Issue 275: The Vixen, Karamo Brown, Brad Renfro, Margot Kidder, Mapplethorpe, Rosehardt, Alam Wernik, Westworld, and more...

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Why this year's pride has to be about something more than partying. (Image)

Karamo Brown doesn't use the term "coming out." Here's why.

Karamo Brown discusses how to protect queer bodies.

Why banning conversion therapy will save lives.

Gay men call each other "girl." You got a problem with that?

Boffins claim there’s six types of straight people who have same-sex experiences.

Patient Zero: correcting the record on a media-made gay villain.

Talking to the once-revered AIDS doctor, Gabriel Torres, after his release from prison, about redemption after meth addiction.

Another AIDS casualty. "Dr. Ramon Torres was a hero on the front lines against the epidemic for over a decade. It was when the war began to be won that he got lost." (April 2008)

Long read
How the chicken nugget became the true symbol of our era. "This is what happens when you turn the natural world into a profit-making machine."

Are rightwing black people traitors to the cause? Of course they’re not. "The reaction to Kanye West’s view on slavery shows the need to listen to all sides."

Black life, white wife and the art caught in the middle.

Talking to DaShawn Usher about MOBI (Mobilizing Our Brothers Initiative).

Long read
How #MeToo revealed the central rift within feminism today. "It’s not a generational divide, but rather a split between two competing visions of feminism – social and individualist."

Ramadan 2018: Nine questions about the Muslim holy month you were too embarrassed to ask.

The unexpected benefits of cringing. "We all know the horrible flush of social embarrassment. But what if the moments that make us cringe are actually valuable?"


After decades of "gay panic defence" in court, US states slowly begin to ban tactic.

Dallas transgender woman Carla Patricia Flores-Pavon strangled to death.

All the trans people killed in 2018.

Trans women need more allies like NBA's Reggie Bullock.

Man arrested after threatening to harm LGBT supermarket customers with pipe bombs.

Evil homophobic fanatic Scott Lively qualifies for Massachusetts Gubernatorial primary.

Denver mayor’s son calls police officer "fucking faggot" during traffic stop: "I’m about to get you fired."

Four men charged with hate crimes in Miami Beach gay bashing.

Alaska really is a drag: A woman allegedly hired a man to sexually assault a man who owed her money.

New York City firefighter Michael Troina told to have sex with stripper to prove he wasn't gay.

Miami high class of 2018's LGBT students stand against bullying, in pictures.

People thought this gay couple would be heckled after prom – but something beautiful happened instead.

Oregon school district accused of discrimination against LGBT students. "North Bend school officials are accused of, among other things, forced Bible readings and failure to address homophobic bullying."

Horrifying: Hart family didn’t feed son “for days” prior to car plunge.

Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin signs bill legalising discrimination against gay couples who want to adopt.

The memorial for the Pulse shooting victims offers comfort, but no closure.

St. Paul, Minnesota’s oldest gay bar is becoming a soccer bar, but the drag shows will stay.

Gay men in Palm Springs endure syphilis outbreak.

Dan Savage schools a gay Trump voter about why nobody wants to sleep with him.

Gay ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell embarrasses US, himself.

What's going on with Mike Pence?

Long read
Trump vs. the "Deep State". "How the administration’s loyalists are quietly reshaping American governance, one civil servant at a time."

New NRA President Oliver North's vile anti-LGBT history. "He has equated opposition to marriage equality with the fight against slavery and likened gay soldiers to pedophiles."

Trump attacks trans people again by rolling back prison protections.

Trump crony Scott Pruitt had dinner with an accused child molester.

US religion: the Christian right is breaking up. "The alliance between fundamentalist Protestants and Roman Catholics cannot survive the humiliations of evangelical support for Trump."

Why evangelicals love Trump's Israel policy.

Black people in NYC are eight times more likely to be arrested for marijuana than whites.

Is this your image of the working class? You need to update it. "No longer shuttered away in a factory, today’s working class is interwoven into nearly every aspect of American society. But we don’t really hear much about it."

Michelle Wolf talks to Seth Meyers about the White House Correspondents’ Dinner; Meyers mocks the Trump-Giuliani disaster as Rudy says Trump wants him to do more TV interviews, and destroys Trump’s claim that he’s "draining the swamp."

