W  H  E  R  E     W  O  R  D  S     F  A  I  L    ,     M  U  S  I  C     S  P  E  A  K  S

Here's the video for Seven Churches For St. Jude, from Brixton's GAIKA. “The video for Seven Churches for St Jude is a piece about mental survival in an age of disaster media inundation,” says co-director (GAIKA is behind the camera too) Rob Heppell. “The last few years have seen the hydra heads of reactionary extremism bubble up through cracks that used to be called conspiracy theorists, lifting the tectonic plates of global politics and diluting reality with weaponised fantasy.” Get it.

Seven Churches For St. Jude is out now. Basic Volume is out now.

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Hans Christian Andersen, Danish author, 1805-1875.

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