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This article is the most important thing you'll read this year: Together alone, the epidemic of gay loneliness. “Gay men in particular are just not very nice to each other. In pop culture, drag queens are known for their takedowns and it’s all ha ha ha. But that meanness is almost pathological. All of us were deeply confused or lying to ourselves for a good chunk of our adolescence. But it’s not comfortable for us to show that to other people. So we show other people what the world shows us, which is nastiness.”

Faggots, punks, and prostitutes: The evolving language of gay men.

Trans men are leading the Resistance. "Most transphobes can't wrap their heads around the idea of trans men. It's time we use this to our advantage." (Image)

How to put your money where your cause is.

Twenty-three LGBT pioneers depicted in When We Rise.

Where are the most difficult places in the world to be gay or transgender?

The dark psychology of dehumanisation, explained. "As anti-Muslim rhetoric increases under Trump, more Americans are seeing Muslims as less than human."

Breitbart’s click-hate echo chamber is a threat to Europe. Here’s why.

How immigrants make communities safer.


Body of gay student Dakota James has been found in an Ohio river. The 19-year-old was missing for over a month.

Trump supporter arrested over gay bashing of Kevin Seymour and Kevin Price in Key West.

Meet the "proud to be conservative" transgender activists standing by the party of hate.

The mother of murdered transgender woman Deeniquia Dodds has spoken out. "“I just wish they would stop targeting transgenders and let them be. Stop hurting em’, leave em’ be.”

Vile bigot Kim Davis doesn't have to pay her court costs, court rules.

Will LGBT politicians save us from the Trump apocalypse?

Trump pastor Franklin Graham claims Oscar-winning Moonlight is seducing kids into gay "lifestyle choices".

Trump quoted Jesus and no one questioned it.

Trump considering withdrawing from UN Human Rights Council.

DeVos proves she's as deplorable as Sessions, Bannon, Trump.

David Letterman destroys Trump in new interview: “I mean, how do you build a dictatorship? First, you undermine the press: “The only truth you’re going to hear is from me.” And he hires the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Steve Bannon, to be his little buddy. Bannon looks like a guy who goes to lunch, gets drunk, and comes back to the office: “Steve, could you have just one drink?” “Fuck you.” How is a white supremacist the chief adviser to our president? Did anybody look that up?”

Can we stop fawning over George W. Bush?

Buried alive: Stories from inside solitary confinement. "It is brutal. It is torture by definition. It destroys the mind, body, and soul, making rehabilitation next to impossible. It is also outrageously expensive, and it doesn't work. Yet at the end of the Obama era, and the dawn of Trump's, isolation is as widely used as ever in the American penal system. And this is what it feels like."

Black people are seven times more likely than white people to be wrongly convicted of murder: study.

Why African Americans left the South in droves — and what’s bringing them back.

The real causes of the worst drug crisis in US history.

The making of a Mexican-American dream. "Despite the rhetoric and hate crimes, Mexican immigrants are poised to reframe American culture, if white people would only let them."

CANADA  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is still breaking the internet.


The gay Syrian refugee forming a new life in the UK.

Man comes forward after Valentine's Day group attack on gay couple.

Brothers face jail after being convicted of manslaughter for beating a man to death to “teach him a lesson” after his friend “suggested [they were] gay”.

Man who blackmailed royal over gay sex claims found dead.

Gay actor responds to homophobic vandals by offering them free tickets.

TV presenter and comedian Paul O’Grady on the gay men who try to contract HIV.

The National Trust conducts tours of London’s Soho - and its underground gay past.

Sex education to be made compulsory in secondary schools.

Silent twins: The haunting case of June and Jennifer Gibbons, who only spoke with each other. (July 2003)

Why unexploded bombs keep turning up on building sites. "A second world war bomb was unearthed in north-west London last week. But why are they being discovered now – and how many more might we find?"

Where is Britain’s version of Roots? The series that shook America in the 1970s has just been remade. The tale of the British empire’s slave history should be told too.

Why are there so few male nurses?

WALES  University bans the word "homosexual".

SCOTLAND  14-year-old newly out YouTuber Liam McAlpine found dead.

NORTHERN IRELAND  Man "attacked lesbian with a supermarket trolley" because she hugged her partner.


