| Testicular cancer survival rates "soaring" in UK.

||| Breakfast linked to a healthy heart.

||| The man who had a pea plant growing in his lung.

< The brain-eating amoeba with a face.

||| A full Moon prevents a good night's sleep, boffins believe.

||| What we know now about cholesterol that we didn't 10 years ago.

||| Why doesn't the UK have a crystal meth problem?

> Charity Broken Rainbow UK raises awareness of gay domestic violence following murder case.

< The common relationship mistakes gay men make...

...And the REAL relationship mistakes gay men make.

||| Los Angeles doctor diagnoses patient with "chronic homosexual behaviour". 45-year-old Matthew Moore was not impressed.

||| The village where half the population are sex offenders.

||| Why some straight men are romantically or sexually attracted to other men.

||| Train yourself to see impossible colours.

||| You were born with an accent.


> Legendary Children, a new photography exhibit in Atlanta, is to showcase Atlanta's burgeoning drag queen scene.


< Should gay men's magazines show less flesh?

||| It was James Baldwin's birthday earlier this month.

||| CS Lewis - author of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - expected marriage equality over 50 years ago, but opposed it.

> Archie Comics gay kiss issue goes on sale.

< Gorgeous vintage science fiction covers.

25 essential works of gay non-fiction.

||| Forthcoming: In Bed With Gore Vidal: Hustlers, Hollywood and the Private World of an American Master, Tim Teeman's "explosive new biography".

||| E. Lynn Harris: A life visible.


< The hot gay highlights of NYC Fringe Festival 2013. Left, Peninsula. "Nathan Wright's drama tells the story of a sexually ambiguous young man who trades the slums of Rio de Janeiro for a new kind of danger in Michigan." Right, The 3rd Gender, "Peter Zachari's play takes place in 2397, when the world is ruled by the 3rd Gender, spiritual beings who live in the intermediate state between man and woman."

||| Mark Edel-Hunt responds to anti-gay heckler after performance of The American Plan.

10 hot male opera singers. Left, Noah Stewart.

> Theatre review: Harbor, starring Queer As Folk's Randy Harrison, in "a topical yet formulaic new play about a gay married couple whose placid lives are shaken up by a surprise family visit".

||| Theatre review: Beautiful Thing20th anniversary production.


||| A nightmare in Hollywood couldn't kill Mark Patton. The iconic star of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 "comes out as HIV-positive and reflects on why Hollywood’s homophobia caused him to walk away from his dream".

< Matt Shepard Is a Friend of Mine - a documentary about Matthew Shepard, by his friend - is seeking funding via Kickstarter.

||| Spike Lee justifies the anti-gay hate in his films.

> Kellan Lutz is Hercules.

||| Crispin Glover reveals why he was replaced in Back To The Future II...

...And how Back to the Future II's "old" make-up compares to actual aging.

||| Sorry, but movie theatre texters aren't victims.

< DVD review: Scenes From A Gay Marriage. "A funny, entertaining look at a gay life that’s adrift after the roadmap starts to unravel. It’s a strong new entry in the emerging genre of gay cinema that looks at LGBT life beyond coming out, sex and campery."

||| DVD review: The Comedian. "A slippery if interesting film that echoes its main character by never fully finding what it is. It’s a character study that feels like it’s getting towards a verisimilitude of the isolated lack of meaning many feel in their lives – whether gay or straight – even if it never gets very deep into it."


||| How Twitter has changed the way that television is made.

||| Binge-viewing: the new crack-cocoon.

> Peter Capaldi is perfect for Doctor Whoif we must have a 12th white male.

||| The history of Doctor Who as a Tube map, with a line for each Doctor.

||| How to build your own TARDIS!

< Hell hath no fury... "He put his dogs before me and drank four bottles of wine a night!" Graham Norton's "heartbroken" ex Trevor Patterson has been spilling the beans on his meal ticket.

||| Little Britain star David Walliams "hate[s] it when people confess or reveal their sexuality".

||| Why "the new black" is more irritating than the average cliché.

||| Lucy Lawless on how she'd bring Xena back to life.

Gays of our lives: All the latest gay soap developments from around the world, with Anthony D. Langford. Left, Hudson and Josh in Neighbours.

< The new Coronation Street set is slowly taking shape - but is it too perfect?

||| Introducing new web-series KEN, from New York City director Eddie Griffith, exploring a Brooklyn man Ken's (Jarrett Janako) struggle with his sexuality and the church. Check out the show's Facebook page. Also check out episode 6 of Freefall.


||| Openly gay rapper Solomon's got a thing or two to say about Russia's anti-gay laws.

> Freaky Boiz are gonna be performing in Las Vegas on Saturday, ya'all!

||| Sesame Street's Cookie Monster covers Icona Pop's I Love It.


The kaos Top 20 Porn Stars, 2013 edition. Did we get it right?

||| Osaka fire-fighters suspended after starring in gay porn.

||| Jet Set star Josh Logan is facing murder charges.

||| The love affair between girls and gay porn.

||| Talking to Max Ryder.

||| Talking to director Lucas Kazan. "Piracy has devalued porn to the point consumers no longer see the need to pay... 'Corporate' smut has taken over — often straight-owned, often with gimmicky (offensive?) niches."

||| A couple who does porn together stays together, writes Billy Santoro.

> Hotrod lashes out over "thug dildo".

< Wanna meet Hotrod? You can. Be in Detroit on 4th September.

||| Is Marc Dylan racist?

||| A list of gay porn studios that use condoms in their productions - and those that don't.

> Where are they now: John Pruitt.

||| The harrowing post-Lovelace story of Linda Lovelace.

||| Tyson Tyler answers your questions, and Diesel Washington responds to Marc Dylan's comments.


||| Global petition signed by more than 300,000 people delivered to IOC.

||| IOC officials want "further clarification" from Russia over its anti-gay laws.

||| Russia's UN ambassador tells protestors: "We don't have anti-gay laws".

||| Meanwhile, Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko wants everyone to "calm down".

||| Gay US figure skater Johnny Weir announces he's "a hardcore Russophile" and dismisses a boycott of the Olympics...

...But gold medallist Matthew Mitcham (leftthinks Russia's treatment of gay people "is horrific".

||| I'm an openly gay gold medalist and I reject the Sochi Olympics boycott.

> James Ellington and Harry Aikines-Aryeetey competed last month at the Sainsbury's British Championships in Birmingham, where Harry won the Men's 100m Final. He celebrated - and gave us something to celebrate too...

||| Sweden's Alhaji Jeng competes at the 14th IAAF World Athletics Championships in Moscow, 10th August 2013...

What has happened to Louis Smith? He has been "defiantly" gorging "on burgers, beer and champagne", apparently - although not all at once, one would hope.

What is Rafael Nadal after in this picture? Bless him.

||| Is footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic wearing a sports bra?

> And why has fellow footballer Nile Ranger tattooed his own name on his forehead?

||| Don't miss this inspiring report on the first YOU Belong Sports & Leadership Camp, for inner-city gay youth, held in Chicago. Jason and Jarron Collins talk about the programme below.


||| Are there too many managers?

||| Do we still need the telephone?

||| The quiet death of the alcopop.

< Why was there a dead shark on the NYC subway?

||| And finally, the art of manscaping, yoga time with a Chihuahua, what people do when they're bored, and Rogue "Marbie" Scott celebrates National Underwear Day in style.

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