Finding Me: Truth

Finding Me: Truth

There's a lot to like about Finding Me: Truth, although this sequel to 2009's Finding Me isn't without its problems.

We rejoin Jersey City friends Faybien (RayMartell Moore), Greg (Eugene E. Turner), and Amera (J'Nara Corbin), all of whom are struggling with romantic issues of one kind or another. Added into the mix is toxic Jay, Greg's unwelcome roommate, played by Maurice Murrell.

Murrell, of course, died suddenly earlier this year, aged just 32, so it's nice to be able to report he's one of the best things in this film - shamelessly stealing every scene, as a poisonous bad boy bent on taking everyone in his path down with him.

Moore is cute as pretty boy toy Faybien, and, when he's given enough to do (blowing his top with Jay comes to mind) proves he can act. Eugene E. Turner is fine as Greg, but Corbin's Amera grates: she caterwauls her way through the movie with a voice like fingernails on a blackboard, bulldozing her way through every scene like a drunk drag queen in a funeral parlour. Turn it down a bit next time love - sometimes, less is more.

Similarly, it's a shame that the two white characters who appear are so deliberately distasteful, particularly Jay's friend Neal. Intriguing that each and every one of the black actors are more or less dazzlingly attractive, whilst Neal looks like an anemic weasel. God bless America!

Still, it falls to Neal to deliver one of the movie's most apt lines. "I feel like I'm watching three different TV shows," he remarks during a disastrous dinner party. You are, Neal, and they all air in the daytime.

Look, this isn't cutting edge, arthouse cinema, it's soap, of the E. Lynn Harris variety. If endless deliberations about feelings and relationships are your bag, this is for you. Just don't take it too seriously: enjoy the cute boys, and enjoy an easy ride.

*The DVD is available in the UK now. US audiences have to wait until 20th September.

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