FRANCE  Nearly one in five gay men are voting for vile far-right Presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen.

SWEDEN  Conscription reintroduced amid rising Baltic tensions.

GERMANY  Angela Merkel's conservatives under pressure to allow gay marriage.

Israeli Air Force features gay couple in social media celebration of families.

JAMAICA  Time to end the cowardice. "It’s time for Jamaica to turn its back on homophobia and take a stand for the human rights of LGBTI people. Those who recognize the validity of the struggle for gay rights — especially those who are straight — but remain silent for fear of ostracism, need to look in the mirror and deal with their cowardice."

JAMAICA  Cable TV blocks When We Rise.

BRAZIL  Trans woman Dandara dos Santos pleads for her life before being beaten to death in horrific video.

BRAZIL  Is brutal treatment of young offenders fuelling crime rates? "Detaining juveniles in overcrowded conditions, where there is little scope for learning or rehabilitation, may be contributing to violence in Brazilian society."

BOLIVIA  Desperate miners are doing desperate things — like murder. "Everyone knows who killed Rodolfo Illanes. So why is his death such a mystery?"

VENEZUELA  The architecture of fear: How Caracas has adapted to constant threat of violence. "Tall walls, barred windows and armed security are increasingly common in the capital, where more and more Caraqueños avoid going out at night – travelling in convoy if they must leave home after dark."

AUSTRALIA  The first openly gay Imam on what he's learned about intolerance.

AUSTRALIA  Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. 39th annual LGBT celebration and protest combined, with marriage equality, HIV, trans rights and refugees at top billing.

AUSTRALIA  Their first Mardi Gras: a journey for Tiwi Island sistagirls decades in the making. "Many of the 30 Aboriginal trans women from the islands are already in the city, and have a few messages to convey."

AUSTRALIA  Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, in pictures.

AUSTRALIA  This Asian man says he only dates white guys because "the white race is the superior one".


Football referee claims there are three gay players in every team.

Amar’e Stoudemire forced to apologise for homophobic slur...

...But not before out former baller John Amaechi savagely rebuked the "braying jackass".

This gay college football player found acceptance when he was outed to teammates. “I want to say specifically to black gay football players: ‘You are not alone.’”

Three gay college football players have come out in the last month.

D.C., Guadalajara, and Hong Kong named finalists for 2022 Gay Games.

Japan is planning toilets for all genders at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Arctic Pride features gay pro volleyball player, his team and a reindeer.

Rugby stud Maro Itoje, in pictures.

Art +

Twenty queer illustrators you should be following on Instagram.

On the art of Jamaica’s Elton Senior.

On Buzzing At The Sill, the new book from photographer Peter van Agtmael.

The Japanese House: Architecture and Life after 1945, an exhibition at London's Barbican, 23 March to 25 June.


Read these brilliant short stories by Texas prison inmates.

The Fire Next Time gets the Taschen treatment.

REVIEW  The Troubleseeker, by Alan Lessik. "A potent mash-up of contemporary history, Greek mythology, Caribbean Santería, and queer eroticism."

Have we got Machiavelli all wrong? "What if the Italian civil servant whose name became shorthand for devious politics was trying to warn us about the despots, not advise them?"

INTERVIEW  Talking to Roberto Montes about his new book I Don't Know You, advice for emerging poets, and why you should never take yourself too seriously. (April 2016)

READ  Adam, a poem by Roberto Montes.

On Zulu, the new comic from Alverne Ball following the life of 16-year-old Lazarus Jones, who becomes possessed by the spirit of warrior king Shaka Zulu while visiting South Africa.

On the rag - the week's gay weeklies.

At Night

Southern Baptist Sissies premieres at London's Above The Stag Theatre.

REVIEW  Significant Other. "In its move to Broadway, Harmon’s play has been puffed up into something of a broad sitcom. The production fills the caverns of the Booth Theatre, where it opened last night, with misbegotten LOLs and stomach churning 'awws,' because oh man, isn’t this glum gay guy a riot?"

REVIEW  Plastic. The "sneaky middle-class satire makes audience squirm."

INTERVIEW  Talking to Sergei Polunin, ballet's tattooed bad boy.

