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The Kiki scene is not only a place for young LGBT people of color to dance and express themselves. For many, it’s the only family they have. (Image)

The plan to combat global homophobia, from Peru to Nigeria.

Millennials are most likely to be LGBT or accepting, says new GLAAD study.

LGBT people are up to six times more likely to be victims of digital sex trafficking.

Who’s to blame for gay bars closing? (Spoiler: NOT US!)

Gay Millennials think the LGBT community is "invisible" in ads.

Do LGBT people need straight allies to lend a helping hand?

Identity politics forever. "Politicians don't need to stop reaching out to minority groups — they have to remind the majority that everyone deserves equality and opportunity."

The age of genderqueer and "they" has arrived.

Why the habit of making historical figures gay or trans is problematic.

Freeing up the rich to exploit the poor – that’s what Trump and Brexit are about. "A bonfire of public protections is being lit in Britain and in the United States – and the beneficiaries of it will be the very rich."

The ungrateful refugee: We have no debt to repay. "Dina Nayeri was just a child when she fled Iran as an asylum seeker. But as she settled into life in the US and then Europe, she became suspicious of the idea that refugees should shed their old identities and be eternally thankful."


Ryan Nunez, a member of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, dies during concert intermission.

Florida man's Grindr hookup abducts him at knifepoint, and steals his dog and valuables.

Florida teacher fired for asking children if they are "comfortable" around gays and Muslims.

LGBT immigration activists interrupt Phoenix Pride. In pictures.

North Carolina Democrats didn't compromise — they caved.

"Real men" wouldn't have repealed North Carolina's anti-LGBT HB2 law, apparently.

Federal Appeals Court issues landmark ruling: 1964 Civil Rights Act protects LGBT employees from discrimination.

ACT UP marches on, thirty years later.

Aging with HIV just got worse under Trump.

Ten ways LGBT people saved Obamacare and beat Trump.

GLAAD Awards host Cameron Esposito addresses Trump: "Donald, if you're watching, to you I say, Meryl was too easy on you."

Trump's latest executive order is pushing people back in the closet.

The US Supreme Court is "just one vote short" of re-banning marriage equality, warns the homophobic National Organisation for Marriage.

Trump's approval rating hits a new low.

Trump’s latest New York Times interview is a perfect example of his phony war with the press.

New numbers suggest Trump really might be driving away tourism.

The destruction of Hillary Clinton: Sexism, Sanders and the millennial feminists.

Gay politician in Alaska overcomes homophobic smears to get elected.

His rainbow flag sewed LGBT world together: Gilbert Baker, obituary.

Gilbert Baker's rainbow flag around the world, in pictures.

Why cops shoot. "An unprecedented review of Florida police shootings reveals how fear and bias breed confusion, how order quickly dissolves into chaos, and ways to avert the violence."


LGBT charity London Friend launches support services for refugees.

What you need to know about EU protections of LGBT people and Brexit.

Stonewall calls for gender-neutral X option for UK passports.

Hardly anyone turns up for far-right demonstration in London.

The property billboards that reveal the truth about Britain’s luxury housing market. "The glossy advertising around high-end building sites in major cities show expensive developments bustling with white thirtysomethings. Who are they aimed at, exactly?"

The river London forgot: how the Lea is being reborn. "For years, it has been the city’s back yard, a place of fridge mountains, distilleries and scrapyards, but now there’s a fresh plan to turn this ancient valley back into a green playground. We walk the newly opened Leaway riverside path."

Gay and bi men offered HPV vaccine.


Gay couple holding hands attacked by homophobic teens with bolt cutters...

...And whilst straight male politicians hold hands in public to show solidarity, thousands more march in protest. Watch:

Dutch municipalities are trying to dismantle gay cruising spots.

The LGBT Voters backing far-right candidate Marine Le Pen.

Russian LGBT Network seeks to rescue imperiled gay Chechens.

Drag meme depicting Vladimir Putin in drag banned because it suggests that he is gay.

Gay men are reportedly being arrested and killed in the Russian republic of Chechnya.

Jailed for using Grindr. "Police are using technology and ancient laws to imprison gay people. Now human rights campaigners are trying to shift attitudes in Egyptian society."

Gay banker Fábio Pereira sacked for posting photos of his engagement on social media.

82% of people now live in poverty – where are our friends now?

South Sudan will "consider" no longer using child soldiers if it can still kill gay people.

Police make rare arrests in anti-gay blackmail case.

On #FemmeInPublic, the project that aims to disrupt Cape town’s heteronormative gaze - with a live fashion protest.

Osaka has become the first city to recognise a gay couple as foster parents.

Transgender and homeless: The young people who can't get the support they need.

Rainbow flag stickers spark controversy at Catholic university.


The NCAA has officially sold out the LGBT community.

The NCAA is a fraud on LGBT inclusion and always has been.

The NCAA is complicit with schools discriminating against LGBT athletes.

