Goffney Twins Sentenced

Remember that Only-In-America story back in February, which reported the arrest of Keyontyli and Taleon Goffney - better known, perhaps, as Keyon and Teyon - for Mission: Impossible robberies?

I was starting to think the whole thing was an illusion, a drug-induced and electronic dream (or something I cobbled together after a couple of bottles of wine whilst the sun was coming up). Particularly after Keyontyli's MySpace page was constantly updated - no, swamped - with stunning picture after fabulous image of the one formally known as Keyon.

I didn't dream it up, thank you very much, any more than their interlude with Marc Williams, and Taleon was sentenced on November 18 to between four and eight years. It seems he has been in custody since April, whilst Keyontyli has been free to pose and pout in front of the lense.

Let's hope he doesn't meet with the same fate as his brother, and those photos keep coming.

Speaking of photos, boy culture unearthed this little photospread back in February. If twin-on-twin action dismays you, then look away. And to think I went a whole year without it...

More coverage and comments on this story at the excellent SGL Café blog.


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