WATCH  Here's a fascinating documentary on J'ouvert, New York City's most controversial cultural celebration.


Elizabeth Taylor’s original AIDS ribbon had a poignant return to the Oscars - worn by Moonlight writer Tarell Alvin McCraney.

After the Moonlight fades: What's next for LGBT cinema?

On the new documentary by Turkish director Ayşe Toprak, Mr Gay Syria. "A beauty contest in this crisis? It’s a way of surviving."

Don't you dare compare Sara Jordenö new documentary Kiki to Paris Is Burning.

The Indian censor board has banned film Ka Bodyscapes for "glorifying" homosexual relationships.

How Get Out deconstructs racism for white people.

INTERVIEW  Talking to Michael Beck about cult classic The Warriors.

Why Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? is one of the best films of all time.

What What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? already told us about Bette and Joan’s Feud. "Much of the Ryan Murphy mini-series' commentary on age, competition, and Hollywood is right there in the film that inspired it."

The seductively entertaining Feud: Bette and Joan tells a tabloid version of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford’s relationship.

REVIEW  Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe. "It’s surprisingly intimate at times, but we leave without greater insight into its subjects’ world."

REVIEW  Kings, Queens & In-Betweens. "Inside the surprisingly bright LGBT drag world of Ohio."

REVIEW  LOEV. "A wistful, meandering gay love story, Loev is... quietly revolutionary." (November 2015)

INTERVIEW  Talking to writer and director Sudhanshu Saria about his film LOEV.

Robert Pattinson actually masturbated in Salvador Dalí biopic.

A major Die Hard plot hole was just explained... twenty-nine years later.

The Tired Old Queen at the Movies looks back at The Manchurian Candidate.

Robert Osborne, the primary host of Turner Classic Movies, is dead. He was 84. "Robert Osborne, who displayed an encyclopedic knowledge — and love — of film history as the primary host of Turner Classic Movies, died Monday morning at age 84, said his partner of 20 years, theater director and producer David Staller. Osborne died of natural causes in his sleep at home in New York City, Staller said. ‘It’s difficult to imagine a planet without him,’ Staller said. ‘He made the choice to call it a day, and he wants everyone to know that he’ll see them at the after party.'”

How film projection got so complicated — and how it can make or break your movie experience.

LISTEN  You Must Remember This - Marilyn Monroe: The Beginning.

WATCH  bwoy (trailer); A Very Sordid Wedding (trailer); Here's the trailer for Sisak, which tells the story of the two men, named only "A" and "Z", falling for each other on the Indian railway.


The BBC forced to defend the removal of LGBT lyrics from Lady Gaga gay anthem Born This Way.

Low ratings continue to plague LGBT television shows as Eyewitness is cancelled and When We Rise bombs.

When We Rise: When we fall in ratings, we fail our movement. "Television networks made history in LGBT representation with Doubt and When We Rise. So why aren't we watching?"

When We Rise continues: Hillary, heartbreak, and HIV. Dustin Lance Black on "why he included archival footage of a 'heartbreaking' cameo and the AIDS Memorial Quilt."

When We Rise finale: The other America-. "The ABC miniseries may be over, but the fight for LGBT rights marches on."

Dustin Lance Black responds to When We Rise's ratings and Catholic backlash.

On new web series, Brujos, which follows a group of gay, Latino witches.

The new noir: How teen TV went over to the dark side. "Shows like Clique, Riverdale and Sweet/Vicious are tackling tougher issues than their adult counterparts."

On eye-poppingly sexy, druggy Dutch soap The Swingers. "This deliciously camp export features crime, clowns and couples cavorting like rabbits – before reaching a finale that will have your jaw scraping the floor."

Filthy rich: Our tortured love affair with wealth porn. "From Fifty Shades to Big Little Lies and Billions, what drives our fascination with seeing how the other half live?"

WATCH  Here's Looking's Jonathan Groff in a teaser trailer for David Fincher’s 1970s serial killer series Mindhunter.

Netflix’s interactive storylines will destroy actors – and relationships.

Netflix is making a medieval Korean zombie show.

The original 1966 Cybermen are returning to Doctor Who.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine documentary says screw it, we'll make some HD scenes ourselves.