Here is the letter 166 college athletes sent to the NCAA asking them to pull events from North Carolina.

Meet Samuel Johnson, a former college athlete who survived "conversion therapy" - and gay "exorcism".

Tom Daley won two bronzes on the final day of the Diving World Cup event in Kazan, Russia.

Nashville Grizzlies Rugby Football Club, in pictures.

How the NHL concussion lawsuit could threaten the future of the league.

Art +

Rainbow flag to fly over Tate Britain to mark first queer British art show. "Tate Britain marks 50th anniversary of 1967 Sexual Offences Act with exhibition including works by Francis Bacon, Dora Carrington and David Hockney."

A queer little history of art: Bathing. "Adept at picking up male lovers, Grant understood the gay viewpoint he was implicitly presenting."

On Duncan Grant's Bathing (April 2010).

On Piero Pompili's new book, Gladiatori Moderni; Pompili has spent fifteen years photographing the world of boxing in Rome and Naples.


How James Baldwin's The Fire Next Time still lights the way towards equality. "A new edition of the classic treatise on civil rights, featuring photojournalist Steve Schapiro’s visual record of the struggle, provides a model for how to report in the Black Lives Matter era."

Talking to Cleve Jones.

Equality: What Do You Think About When You Think of Equality?, edited by Paul Alan Fahey. "A refreshing political read for today’s modern reader."

Notes of a Crocodile, by Qiu Miaojin. "Miaojin’s novel osculates between diary entries in which Lazi exhaustively recounts her romantic woes, and an absurdist reality in which crocodiles don human suits in order to assimilate."

Darcus Howe obituary. Writer and activist was outspoken in promoting black self-determination.

Darcus Howe: He translated the anger of street protests into political action. "Journalist, activist and publisher Darcus Howe, who has died aged 74, spent his life working for justice for black British people – and the struggle is far from over."

Can you judge a book by its odour? "Cocoa, wood, rusks – every book has a distinctive smell. And each smell says something about how and when it was made, and where it has been."

Is diversity to blame for Marvel's sales slump – or just a lack of imagination? "The comic giant’s new position acting as Disney’s R&D department means it needs to take risks in order to survive. The diversity debate isn’t the issue – it’s a lack of understanding how the industry has changed over the last decade."

Here's the latest instalment of Zulu, the comic from Alverne Ball following the life of 16-year-old Lazarus Jones, who becomes possessed by the spirit of warrior king Shaka Zulu while visiting South Africa.

On the rag - the week's gay weeklies.

At Night

Talking to choreographer and artist Malik Nashad Sharpe.

On Cambodia’s first all-male, all-gay dance company, Prumsodun Ok & Natyarasa.

Dave Chappelle, Ricky Gervais and comedy's "ironic bigotry" problem. "The onstage returns of Ricky Gervais and Dave Chappelle have both brought criticism of their jokes about transgender people. Can their approach of tackling taboos with a sledgehammer ever work or is it just a case of wishful thinking?"


Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black (and Mr. Tom Daley) signs modelling contract.

Trailer for Heath Ledger documentary debuts on what would have been his 38th birthday.

Blockbusters assemble: can the mega movie survive the digital era? "From Star Wars sequels to superhero franchises, blockbusters still rule the film industry. But with Amazon and Netflix tearing up the release schedules, are they on shaky ground?"

From Spider-Man to Alien: Why does Hollywood keep spoiling its movies? "Blockbusters keep getting spoiled before anyone has a chance to watch them thanks to plot-filled trailers and loose-lipped directors."

Bwoy. "Certainly an intriguing movie and an unusual one, and while it won’t be to everyone tastes, many will enjoy its ideas about online performances and the depth it brings to its characters."

I Am Michael. "There are plenty of intriguing moments in I Am Michael, and there’s no doubt that the true story is interesting, but by being so keen not to condemn Michael and try to see things from his point of view, it ultimately fails to make the viewer truly understand his journey or the issues involved."

Marilyn Monroe: The marvellous phenomenon of our times (April 1961).

Something Like Summer (trailer); All Male, All Nude (trailer); Counting For Thunder (trailer); The Ornithologist (trailer);


Love it or hate it: The unstoppable rise of Marmite TV. After Baz Luhrmann’s "extraordinary/awful hip-hop epic" The Get Down is this the most divisive TV in recent memory?

Prison Break's new bad guy is gay, Muslim, and a force for good in Hollywood.

Ricky Martin to play Gianni Versace’s lover in Ryan Murphy’s next American Crime Story.

RuPaul's Drag Race: Last words with Jaymes Mansfield.

RuPaul's Drag Race: This week's rankings.

RuPaul's Drag Race finalist Adore Delano sues Producer Entertainment Group (PEG) for $3.5 million.

Rupaul’s Drag Race star Gia Gunn comes out as transgender.

Talking to Rocc from About Him: Freshman Year.

Black-ish became its own worst enemy when it cast Chris Brown.

