Women Fighting!

There's nothing better than middle-aged (straight) women fighting. I don't mean yelling - I mean hardcore, physical action. For example, just imagine how fun politics would be if Condoleezza Rice and that bird who runs Germany had a bitch-slapping catfight. Don't tell me they don't have it in them - those bitches are gagging for a non-verbal altercation.
With that in mind, here's a look at the moment when rough-as-a-navy's-arse-cheek Shirley floors Stupid Sexy Voice (according to a ten year old boy) Suzy. It happens on Boxing Day in EastEnders.
Shirley - played by Linda Henry - is, quite frankly, the Best Character On TV Ever. You can see more of Linda in one of the Greatest Gay Films Ever, Beautiful Thing.


taylorSiluwé ..... said...

I thought that was her!! I LOVED Beautiful Thing!!! It's one of my all time fav coming of age stories.

And so aptly named -- Beautiful.

Oh, a Condi vs Merkel smackdown -- LMAO!!!

Sanya in España said...

There's only one thing I can say, in reply to this post, which hasn't been mentioned by the previous commenter: THIS is why we still love soaps!

I'm really going to miss EastEnders, this year...

Justin B Smith said...

I love that movie. The first time I saw it was on the LOGO station. I also loved the ending.

ka-os said...

I'm so pleased - and surprised - the Americanites amongst you like Beautiful Thing. It really is just that.

Sanya - don't they have telenovellas galore in Espana? Or is that Brazil I'm thinking of?

Not the same as 'Stenders, but still... I'll raise a glass to you, dear boy, during the Christmas misery on the Square... ;)

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