Alabama, May 1963: how the Observer captured America’s racial tensions. "Recently discovered images taken by photographer Colin Jones document the civil rights struggle in the battleground state."

Unseen photographs of civil rights conflict in Birmingham, Alabama, 1963.

Third gender option to be added to government surveys.


UK drops to fourth in European LGBT rights rankings amid warning over transphobic media surge.

Drag queen Vanity von Glow blames the "far left" for damaging her career after appearing at far right rally. Here she is, pictured with vile bigot Milo Yiannopoulos.

Gay porn site Blake Mason removes videos of Daryll Rowe, who deliberately infected lovers with HIV.

Getting away with it: Two teenagers (above) spared jail over homophobic attack on Will Mayrick on a London Underground train, in which they put a man in a headlock and made him say sorry for being gay.

Getting away with it: Ex-bouncer Craig Garnell spared jail after "disgraceful" homophobic attack outside Liverpool gay bar.

Charity leading PrEP trial in England announces shock closure.

UK government seeks "assurances" from Russia over safety of gay fans at World Cup.

Tories block bid to bring marriage equality to Northern Ireland.

Former Tory chair Lord Tebbit calls gay pastor a "Sodomite" in shocking homophobic rant.

The full plans for the porn president’s visit to the UK – revealed! "Having stripped the world of its last decency, Donald Trump will visit the UK in July. A trip to Soho seems in order..."

Germaine Greer has denied saying "lopping off your dick doesn’t make you a woman" — but there’s proof.

Newsagents to sell "porn passes" to visit adult websites anonymously under new government plans.

Why the GDPR email deluge, and can I ignore it? "A stringent new law will change how companies handle your data. Here’s what you need to do."

UK accused of flouting human rights in "racialised" war on gangs. "Amnesty International claims gangs matrix used by Met police stigmatises black men."

The looming mental health crisis facing generation rent. "One in three millennials will never own their own home, and renters can be evicted with just two months’ notice. What effect is this instability having on young people’s wellbeing?"

Grenfell Tower: fire-resistant cladding plan was dropped.

The lives of Grenfell Tower. "Portraits of all seventy-two people who died based on moving testimony from family and friends."

Grenfell: the seventy-two victims, their lives, loves and losses.

On Brexit island it’s all getting a bit Lordships of the Flies. "Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg are realising their dream isn’t working out. So the Brexiteers have turned on the House of Lords."

Tessa Jowell obituary: the "people politician". "Former Labour cabinet minister, described as ‘the ultimate sensible loyalist’ by Tony Blair, was not afraid to speak her mind."

Tessa Jowell – a life, in pictures.

The seventeen structures added to the National Heritage List.


The unflinching courage of Rio’s gay crusader. "Until March, there were two out gay city council members in Rio. Then one of them was assassinated. Others might think twice about stepping into political minefields, but David Miranda, the husband of award-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald, is not backing down. Now he’s running for Brazil’s Congress."

Havanna hosts the 11th annual Cuban Campaign Against Homophobia. In pictures.

Dignity, community and hope in the Haitian slum of Jalousie, in pictures.

King Felipe VI sends landmark message to LGBT community.

Transgender asylum seekers stuck at the Mexican border, targeted "wherever they go."

Hundreds of people in Mexico are kidnapped every year. And the problem’s getting worse.

Gran Canaria
Maspalomas Pride, in pictures.

Gay couples now able to foster children following landmark ruling.

Scores dead in Gaza fence protest as US moves embassy to Jerusalem. "Israeli forces have killed more than 100 demonstrators and wounded around 12,300 more since protests began on March 30, Gaza's Health Ministry says."

Trump threw a match into Jerusalem with no plan to put out the fire. "The killing of 52 Palestinians is the result of the US president’s folly in giving Netanyahu what he wanted."

Everything you need to know about Israel-Palestine.

Trump creates a narrative for war. "The US president’s invective is dangerous but should surprise no one. He relies on assertions that reinforce prejudices but have no basis in fact."

In the bushlands, promised riches of a railway boom turn to dust. "Villagers, lured by new jobs and rich rewards for selling their land, now face poverty and heartbreak as claims of corruption engulf £2.5bn transport project."

Four men have been acquitted of murdering gay, HIV positive man.

Why India’s air pollution is so horrendous.

