Ramin Djawadi

W  H  E  R  E     W  O  R  D  S     F  A  I  L    ,     M  U  S  I  C     S  P  E  A  K  S

“This world is a lie. This world deserves to die because this is your world. We’ve lived by your rules long enough. We can save this world, we can burn it to the ground and from the ashes build a new world: our world...”

It's fair to say that Westworld's season two trailer pretty much broke the internet over the weekend, and not just because of the stunning visuals and doom laden narration. What I wanted to know was how I could get my hands on a full length version of Ramin Djawadi's epic and devastatingly beautiful version of Kanye West's Runaway. Get it.

Runaway is out now.

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"Where words fail, music speaks."
Hans Christian Andersen, Danish author, 1805-1875.

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