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Forbidden Light is the latest author to write exclusively for ka-os|theory...

Pervert. Heretic. Avant-Gardian. New blogger, Forbidden Light, makes it his mission to mix all things with sex and fetish. With the belief that "sex is a microcosm of the universe"; he tests his theories by making strange sexual juxtapositions. In his blog, Journals of an Intelsexual, he severely over-analyzes the basic and attempts to summarize the grandiose. Kink. Spirit. Headaches. Is there any more to life?

EVERYDAY, WE INDULGE in the flesh of the beautiful people. In advertisements, entertainment and especially blogging, we stare deeply into the images of gorgeous men and women. We salivate as models expose themselves while shedding light on their best features. We peer into the depth of their muscle definition. We bask in the shine of their radiant skin. We study the symmetry of their flawless features. We will never find our fill. We will never be content. Our hunger is constrantly rekindled by the sight of yet another unique, signature masterpiece.

A great deal of our fixation on photographed beauty is voyeuristic. In our day to day lives, we’re blessed to live amongst the striking and attractive. However, it is a rarity to receive access to what lies beneath their modesty. To catch a glimpse of their exposed bodies, their pretty privacies; we’re aroused by the chance to survey the shame and pride of gods. We examine the secrets of their anatomy. We trace the delicate stitching of their undersides. We discover details of what dangles in the dark. There aren’t enough angles, positions or scenarios to satisfy our need to see beauty unfold.

Ultimately, we are all students of human potential. We’re excited to see strength shining, grace offered and superiority executed. We’re salivating at the sight of our best features on another. We’re, in fact, peering into the depth of our latent power. Hence, we receive joy from viewing these polished pinnacles of humanity, because we get a chance to see what we could be.

How beautiful is that?

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Cogent Ascending said...

everyday i make sure to say a little thank you to the universe for beautiful people.

Boy Uninterrupted said...

either that potentiality stuff or we just lower life forms way into scattered ass. =)

Sanya said...

What wonderful writing! Pure power in prose. An alliterative accolade!

I shall be reading more of this fellow...

Forbidden Light said...

Thanks a ton, Sanya...I am an addict for alliteration! LOL

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