When good TV goes bad: how The Walking Dead started to stink. "Ironically for a zombie show, if someone died in The Walking Dead that used to be it. Then came the Glenn death fakeout, and everything started to rot."

Sixteen TV shows that totally outstayed their welcome: The Simpsons, Glee, CSI and more.

One in ten BBC staff identify as LGBT.

Mockumentary hasn't killed comedy – it perfectly skewers how we live now. "Lazy, stifling, awkward … all allegations made against TV’s new favourite form. But mockumentary’s jumpy camerawork and paparazzi voyeurism are just right for our social media age."

Gays of our lives: Your latest from gay soapland.

Here's the latest episodes of Skin Deep the Series; Shadows; Steam Room Stories; and About Justin and Steel River.

Tim Pigott-Smith, the actor, is dead. He was 70. In pictures.

Beats, Rhymes
& Life

Brooklyn rapper Mousey Baby (real name James Thomas) charged with homophobic hate crime; he verbally abused and slashed two men he thought were gay.

Barry Manilow has come out as gay.

Let's never forget that Sade is the coolest person ever.

How we made Right Said Fred's I'm Too Sexy.

How cruising, graveyards and swan songs inspired Arca’s new album. "Alejandro Ghersi – AKA Arca – gained fame as a child star in his native Venezuela, and later as a collaborator with Kanye West, Björk and FKA twigs. Now the ambitious producer says he’s ready to get personal."

Gay Christians find love in Trey Pearson's Silver Horizon.

Red Light

The Mr L.A. Leather Contest, in pictures.

The Off Sunset Festival - the closing event for Los Angeles Leather Pride - in pictures.

GayHoopla model Jerry Cabrera sentenced to two years in prison.

Brad Patton and Dean Monroe return to gay porn for Falcon's Earthbound: Heaven To Hell 2.

Corbin Colby, Sean Ford and Colton James do it.

The much-delayed STAR TREK: A Gay XXX Parody continues with Micah Brandt as Uhura.

Bel Ami model blinded by cum.

Talking to Markie More about shooting gay porn, being bullied, coming out, and his decision to stay in adult industry.

Meet new Corbin Fisher model Xavier.


When does close friendship turn into emotional infidelity?

Why it hurts so much when a friendship ends.

A gay "catfish" speaks out.

What it's really like for women to date bisexual men.

Polyamorous people on their worst breakup stories.


Listeria, batteries and botulism: Why food products get recalled.

Beanz Meanz Heinz slogan celebrates 50th anniversary with limited-edition cans.

I Own 51% Of This Company!

Gay German publishing house Bruno Gmünder has collapsed into bankruptcy. The company was founded in 1981 by Bruno Gmünder, who sold it three years ago.

Target’s losses from a boycott by homophobic loonies the American Family Association are "too insignificant to report".


Can any good come from engaging with internet trolls? "Online abuse has been around for years, but the idiom of the troll has changed the landscape. Can they be reasoned with?"

The little-known deal that saved Amazon from the dot-com crash.

Médecins Sans Frontières

Mothers who get sex hormone progesterone are "five times more likely" to have gay or bi offspring.

Is there a link between cancer and poppers in gay men?

Why we must embrace Undetectable Means Untransmittable.

Ten surprising things you may not know about HIV testing.

Educating people about the availability of PrEP shouldn't be controversial. So why is it?

Hepatitis C rates are "rampant" in urban communities (and states like New Jersey). And while cures are available, treatment costs are too much to handle.

What are the repercussions of one lost night’s sleep? Rudeness is just the start.

Boffins discover the brain "doubles up" by simultaneously making two memories of events.

Should you walk or run for exercise? Here's what the science says.


Here’s a new climate change reality that Trump’s new policies ignore.

The graphene-based sieve that turns seawater into drinking water.


The week in wildlife, in pictures.

Planes, Trains
& Automobiles

What happened to Atlanta's Carmageddon? "When a major freeway closes, the expected gridlock almost never happens. This should teach us something about traffic."

The science of fleeing a mass-transit emergency. "In a terrorist attack, passengers don’t always react how you might expect—and it’s important to plan for that."

Night owls: Portraits of life on the night bus, in pictures.

A requiem for the overnight sleeper - and a European way of life. "The cross-border overnight train services are dying out. We are losing a way to forge links with the neighbours just when we need them the most."

How did a Korean cargo ship just vanish in the Atlantic ocean?

The ridiculous story of airline food and why so much ends up in landfill. "Airlines generated 5.2m tonnes of waste in 2016, most of which went to landfill or incineration."


Appearing in stock photos was the biggest mistake of my life.

Finally, Rogue "Marbie" Scott opens up; catching up with Andrew and the Baddie Twinz; and real boyfriends Jontavian and Brandon test each other.

Issue 259: 01-07 April 2017
On the cover: Bathing, by Duncan Grant, part of Tate Britain's Queer British Art 1861-1967 exhibition.

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