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left & found

#TweetLikeAWhiteGay exposes a divided LGBT community.

On the parlous state of the LGBT movement.

In challenging homophobia, gay men have become our own oppressors. "A new, invitation-only gay dating app is likely to become an exclusive club that rejects anyone who doesn’t fit the ideal of masculine and muscular."

On gay men and fat shaming.

Why straight celebrities posing as gay promotes the wrong image of LGBT people.

The year we imagined the end of the closet. "From celebrities discussing their identities on Snapchat, to a new generation embracing a “no labels” approach to sexuality, coming out looks different in 2016 than ever before. But could it really no longer be necessary?"

The bro phenom, and the demise of sexual labeling. An app that connects straight men for sex is challenging simple definitions.

The careless anti-semitism that shames the LGBT community.

My gay Dad is sexist. "I’d always thought that my father’s homosexuality meant he was a card-carrying progressive, but a close-quarters vacation together unveiled the misogyny that’s bothered me my whole life."

How I found myself straight shaming.

Bridging the gap between black and white feminism.

Men's rights activists make millions because white boys want to feel oppressed.

With determining and accepting racial identity, do biracial men have it “easier” than biracial women?

Ten words transgender people want you to know (but not say).

It’s easy for rich kids to break the rules. But it’s not how the world changes. "For all the staggering gains the transgender community has made in recent years, the people making headlines are often those with the most privilege."

Will the LGBT community be able to retire?

First Corbyn, now Sanders: how young voters' despair is fuelling movements on the left. "On both sides of the Atlantic, economic insecurity is fuelling the rise of new movements on the left."

The relationship between Muslim men and their beards is a tangled one.

Once upon a Jihad. "Life and death with the young and radicalised."

news - america

Gay Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson is running for Baltimore Mayor. Why it matters.

This is 32-year-old Clifton Hooker (left). He has been charged with murdering his 26-year-old boyfriend Alphonzo Guinyard (right), after an argument over alleged cheating.

WATCH  Four high school wrestlers have been charged with sexually assaulting a 16-year-old boy and a 12-year-old boy on a school bus.

Robert Latham, a gay professor at the University of California, has been fired after telling a male graduate student he had to resist the urge to academically "ride him hard."

Washington, D.C. dentist Bilal Ahmed charged with sexually assaulting a male patient whom he sedated to remove a tooth.

Tyler Clementi's former roommate Dharun Ravi wants his record cleared.

Jeffrey Hurant, the founder and CEO of gay hookup website Rentboy, has been indicted on charges of money laundering and promoting prostitution.

Tennessee city official accused of running gay prostitution service from his office.

Meth use has more than doubled among gay men living in NYC.

Before Hillary Clinton, there was Shirley Chisholm.

WATCH  Susan Sarandon slams Hillary Clinton's LGBT equality record: “It’s one thing to be for gay rights and gay marriage once everybody else is for it. That’s not difficult.”

Bernie Sanders stood up for gay soldiers — sixteen years before "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" ended.

We shouldn’t be enjoying the Trump ascendancy – but who can look away?

New HIV cases continue to decline in Washington D.C.

Let's revisit the trial of HIV-positive "Tiger Mandingo".

Elton John AIDS Foundation blames racism for high rates of HIV among African-Americans.

The struggle to finally desegregate American cities.

WATCH  Stephen Colbert's hilarious stunt with DeRay McKesson to check his white privilege.

This number plate has upset a straight Florida man.

Unraveling the truth behind gay Mormon youth and suicide.

How medical schools are failing the LGBT community.

Personal observations on the reliability of the Shuttle (June 1986). Richard Feynman Rogers' personal findings on the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, six months after the crash.

news - uk

David Cameron's Conservatives have killed London-based LGBT mental health charity PACE.

Gay men are resorting to "clinic-hopping" to get PrEPed.

Chariots Spa in Shoreditch - one of London's largest gay saunas - is to be demolished.

British tabloids are pissed off that LGBT celebrities can come out without them.

How full-time Airbnb landlords are making the housing crisis even worse.

Why are so many black people being convicted of drug dealing in London?

Meet Dalton. He wants you to know what life is actually like for a young British Muslim convert?

news - world

JAMAICA  The Court of Appeal to decide whether public TV stations have the right to refuse public-service advertisements promoting tolerance of LGBT people.

CUBA  Before its imminent Americanisation, in pictures.

SWEDEN  The anti-refugee vigilantism has revealed the country's dark side.

