The House Next Door: Latest Episode

The City of Miami's Code Enforcement Board has ruled that Flava Works is illegally running an adult entertainment business out of a home zoned for residential use. The decision comes after the silly hoo-ha earlier this year, here, in which NBC exposed the location of the CocoDorm in a tabloid news item.

CocoDorm published this statement on their website: "With the Code Enforcement Board's ruling, starting today, the city will fine us up to $500 per day for each day we remain open. We are filing an emergency motion in federal court to block the city's ruling citing VOYEUR DORM v CITY OF TAMPA and sue the City of Miami.

Miami is wasting tax dollars to prosecute the legal CocoDorm residence, while drug dealers and prostitutes reign free on the streets of this neighborhood, which is known for it's infamous 'hoe stroll', but we suppose NBC and the city don't care about real problems.

Customers do not visit the CocoDorm location and neighbors didn't know about CocoDorm (until NBC knocked on their door after they received an anonymous packet mailed by a competitor). What happens inside of CocoDorm is no different than what happens behind the closed door of any other house; people live, interact and have sex. This is our and your First Amendment right, and we will fight for these rights.

By the way, no one from the neighborhood was present at any of the three hearings. In fact we have a petition of neighbors in support of CocoDorm!

We will not close the CocoDorm!"

Hear hear!


Tre Xavier said...

One statement rings so true of the government and our criminal justice system. THE HYPOCRISY of how Miami is not doing anything to clean up "Hoe Stroll", but they insist on going after FlavaWorks. There's an reason that is probably staring many in the face, but refuse to see it. People in government and the justice system try to eliminate what they call "problems" when they have no interest in them, and feel they don't benefit from it. Meaning that the reason "Hoe Stroll" is still allowed to exist is because the cops, lawyers, politicians, etc. benefit from the prostitutes and drug dealers that roam those streets by getting hit off with "favors" from time to time. They feel no benefit comes from a house full of Black men fucking each other. Therefore, getting rid of it and making it public deflects the citizens' attention to the crime situation that the justice system never did anything about before FlavaWorks came to town. Like I said HYPOCRISY. As well as RACISM.

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