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< Former So Solid Crew member Romeo Dunn strips to support prostate and testicular cancer charity the Everyman Campaign.

> German Andreas Derleth wins Mr Gay World title in Johannesburg; African contestants in the competition faced death threats. In pictures. Right, Mr. Ethiopia.

||||| Going vogue. "The hidden world of gay ballroom culture redefines sex, skin colour and status."

< I am not ugly. I am a beautiful gay man of colour.

||||| Blatino Oasis takes root as annual getaway for gay men of colour.

||||| The road gets rougher for Judyism's faithful. "Because of the holocaust that was the AIDS epidemic and its annihilation of the previous generation of gay men, the faith of our fathers risks extinction. Today, Judyism, like Yiddish, is little more than a vague cultural memory."

||||| So, what is "gay"?


> Dante Parrish, the killer of 15-year-old Baltimore student Jason Mattison, has been sentenced to life without parole.

||||| Qasim Raqib has been sentenced to 25-40 years for the murder of transgender teen Henry Hilliard Jr., aka Shelley Hilliard. More here.

< Kearian Giertz, the gay student removed from high school pageant for gay equality support, speaks out.

||||| Starbucks stock soars in the wake of anti-gay National Organization for Marriage (NOM) boycott.

||||| In Maryland, Mormons are hard at work trying to overturn last year's marriage equality law...

...Whilst gay Mormon students have come out in an It Gets Better video.

||||| Bad religion: Christianity has been "destroyed by politics, priests and get-rich evangelists."

||||| America's Best Christian, Mrs. Betty Bowers, "selflessly releases yet another Super PAC ad" for the Republicans: "They're welcome!"

||||| Latinos broadly support gay people, poll suggests.

||||| The losing argument for the Defense of Marriage Act.

> In Los Angeles, the Silver Lake Steps have been dedicated to pioneering gay rights group Mattachine Society on founder Harry Hay's 100th birthday.

< Photographer Iannis Delatolas' Brooklyn gay-bashing leads to haunting image.

||||| A teen's brave response to "I'm Christian, unless you're gay".

> US Military investigate picture of rainbow flag on military base in Afghanistan.

||||| White House launches LGBT Pride Month Champions of Change Video Challenge, "to explore the stories of unsung heroes and local leaders who are leading our march towards a more perfect union."

||||| To my unborn child: If you're a fag, I'll kill you.

||||| Police arrest 18 consenting adults in public restroom sting; CBS Los Angeles encourages the public to ogle pictures of the heinous criminals. Interesting comments on Towleroad in support/condemning the men.

Gay tourism: do tour companies have a responsibility to boycott anti-gay destinations?

Al Qaeda coming soon again in New York: Threat or hoax?

||||| "The gun." Bill Cosby speaks out on Trayvon Martin.

||||| Racial, partisan disparity in reactions to Trayvon Martin coverage.

||||| Coalition of National gay groups issue joint open letter on the killing of Trayvon Martin.

< New York's new taxi. It's a far cry from the iconic Checker Taxi, right.

||||| US coastguard sinks tsunami "ghost ship".

||||| New photo released as Charles Manson faces 12th parole hearing.


||||| London's gay village Soho is "losing its character".

< 1000 London buses carry gay equality posters.

||||| Gay MP attacks marriage equality...

...Whilst Peter Tatchell likens marriage equality ban to apartheid.

||||| Gays divorcing less than straights.

> Free Kalanzi Marvin Richard: Activists picket Dutch embassy in London over imprisonment of gay Ugandan.

||||| Catholic priest accidentally screens gay porn at school's Holy Communion presentation.

||||| The real issues in stories of the priest, the porn and the memory stick.

||||| Northern Ireland gets its own gay magazine, GayNI.

||||| Titanic at 100: The rise and fall of Titanic. "An animation of the lifespan of Titanic from its creation to its sad demise."

||||| Titanic at 100: Gays on the Titanic.

||||| Titanic at 100: Five Titanic myths spread by films.

||||| Titanic at 100: Identity of "unknown child" a mystery for nearly a century.

||||| Titanic at 100: In pictures.

> Titanic at 100: Another look at the new Titanic Belfast attraction.


||||| First ever Europe-wide gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender survey launched.

< FRANCE: Imam blesses gay Muslim couple's marriage. Ludovic Mohamed Zahed and Qiyam al-Din have since received death threats.

||||| HUNGARY: Police ban Budapest Pride 2012.

||||| RUSSIA: Two arrested under new "gay propaganda" legislation.


> CHILE: Anti-discrimination legislation that protects gay people is passed just a week after the death of Daniel Zamudio.