SWEDEN  Why does Sweden have more boys than girls?

BELARUS  Russia-style homophobic "gay propaganda" law gets first reading.

GERMANY  Debunking the myth of the pink swastika.

ITALY  Thousands protest against a proposed civil unions bill, that would give same-sex couples legal protection, at Rome's Circus Maximus.

ITALY  Why Pope Francis is the flip-flopper of our time.

ITALY  The disappearing nuns of Italy. "The number of nuns in this staunchly Catholic country is reducing so rapidly there may be none left by 2050. At a cloistered convent, aging sisters worry who will care for them, let alone continue their unwavering mission."

ITALY  Why did two parents murder their adopted child? "Asunta Fong Yang was adopted as a baby by a wealthy Spanish couple. Aged 12, she was found dead beside a country road. Not long after, her mother and father were arrested."

TURKEY  Meet three LGBT Syrian refugees who fled IS brutality.

UGANDA  David Kato honoured in Kampala on the fifth anniversary of his murder.

UGANDA  Making a murderer. "Kidnapped by rebels when he was 9, Dominic Ongwen grew up to command fighters who slaughtered, raped, and pillaged. Is he guilty of heinous crimes — or was he a hostage the whole time?"

RWANDA  The grandchildren of genocide. "A teen orphaned by the Rwandan genocide makes the heartbreaking choice to abandon her own children. Years later, an unshakable brotherly bond keeps her bruised but determined boys looking toward the future—and sends them back to her under questionable circumstances."

MOROCCO  Two young gay men convicted of homosexuality, sentenced to eighteen months in prison.

EGYPT  Broadcaster Mona Iraqi escapes jail sentence imposed for televising gay bathhouse raid.

PAKISTAN  Gay kiss censored in the print edition of the International New York Times.

INDIA  The Supreme Court is to reconsider its 2013 decision to re-criminalise homosexuality.

JAPAN  On Tokyo's infamous gay micro-bar district.

AUSTRALIA  The roaming beach kids of Byron Bay. "Meet a close-knit community of homeless teens who sleep in tents, get high, scavenge for food and become family—all on the fringes of Australia’s ritziest resorts."


Tom Daley, Michael Phelps flaunt their Olympics-worthy bodies.

Out gold medalist Matthew Mitcham retires from diving.

Michael Sam says he wants to give NFL "one more shot".

Josh Norman denies calling Odell Beckham Jr. gay slurs.

Eight gay things straight guys do playing football.

NHL team wrap their sticks in Pride Tape to show support for LGBT inclusivity in sports.

Is Cam Newton actually arrogant, or is it just racial bias?

Seven things you never knew about being a sports camera operator.

picture house

Artists in Baltimore are planning a monument to drag legend Divine.

Matt Smith is to play controversial gay artist Robert Mapplethorpe in a new biopic.

On new thriller B&B, about a gay couple who take revenge on a homophobic bed and breakfast owner.

On Hail, Caesar! and gay old Hollywood.

Hail, Caesar! is the slapstick comedy about economic philosophy you need right now.

Joseph Fiennes has been cast as Michael Jackson in the forthcoming Elizabeth, Michael & Marlon, a comedy depicting an alleged road trip taken by Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, and Marlon Brando after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Outfest's Queer Brunch at Sundance, in pictures.

LGBT-themed short Before Night seeks completion funding.

Old white actors don’t get the Oscars’ diversity problem. That’s why it’s a problem.

Don't ask actors to fix Hollywood diversity. Ask literally anyone else.

The Hollywood diversity problem is not black and white, it's also queer.

Michael Bay's 13 Hours wants to be the sexiest Benghazi movie ever created.

Michael Bay is the auteur America deserves.

Hollywood is stuck in a bubble of expanded movie universes. It's time for it to pop.

A conversation with the New York Times’ A.O. Scott. "On the purpose of film criticism, the academy’s diversity problem, and why Leo DiCaprio shouldn’t get an Oscar for 2.5 hours of grunting."

My acerbic aerobics class with O.J. Simpson. "A week before the most infamous murder of my lifetime, I was working as an on-set extra when I saw O.J. sexually harass a woman and make off-color jokes about domestic abuse. If I had spoken up, could I have changed the course of history, or just tanked my acting career?"

Winona, forever. "Ryder has always been trapped in her own anticipatory nostalgia, and the public has always wanted to keep her there."