Star Trek: Voyager: How it accidentally presided over the franchise’s decline. (May 2013)

Star Trek: Voyager: An episode roadmap, if you want to get going quickly... (December 2015)

Star Trek: Voyager: The fifteen greatest episodes. (September 2016)

Star Trek: Voyager: The five worst episodes. (November 2011)

Star Trek: Voyager: Where are they now? (September 2016)

Gays of our lives: Your latest from gay soapland.

When good TV goes bad: How Brookside’s soap lost its suds. "Brookie was a witty running commentary on Britain in all its curtain-twitching magnificence – until Lindsey Corkhill pulled a Walter White."

Disney airs first gay kiss.

WATCH  Here's the trailer for Tex Brown, a new webseries from About Him purveyors Signal23TV.

Beats, Rhymes
& Life

George Michael's cause of death officially confirmed as a result of heart and liver disease.

REVIEW  THEY - Nü Religion: Hyena. "Strangely, though, the album’s highlight is Dante’s Creek, which sees the theme tune of 1990s teen cry-fest drama Dawson’s Creek reimagined as a slinky soundtrack to seduction. THEY. aren’t afraid of being heard."

Red Light

Matthew Rush's ex-boyfriend admits that he provoked the former Falcon star into defending himself; Rush had been arrested on a domestic violence charge.

Sean Cody model "Robert" convicted of assaulting a police officer while naked and on cocaine at a Cracker Barrel.

Markie More has announced his retirement from porn.

HIV and rape-seeking gay porn star Ace Era dances and lip syncs to Rihanna while drenched in blood.

Cuban muscle God Ridder Rivera wasted (again) on a scrawny otter.

Go-go dancers, in pictures.

Christopher Zeischegg - who performed under the alias Danny Wylde - on being shunned by straight studios for doing gay porn.

Bel Ami God Kris Evans, in pictures. (NSFW.)

The monthly KAOS round-up of shameless selfies and narcissistic camera whores: It's Real Boys! (Definitely NSFW!)


Fifteen virginity horror stories that are almost too awkward for words.

Five ways to disclose your status on a first date.

Don’t let HIV stigma keep you from enjoying sex.

Médecins Sans

Why has rectal cancer quadrupled in millennials?

New stem therapy offers hope of HIV remission.

Are you missing these early warning signs of a heart attack?

How much pee is in our swimming pools? New urine test reveals the truth. "Olympic swimmers admit to it and it seems many of the rest us are peeing in the water too, with a new scientific test finding up to 75 litres of urine in public pools."

Doctors would rather you take weed up the butt than smoke it.


Discontinued McDonald's items that you totally forgot existed.

30-a-day habit: The Asian approach to mealtimes.

WATCH  Gay teen lusts after the new Coca-Cola pool boy.


On Floyd Avenue Clothing, the culturally-inspired androgynous fashion label created by Soweto-based designer Floyd Manotana.


The real reason there are so few LGBT executives.

The Shanghai factory planning to replace all of its human workers.

I Own 51% Of
This Company!

Welcome to the Absent Corporation, where customer services don’t exist. "We have all been there: you call or email to complain – and you are met with a great silence. This is no accident, in the world of the Absent Corporation."


Appletards listen up. Apple buys a key iPhone component from brutal Congolese mines, where children as young as four toil in cobalt mines.

“The future that liberals want” is the “Thanks, Obama” meme of 2017.

Facebook steps up suicide prevention efforts.

As CRT supplies vanish the classic arcade machine is virtually dead.


Drought-stricken Chinese city proposes mega pipeline to pump water from Siberia.


Marine boffins discovered this out-of-this-world jellyfish.

The week in wildlife, in pictures.


Get your mind blown with Jaden Smith. (That's your MIND blown. I said MIND.)

LEGO includes the first lesbian in space in "Women of NASA" set.

...And the London house that's just one room wide.

And finally, Walter discusses transgender murders; Rogue "Marbie" Scott's heartbreaking storytime; Andrew on pity dates; and Davey Wavey talks to a 95-year-old who has come out as gay...

Issue 255: 01-07 March 2017
On the cover: The cast of Star Trek: Voyager.

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