BRAZIL: When day becomes night in São Paulo "cracklands":

HAITI: Jean Phillipe and Venes Pierre fight at the annual Lutte Sauvage event in Port-au-Prince, 7th April 2012:


||||| UGANDA: PBS NewsHour looks at the east African country's violent homophobia, American anti-gay evangelicals, and the re-emergence of the "kill the gays" bill.

||||| UGANDA: President Yoweri Museveni has admitted homosexuality "is part of the heritage of black African societies, saying that Uganda itself had a long history of gay men 'who did great work for the country'."

||||| LIBERIA: Anti-gay group issues hit list, threatens to "get to them one by one".

||||| TUNISIA: "Fake gay" man accused of ripping up Korans.


||||| Polite prejudice: gay life in Japan.

||||| Could Nepal be the gay vaven of South-Asia?

< CHINA: Same-sex kissing festival for equality in Guangzhou. Video.

||||| TAIWAN: Ministry bans euphemisms like "close brotherly relationship" from obituaries of gay people.

||||| MALAYSIA: Anti-gay groups rally to defend country's "moral and religious values".

||||| AUSTRALIA: No hope Down Under, where even the leader of the opposition opposes marriage equality.

||||| AUSTRALIA: 80% of gay Australians suffer from anxiety, study finds.


> AFGHANISTAN: The rise of "dancing boys" exploitation. "The 9-year-old boy with pale skin and big, piercing eyes captivated Mirzahan at first sight. 'He is more handsome than anyone in the village,' the 22-year-old farmer said, explaining why he is grooming the boy as a sexual partner and companion. There was another important factor that made Waheed easy to take on as a bacha bazi, or a boy for pleasure: 'He doesn't have a father, so there is no one to stop this...'"

...And if Afghan boys aren't being used as sex slaves, they're being sent down the mines.


||||| Gay men of colour wanted for body image study. "Research will explore link between racial stereotypes, sexuality and self-perception."

< Celebs get naked for Male Cancer Awareness Week. Left, Dirty Sexy Things' model BB Kaye.

||||| Sex: the strangest places you've ever done it.

||||| Read the hugely disturbing Confessions of a Bareback Sauna Slut blog (it does exactly what it says on the tin): "One guy was breeding me, when he pulled out, a toned fit Asian guy stepped up and buried his face in my cummy arse. Felching and rimming the spunk out of me. He stood up, stepped aside, and another guy slid his cock into me." Via Law and Sexuality blog.

||||| A homophobe's guide for dealing with a gay child.

||||| Homophobia is self-phobia, boffins claim.

||||| On that note: Gay men warned over dysentery risk.

> The San Francisco AIDS Foundation is 30 years old - a difficult age for any of is, but a different kind of melancholy for them. Left, "Mysterious Outbreak, 1982".

||||| UK sexual health charity launches scheme aiming to get HIV-positive people back into full-time employment.

||||| Could green tea cloud Olympic doping tests?

||||| Beer doesn't cause beer bellies.

||||| How condoms are made.


< The giant snake that stalked the Earth.

> Praying Mantis rides a bicycle.

||||| Switch off the world's lights for Earth Hour.

||||| Gay flamingos celebrate fifth anniversary with their children.

< Animals without their skins!


||||| If Facebook were invented in the '90s...

||||| JavaScript inventor Brendan Eich gave $US1,000 to support California's gay marriage ban.

> "Play with how you love," a new ad for The SIMS 3 encourages us, using a pair of frisky soldiers to illustrate the point.

||||| Meanwhile, video game maker Electronic Arts has robustly defended its inclusion of gay characters in recent games like Star Wars and Mass Effect 3.

||||| Activist group AllOut says "Companies like Electronic Arts need to be rewarded when they do the right thing," and call on those who resist the dark side to sign their petition.

||||| Boffins develop self-healing plastic that also bruises.


||||| Do people with Kindles (boo!) read more books than those of us who prefer the real thing?

||||| Speaking of the real thing: here's how a book is actually made.

< 10 crazy and unusual book designs.

||||| A round-table discussion with 5 gay authors.

Supurbia, the comic about a super-hero team and their significant others. Right, Night Fox gets it on with his sidekick, Agent Twilight, much to the chagrin of his wife.

||||| Desolate photos of German night clubs, the morning after.

||||| Here's some provocative French street art.

< Herb Ritts: L.A. Style, a retrospective of the photographer at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.


||||| Q is for queer theatre. "The gay and lesbian theatre movement has changed radically since the oppressive days of the 1950s, but could more writers rise to the challenge of contemporary issues?"

||||| End of the Rainbow receives Garlands of praise on Broadway. "Musical about Judy Garland's last days follows West End success by opening to critical acclaim in New York."

||||| Don't rush to gush: how five-star reviews can ruin a show.

||||| Are curtain calls a clapped-out convention? "Is the act of bowing and applauding at the end of a show a spontaneous reaction, or an elaborately choreographed convention that we obey unthinkingly?"


||||| A look back at this year's London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.