MH370 investigators say captain deliberately crashed the plane in murder-suicide. "A Canadian air-crash investigator, Larry Vance, said he believed that Captain Zaharie put on an oxygen mask before depressurising the plane to render the passengers and crew unconscious: 'There is no reason not to believe that the pilot did not depressurise the cabin to incapacitate the passengers.'"

Beijing police attack women for wearing rainbow badges.

Gay website that provides HIV information targeted by censors.

Eurovision organisers pull finale from Chinese TV station after it censored LGBT content.

Hong Kong
Universal antibody for HIV-1 unveiled.

Tuita Filipe, daughter of Tonga’s Princess Royal, speaks out against rugby player Israel Folau’s anti-gay views.

Ancient deadly virus similar to HIV surges among indigenous Australians.

Government allocates $180 million for more people to get PrEP.

Most Australians oppose religious schools' right to fire staff based on sexuality.


Rats driven from South Georgia's wildlife paradise.


Male beetles have gay sex because of incompetence, not sexuality, study finds.

The moral cost of cats. "A bird-loving scientist calls for an end to outdoor cats once and for all." (September 2016)

I found my dream apartment — and then adopted a difficult dog. "What I learned from having a dog with a bad reputation."

The week in wildlife, in pictures.


Is there a connection between HIV and skin cancer?

Five things you might be surprised affect weight.

Should we sleep and wake early to boost our health?

Five ways to spot if someone has Alzheimer’s.

Long read
The sound of madness. "Can we treat psychosis by listening to the voices in our heads?"

The noise all around us that’s destroying our hearing, explained.

Long read
The spectacular power of Big Lens. "How one giant company will dominate the way the whole world sees."

More than half your body is not human.


Queer Eye's Karamo Brown gets engaged... who is Ian Jordan?

Newlyweds Colton Haynes and Jeff Leatham are getting divorced.

How not to ruin a new relationship via social media.

Art +

Mexico City illustrator Carlos Radriguez loves drawing hairy men and penises.

Postmodern architecture is making history – and about time. "From industrial estates to housing estates, the listing of 17 PoMo buildings is an enlightened move. But what about brutalism?"

Listed postmodern buildings, in pictures.

The ghost streets of 1960s Birmingham, in pictures.

Model Terry Miller (sex columnist Dan Savage's husband) takes us on a tour of the Tom of Finland house.


Pennsylvania Station, by Patrick E. Horrigan. "Although the cover copy calls this novel a 'mid-century modern Death in Venice,' it is more an homage than a direct retelling."

The queer activist memoir we’ve been waiting for. "From Plague to page, the remarkable story of AIDS activist Peter Staley gets the memoir it deserves."

Why are women authors' books cheaper than mens'?

Why Fahrenheit 451 still matters in the e-book era.

Long read
Why 100,000,000 Americans read comics.

The personal story behind Brian Michael Bendis' farewell to Miles Morales.

On the rag - your guide to the gay weeklies.

At Night

Jim Parsons injured during Boys in the Band performance.

Why time's up for theatre's "timeless" classics. "How can women or people of colour find a voice in theatre’s classics when so much of the canon - written by white men - confines them to the sidelines? Meet the theatre makers who are reinventing the masterpieces."

Tyra Sanchez's DragCon threat was "art", she claims.


How Hollywood failed Brad Renfro. "Hollywood wanted an edgy child actor. When he spiraled, they couldn't help."

Silence is golden in the cinema. But so too is tolerance. "Audience members turned on a woman with Asperger’s who was causing a distraction. How would you have reacted?"

Miss Vanjie crashes the world premiere of Bianca Del Rio’s new film, Hurricane Bianca: From Russia With Hate.

Jordan Peele teases Us, the follow-up to his Oscar-winning debut, Get Out.

Michael B. Jordan to white interviewer who did Wakanda salute: "I ain’t from Wakanda."

Margot Kidder, the actress best know for her role as Superman's Lois Lane, is dead. She was 69.

Margot Kidder obituary.

Margot Kidder: the Hollywood star who defied convention. "The death of the 69-year-old actor leaves behind a legacy highlighted by a star turn as Lois Lane in Superman and an uncensored honesty about the industry."

Talking to Margot Kidder. (July 2008)

Margot Kidder: a life, in pictures.

Record fourteen LGBT-themed films showing at Cannes this year.