The epic fail of Hollywood’s hottest algorithm. "According to the trades and his pitch to investors, Ryan Kavanaugh had found film business formula that couldn’t lose. It could. Unraveling a Tinseltown Ponzi scheme."

REVIEW  How To Win At Checkers (Every Time). "An entertaining and extremely well made film about people living on the social edge in Thailand."

REVIEW  Aya Arcos. "Lots of good ideas and potential, but it doesn’t pay off."

REVIEW  Boys on Film 14: Worlds Collide. "Another successful and very interesting collection of gay-themed short film... It is however darker than some previous instalment, so don’t expect every one of the movies to make you feel all warm and fuzzy."

WATCH  Departure (trailer).

the box

INTERVIEW  Jussie Smollett: "I am a gay man. I am a gay man. I am a gay man. I don’t know how many times I have to say that.”

RuPaul's Drag Race season eight is about to kick off. Meet the new queens.

RuPaul’s Drag Race: Battle of the Seasons 2016 Extravaganza Tour announced.

INTERVIEW  Talking to the Prancing Elites.

INTERVIEW  Talking to Black-ish creator Kenya Barris about putting the new black middle class on screen.

The cast of Queer As Folk: Where are they now?

Why so many people are still in denial about the Bill Cosby rape allegations.

Sesame Street's move to HBO, explained.

What ABC Family renaming itself "Freeform" really means.

Catch up with Jude and Zero's sizzling gay storyline on VH1’s basketball series Hit The Floor.

Eleven new series worth watching. Above, Colony.

"Germany now is a utopia": Meeting the creators of Deutschland 83


Fresh Prince characters other than Will, ranked, from least to most important.

Gays of our lives: The latest news from your favourite LGBT characters in soap. Above, Finland's Secret Lives.

WATCH  Daddyhunt: The Serial, the new PG-13 rated web series from the app Daddyhunt; Ken season 2 trailer; what gay guys do when football is on; and Chloe Sevigny: model!

shouting at night

A revival of Angels in America is due to open at London's National Theatre in 2017.

Man attending Broadway performance of A View From The Bridge passes out after Looking actor Russell Tovey takes his shirt off.

art + design

Don't miss the latest from up and coming strip stars, Yemi & Femi.

These new stamps - celebrating LGBT identity - have been issued by the United Nations post office.

Andy Warhol film icon Joe Dallesandro was the guest of honour for the opening night of Round Hole, Square Peg, a groundbreaking LGBT exhibition at the Artists Corner Gallery in Los Angeles.

XYZ - examining Mapplethorpe’s XYZ portfolio - an exhibition at the Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac in Paris, until 7th March.

Douglas Kirkland, Tom of Finland art auctioned off for the Trevor Project.

Visualizing the overlooked legacy of mass incarceration. "Artists with family members behind bars get creative about opening our eyes to what life’s really like for those trapped in America’s epidemic of imprisonment."

Postcards From The Edge, an exhibition of work by some 1500 artists, took place in New York at the end of January, benefiting Visual AIDS.

Germany’s forgotten photos: Lingerie, Christmas trees and erotica.


The thirty best books you might have missed last year.

I’m reading James Baldwin for the first time and I’m falling in love with his work.

READ  An excerpt from Rashod Ollison's new memoir, Soul Serenade: Rhythm, Blues, & Coming of Age Through Vinyl, which describes a childhood experience all too familiar to LGBT youth.

REVIEW  The Queen of the Night, by Alexander Chee. An "unforgettable and breathtakingly confident opera of a book."

Meet the professor who wrote an entire book about buttholes' place in culture.

¡OUT! The Transformistas of Havana, the new book celebrating Havana’s LGBT cabaret performers.

Alaska, Courtney Act, and Willam cover the January-June 2016 issue of gay Mexican publication, Gay Traveler’s Guide.

Twenty-one LGBT picture books every child should read.

Beatrix Potter story Kitty-in-Boots discovered after hundred years.

The astounding gay sci-fi covers of yesteryear.

Apostrophes, explained.

The best LGBT graphic novels you might have missed.

On the rag, a weekly look at the free gay 'zines. Monday 1st here, and Friday 05th here.

beats, rhymes & life

The scientific mystery of why humans love music.

Former Death Row artist Danny Boy criticises fellow gay men.

Macklemore slams Iggy Azalea, Miley Cyrus in White Privilege II.

Beyonce tries cultural appropriation on for size.

How come nobody talks about En Vogue anymore?

Why the vinyl revival is sucking the life and fun out of music collecting.