> Don't be ignorant: Let's discuss the gay classics.

||||| 10 viciously backlashed movies we still like (and why)...

...And movies that have lost their shock value.

< Support gay cinema and help fund Casper Andreas' Going Down in LA-LA Land.

||||| Why gay actors still fear coming out will damage their careers. "Actors' union Equity enlists famous names to support gay actors who choose to be open."

> OMG! Marky Mark's rack!

||||| Actors who couldn't escape their biggest role.

||||| Nicole Kidman to play Grace Kelly in Grace Of Monaco.

||||| The 10 most unrealistic sex scenes in movie history.

< Some pictures from the set of Pain and Gain, a movie about two bodybuilders involved an extortion ring, starring Marky Mark (right) and The Rock (left, with a friend). Woof!

< Review: North Sea Texas. "A beautifully shot coming of age drama. [The] performances are quiet and affecting and apart from the ending that doesn’t quite convince, the script strikes many chords with the reality of unrequited love."

||||| North Sea Texas star Jelle Florizoone, and Bavo Defurne, the director, talk to Gay Star News.

||||| Review: Jitters. "A very impressive feature debut that has set the barre extremely high indeed."

> Pop culture artists pay tribute to Hitchcock's legendary films.

||||| Watch Hitchcock's Rear Window edited into a single three minute timelapse shot. Breathtaking.

||||| Videos: Patrik Ian Polk and actor Jussie Smollett discuss their film The Skinny at London's BFI; Ellen's long lost Titanic cameo; the trailer to French director Pascal Arnold's road trip thriller American Translation; and watch I Don't Want To Go Back Alone, a brilliant short from Brazil about a blind high school student, and the new kid.


< Smash and its frank depictions of homosexuality. Left, black, gay character Sam, played by Leslie Odom, Jr.

||||| Smash: Is this a bombshell or just a bomb?

All the latest from your favourite gay characters in soap - from all over the world. Anthony D. Langford guides us through it. Left, gay boys on Australian soap Neighbours.

||||| Watch a gay couple of 16 years on Britain's Got Talent.

||||| Out Swedish footballer Anton Hysén performs in Just Dance, a version of America's Dancing With The Stars, itself a version of Britain's Strictly Come Dancing. We really are living in a monoculture.

< This is heartbreaking. Remember ace District Attorney Helen Gamble from The Practice? This (right) is what she's done to herself, in the eight years since the show wrapped.


< JLS look to Kraftwerk for inspiration.

||||| JLo whores out her relationship with "bought bitch Casper Smart". In pictures.

||||| Madonna's new album is #1 - but here's why.

||||| Autopsy: Whitney Houston found scarred, high, scalded, missing teeth.

||||| Videos: Bonnie Raitt includes gay couples in new video; Danny Blu - Set Me On Fire; last week, we heard about Testimony, the SF Gay Men's Chorus/It Gets Better collaboration. Here's a making of documentary; and meet openly gay rap duo The Freaky Boiz. Here they are with Ass.

||||| Check out the Freaky Boiz on Facebook.


> OMG! Dejuan Diamond has a daydream about Domino Star!

||||| Motion Picture Association of America backs Flava Works in copyright case; Google, Facebook oppose.

< OMG! Domino Star and Ignition - in a hotel!

||||| The FlavaMen Blatino Awards pre-nominations are open - vote before 30th April. And help a brotha out - nominate ka-os|theory in the Best Non-Porn Blog category! Make sure to type our address: ka-os.blogspot.com.

> Flava Works' April Fools hoax will make you sick to the stomach (and if it doesn't, it ought to).

||||| Introducing the Gay Sex Slut Blog, in which the aforementioned Gay Sex Slut samples various male escorts, and tells us all about it... "As soon as I arrived we started kissing. He was a fab kisser and very into it, with tongues and passion. We kissed for ages as we stripped off and he played with my nipples."

||||| Francois Sagat: Singing!

||||| A porn infographic.

< Phoenix Forum 2012, in pictures.

> Meet the Harrison twins.

||||| No tatts, no troweled-on machismo, no thug drag: watch this clip of two African guys making love.


< Louis Smiths' broken heart. Poor baby.

> Outsports has a gallery of the NFL pro day workouts.

||||| Here is Charles Barkley in a dress.


> OMG! Tesco shelves its Value range. How will I live?

||||| OMG! Texts from Hillary!

||||| Who, what, why: do we know Timbuktu?

||||| Where are the world's rudest countries?

||||| Daggering: it's dirrrty, but it's what kids do. "The latest explicit dance trend is sparking moral panic. But to take a swing at dancing for being too erotic is to forget its history."

||||| And finally, I'm NOT your gay best friend!

Issue 118: 02-08 April 2012
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