Dating My Mother. "A fun gay-themed dramedy with a great turn from Patrick Reilly in the central role. It may be messy round the edges but it’s still entertaining."

Sorry Angel. "Hopes were high Christophe Honoré’s 90s-set drama would be a worthy successor to 120 Beats Per Minute and Call Me By Your Name, but this soapy slog dashes them rapidly."

Here's the trailers for Netflix's Alex Strangelove; and The Quiet Room, with Alaska, Katya, Jamal Douglas and Chris Salvatore.

Teenage stream: how Netflix resurrected the high school movie. "While the genre has been slowly disappearing from the big screen, the streaming giant has quietly reviving high school-based sagas."

Here's the trailer for Mapplethorpe, the biopic of legendary gay photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, starring Matt Smith.


RuPaul’s Drag Race’s The Vixen isn’t about to be likable for white people. "Sometimes the worst thing I said was probably the thing I was looking forward most to seeing."

Talking to RuPaul's Drag Race's The Vixen. "Shea Couleé... told me to be myself! She owes me a drink for that one."

Talking to RuPaul's Drag Race's The Vixen. "The problem is the world is trained to be anti-black, and drag queens, the second they get out of bed they’re already starting with the cards against them."

Chicago’s black drag queens are upholding a radical gender-bending tradition. (August 2016)

Boy The Vixen is bae as f**k.

A day in the life of a Drag Race superfan at DragCon.

Ryan Murphy is donating all Pose profits to LGBT charities.

RuPaul’s Drag Race: Cher and Cher Alike recap.

RuPaul "accidentally" slaps Asia O'Hara.

Queer Eye’s Tan France opens up about racism and the ‘sickening’ discrimination he has faced.

Julian Clary on how the late Dale Winton will live on in his memory.

Talking to Curtis Casella and Kyle Cabral their new series, Paper Boys.

Here's the trailer.

Australian soap Neighbours set to have its first gay wedding.

Regulator dismisses complaints over Coronation Street male rape scenes.

Top Boy season three will finally shoot from July, as Ashley Walters reveals how Drake and Netflix saved the show.

The Expanse will need to find a new home, "because Syfy has chosen to end its relationship with what’s widely regarded as one of the best science-fiction shows on television."

Is Westworld an anti-human fable? "The show is relentlessly negative in its depiction of humans, who indulge in orgies of violence – what are we to make of the fact that the robots often come across as more compassionate?"

The secrets of Westworld are beginning to spill out.

Westworld recap: season 2, episode 4 – Saint Bernard! "In which we learn about the importance of the cave, the seriousness of Jim’s cough – and that you can pack an awful lot of violence into an episode."

Four winners and three losers from Westworld’s The Riddle of the Sphinx.

Atlanta’s bold brilliance is rooted in a surprising nod to TV history. "Atlanta is maybe TV’s best show. And in its bones, it’s built atop — and subverts — old sitcom tropes."

The Roseanne revival’s Islamophobia episode is boring. But its implications are fascinating.

NBC has saved Brooklyn Nine-Nine a day after Fox canceled it.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine's reprieve: new era of fan power or cynical ploy? "It was cancelled and revived in less than 48 hours after an outpouring from fans and other opportunistic move from TV studios who want ready made audiences."

Sarah Jessica Parker admits Sex and the City failed to represent LGBT people.

All hail Elaine Benes, TV comedy's original messy bitch. "Seinfeld's revolutionary anti-hero with a 'big wall of hair' and a 'face like a frying pan' is just as important to sitcom writing now as she was in the 90s."

Netflix's twenty-one "hidden" features.

Two new web series Bad Boy, starring Tony Harth and Artie O’Daly; and Ding Dong I’m Gay, with Tim Spencer; and what was the queer dating scene like in the '80s? LGBT comedy troupe Enemies of Dorothy have the answer! Plus: the latest from Signal23tv.

Beats, Rhymes
& Life


Awful Eurovision winner Netta accused of cultural appropriation.

Hayley Kiyoko perfectly called out the problem with Rita Ora's song Girls...

Talking to Troye Sivan. "I remember I cried when I realised that I thought Zac Efron was really hot. I cried. And felt really sick."

...but Ora has now apologised and come out as bisexual...

...too bad her homophobic Tweets (“TOOO HOMO”) have now come to light.

