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Tré Xavier said...

It's a shame. We seem to be having the same problems with police here in New York. One of my co-stars from "All Out Assault" was recently attacked by police, and there's a case right now getting alot of media attention where 3 police officers were charges for their involvement in sodomizing a young man with a retractable night stick.

And you're right, it seems the younger they are the more power mad. It may go to show what I'vew said before. How early 20-somethings have an eagerness to please their superiors. Screwed up as that superiors ideas may be, these young subordinates want to make them happy. Problem is that when news of these policemen's criminal acts are exposed, the higher-ups in government who incited their behavior wash their hands of these accused officers. As long as this has been going on, I guess these young people have nothing much to live for so that reality gets into their heads.

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