Land of the giants

a pixelated pick'n'mix

From top to bottom:

1. The photography of Kevin Slack.

2. Enigma - Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi! (1996).

3. A 1960s era retiring Tube train pulls into a platform with a poster for reality TV series Lesbians splashed across the wall.

4. Lion-O, a Thundercats print by Alfredo Roagui.

5. Lindy Chamberlain with daughter Azaria at Uluru - then Ayres Rock - in 1980. Azaria was subsequently snatched and killed by dingoes - or murdered by her Seventh Day Adventist mother, depending who you believe...

6. Unknown.

7. Thant Zin Oo kicks over the net against Lai-Fu Chen at the ISTAF Sepaktakraw World Cup, on 21st July 2011, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

8. Unknown.

9. Taylor Siluwé, and porn star Hot Rod, in 2010.

11. Umbrellas in the Old Town Square, Prague, 21st July 2011.

12. Unknown (but strictly no homo).

13. Daleks vs. Tom of Finland, by ka-os|theory.

14. Homoerotic Schlitz beer ads from the late 1940s - early 1950s. Really.

15. Joan Crisol shoots assorted beefcake.

16. Actress Deanna Lund appears with a model of Land of the Giants' Spindrift.

17. Unknown.

18. Stonewall (1995).

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