Chris Brown: the downfall of the disgraced R&B hit-maker. "A new set of legal issues for the singer join almost a decade’s worth of allegations that might finally derail his career."

The problem with R Kelly: how the star is finally facing the music.

Sexual misconduct allegations against R. Kelly spanning 24 years, in one timeline.

Stormzy is a political pop hero young people can truly believe in. "The grime artist, who called out Theresa May over Grenfell, couldn’t be more different to pious celebrities like Bono and Geldof."

Blue's Duncan James on how he came out to Geri Halliwell after dating her.

Tidal accused of generating 300 million fake streams for Kanye and Beyoncé.

Watch Rosehardt's stunning album length video for Songs in the Key of Solitude.

Watch the video for Yuno's No Going Back.

Positiva energy: 25 years of the legendary dance label, in pictures.


Vile rugby superstar Izzy Folau posts homophobic video a month after saying gays are "going to hell".

Vile rightwing tabloid The Sun is under fire for story after publishing an interview with the lover of a closeted Premier League soccer star.

Gossip items about closeted athletes have no place in the media.

Long read
What it's like to navigate the NFL's concussion settlement hellscape.

Harry Aikines-Aryeetey meets athletes of the future.


TitanMen has not released new content in six weeks — has the iconic gay porn studio shut down?

Behind the scenes with Ryan Rose, Alam Wernik, Jon Kael, Adam Archuleta, Andrei Karenin and Joaquin Arrenas in Prague, where Naked Sword and BelAmi have collaborated for new movie The Final Ruze...

...more pictures here.

LA leathermen, in pictures.

The White Heat
of This Revolution

The fight to save net neutrality, explained.

Russian trolls' fake LGBT Facebook group was very popular.

Black market for views booms after YouTube changes the rules.

The rise of Patreon – the website that makes Jordan Peterson $80k a month. "In five years, online membership service Patreon has attracted two million patrons supporting 100,000 ‘creators’ to the tune of $350m – including nearly $1m a year for rightwing psychologist Jordan Peterson. So what’s the secret of its success?"

Planes, Trains
& Automobiles

Why do Rome's buses keep catching fire?

How riders won the fight for better buses in New York City. "The MTA’s ambitious bus overhaul plan has long-suffering transit advocates giddy. Now comes the hard part."

How two MTA decisions pushed the subway into crisis.

The metro stations of São Paulo that read your face.

The D.C. Metro almost had a very cool abstract map.


What makes retail workers uniquely vulnerable to sexual harassment.

Rise of robots threatens to terminate the UK call-centre workforce.

I Own 51% Of
This Company!

Barnes & Noble: why it could soon be the bookshop's final chapter. "America’s biggest bookstore chain has seen its sales slide for 11 years. With its stock price falling 8%, is the writing on the wall?"

Long read
Univision is a fucking mess. "This is the story of how corporate raiding, complacency, excess, and incompetence are gutting a media company that matters to tens of millions of people. It’s not a novel story, and perhaps not even scandalous by the standards of corporate opulence: A shark-obsessed boss, millions wasted on consultants, and an executive who insisted on publishing softcore porn are more embarrassing buffoonery than insidious greed. The main problem—the billions in debt the company ran up in the process of its owners buying it and weighing it down—is practically routine in media and beyond; that doesn’t make it any less infuriating."

The supermarket revolution. "11 May 1959: How to prepack highly perishable foodstuffs in an attractive, modern pack is a difficult challenge for retailers." (May 1959)


They mock vegans and eat 4lb of steak a day: meet carnivore dieters. "An extreme, all animal-based diet is gaining followers in search of heightened productivity, mental clarity, and a boosted libido. But experts express doubts."

Millennials are making frozen food hot again, but can they stop killing everything else?

Ten myths about frozen food you need to stop believing.

The new global plan to eliminate the most harmful fat in food, explained.

What your choice of ice lolly says about you.


Primark is selling RuPaul T-shirts – but only for women.

This white fashion designer thought it was appropriate to use images of starving African children.

Atlanta, FUBU, and why brands matter in the black community.

It Gets Better founder Terry Miller's Tom of Finland birthday shoot, in pictures.


People explain why they don't wash their hands after peeing.

On the Latch returns for a second season; six diverse men talk sex, race and everything gay.

The latest from Walter, Davey Wavey, James, and Zach.

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Issue 275: 08-14 May 2018
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