Goffney Twins Arrested

YOU COULDN'T MAKE it up - sexy gay porn twins with a sideline in modelling lead a double life robbing stores using Mission Impossible-style tactics!

No, it isn't the plot of movie. The Goffney twins - better known as Keyon and Teyon - have been arrested for allegedly robbing dozens of stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Detectives claim (video) 26-year-old Keyontyli and Taleon Goffney "broke into the store by crashing through the roof" and stole some $2,000 from an ATM machine. Keyontyli was arrested at the scene. Taleon escaped, but was picked up later nearby. The dynamic duo are accused of 50 similar burglaries in the tri-state area.

The twins originally garnered attention for their more respectable day jobs as porn stars, and, in Keyontyli's case, some success in mainstream modelling. The twins made a notorious and much-loved appearance with Marc Williams, and have appeared togethered in other videos. Keyontyli made numerous appearance in CocoDorm movies.

Keyontyli's myspace page has extensive photo galleries featuring his professional modelling pictures and snaps with celebrity chums - including the boys from Noah's Arc. Interestingly, his twin brother doesn't feature in any of the pictures, of which there are nearly two hundred. I wonder why?

The Goffney twins are the latest in a string of porn stars in crime-related stories. You can find a gallery of mug shots at GayPornBlog.


ziren said...

hahaha jokes

In The Know said...

Get your story right:

Taleon's (Teyon) headbutting escape happened in 2006, not during this most recent arrest.


ka-os said...

You're right. I researched this story after reading several different sources, and didn't check my facts properly. Thanks for pointing that out - the entry's been ammended.

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