He's the best. “On paper, [DJ Khaled] doesn't make a whole lot of sense. He's released eight full-length albums but doesn't actually rap on any of them. He's perhaps the most quoted figure in hip-hop, able to create viral catch phrases with an ease that marketing executives dream about. He's played a serious role in the hip-hop industry throughout his career, yet he's perceived almost exclusively as a meme by fans across the nation.”

I listened to an album each day for a year. Here’s what I learned about culture and taste.

The whitewashing of Michael Jackson, explained.

WATCH  BRÅVES - Dust, featuring out (and very naked) model Shaun Ross.

red light district

Race Cooper has announced his retirement.

Eli Lewis' pictures from the Mid-Atlantic Leather conference.

Pups playing at a leather convention, in pictures.

Here’s how to rent that house near Mount Shasta where Sean Cody shot all those orgies.

Next Door Studios launches bareback offshoot Next Door Raw.

ghetto romance

The ways we tried to erase each other. "Months after I voided my ex, he voided our relationship."

The truth about dating with HIV.

How to date a HIV-positive guy.

Why a man enjoying a woman’s finger in his butt doesn’t make him gay, explained.

The sex machine. "Jon Gross is having more sex than you. Way, waaaaay more sex, and with way more people’s spouses. So how exactly did this middle-aged New England plumbing-supplies salesman find the secret to free love, make friends with porn stars and multimillionaires, and become America’s king of swingers?"

médecins sans frontières

Huge news! The bionic dick is here. "An enterprising L.A. surgeon has invented a silicone penis implant, which, because we’re sure you have a friend who’ll want to know, costs 13 grand and can nearly double your size. Amy Wallace grills the good doctor on how it works—and asks a few of his very satisfied customers (and their mostly satisfied wives) how it’s working."

HIV found to replicate new cells even when undetectable.

The Foundation for AIDS Research has granted two million dollars to a pair of scientists in a new approach to finding a cure for HIV.

How to talk to your partner about going on PrEP.

WATCH  Shit Gay Guys Say About PrEP.
On coming to terms with sexsomnia.

Cocaine makes the brain eat itself.

How the sound of your own voice can affect your mood.

hell's kitchen

Feeling the love for LA's dearly departed Circus disco. "Another gay club bites the dust — but this time it's one that welcomed all races and body types."

Shuttered gay party palace Circus, in pictures.

Twenty-five dead (or dying) New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco gay bars.

I want my McDonald’s cheap and fast. Not served by a McWaiter. "McDonald’s success is built on speed, affordability, and that odd blend of sugar, salt and fat that leaves you wanting more. Surely table service is a misdirection?"

WATCH  The Bear-Naked Chef prepares another dish.

betta work!

WATCH  What it’s like to be gay in the military...

I own 51% of this company!

Amazon, explained in one chart.

Amazon is planning to open hundreds of bookstores. Here's why.

I thought the Amazon store was a terrible idea. Then I actually went there.

Cheap and easy food? Think about the true cost.

planet earth

The dark underside of the show-dog world.

Elephants are being killed on a massive scale. There is a way to stop this.

The dozens of bug species that live in your home, in one chart.

planes, trains & automobiles

The wreck of Amtrak 188. "What caused the worst American rail disaster in decades?"

Vagabond express. “We take the bus when we can’t afford to do anything but disappear.”

The devil at 35,000 feet. (January 2009) "There were so many opportunities for the accident not to happen — the collision between a Legacy 600 private jet and a Boeing 737 carrying 154 people. But on September 29, 2006, high above the Amazon, a long, thin thread of acts and omissions brought the two airplanes together. From the vantage point of the pilots, the Brazilian air-traffic controllers, and the Caiapó Indians, whose rain forest became a charnel house, the author reconstructs a fatal intersection between high-performance technology and human fallibility."

Ship to wreck. Pictures of the Costa Concordia.

inside the spaceship

Yahoo is laying off 1,700 and putting itself up for sale. Here's why.

If you thought solar was going to hurt utilities, get a load of solar+storage.

and whilst you're thinking about that, think about this...

Why Lego’s wheelchair guy is a seismic shift in a toy box.

And finally, Davey Wavey wants you to respect your elders; Walter on relationships; Andrew on following; the Baddie Twinz on red flags; and gay issues in London...
See you kids next week - it's been emotional! Zee Jai

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Issue 229: 25 January - 07 February 2016
On the cover: DeRay Mckesson.



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