The Tenth


KAOS pits new kid on the block The Tenth against established gay monthly GT. Who'll come out on top?

GT (or as it used to be known, Gay Times, before it was de-gayed modernised) serves us straight, white guys, who have deigned to allow us poor gays the opportunity to wonder at their amazing straight, white bodies. Bless them.

This is the front of The Tenth. Excited? Look at the thickness of this baby. That's 1.5cm of tree right there. Or more than half an inch if you're American. It's big, thick and heavy, just how we like 'em!

Okay GT redeems itself with this headline. Although they didn't come up with it themselves.

The Tenth looks like this inside. Is it a homage to Kirk Shannon Butts' Blueprint, I wonder?

GT is intent on flogging pointless tat on every other page, 'cos, y'know, the gays love buying shit. I wonder what PETA would make of this not so mysterious skin? (By the way, isn't that the title of a movie about child sex abuse?)

OMFG. The Tenth has Cakes Da Killa. CAKES DA KILLA! And look: text. Lots of it. Call me crazy, but when I buy a magazine, I like to have something to read, besides pictures of overpriced man bags. THIS is something to read.

GT has these preppy white boys. They look like arseholes.

More words. The picture is a little blurred because my hands were literally shaking with excitement as I turned the pages of this monster.

GT has more shit to buy. If you want your yard to look like an old people's home, GT's got ya!

Look. At. This. Every page of The Tenth is f**king beautiful. I'm crying pink tears all over it. (That last bit is a lie, the pink was already on the 'zine. Someone else cried pink tears over it.)

This is actually my favourite bit of GT. I like to browse this section and imagine I'm a millionaire and can afford a different hustler every night. Tonight, I'm going to order in boyish swimmer Daniel.

Yep. Perfect covers it.

GT has a page with Mykki Blanco. Which is good.

The battery on my camera died, so I had to use my phone for this one. But even my sh*t camera phone can't make The Tenth look bad. The Tenth wins everything! You can still get a copy of Vol. 2, but be quick.

My copy of The Tenth arrived a little late. Inside the package was a handwritten note of apology from The Tenth team. Like their 'zine, that's just pure class.





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