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left & found

I'm gay, not trans or gender fluid, and that's okay.

Everything you need to know about the next big fight for LGBT equality: Religious exemption laws.

What does a post-HIV gay culture look like?

How to survive a footnote. "AIDS activism in the 'after' years."

On LGBT heroes, from Bayard Rustin to Josephine Baker.

The story behind the first LGBT History Month.

The rise and fall of monosexuality.

Nine things to never say to someone who is genderqueer.

Bryce Williams does not delegitimise queer black rage.

Is "PC culture" going too far?

The creative apocalypse that wasn’t. About that. "Steven Johnson insists that widespread concerns over easy access to free stuff in the digital age was all Henny-Penny-the-sky-is-falling; according to Johnson, 'creative careers are thriving,' a point he argues by ignoring pundits, experts, and anecdotal evidence, instead focusing on the inarguable evidence of Data Journalism."

news - america

Charles Evans was 9-years-old when he became one of the faces of Hurricane Katrina. He is now living as a transgender woman.

On Hurricane Katrina's struggling black gay community.

Wading toward home. "Less than a week after Katrina, Michael Lewis goes home to New Orleans."

Beyond the breach. "A summer in search of saints, sinners and lost souls in the New Orleans that Katrina left behind."

The displaced: The Williams family fled to rural Nebraska for the promise of a fresh start. Now they’re in need of rescue again.

The latest tragedy for New Orleans black gays. "A recent fire at a Crescent City nightclub symbolizes the shrinking presence of the city's queer African-American residents."

What a black cop thinks about America's policing problem.

Torrance Cheeves, aka drag queen Miss Whoochie, found dead in San Antonio.

Bryce Williams, the shooter of Virginia journalist Alison Parker and camera operator Adam Ward, alleged anti-gay harassment by black men and white women.

Bryce Williams: Everything we know.

Out news anchor Don Lemon doesn’t understand why CNN is obsessing over Williams' ownership of multiple gay porn sites.

Even the Westboro Baptist Church is against anti-gay Kentucky clerk Kim Davis.

The lady who sits next to Kim Davis does not appreciate the parody Twitter account based on her.

New Jersey priest defends raping 15-year-old boy, claiming his victim “wanted” it.

Sex abuse charges against Human Rights Campaign and the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund founder Terry Bean to be dismissed.

Atlanta's Center for Civil and Human Rights has launched the LGBT Institute to not only record gay and trans rights, but help obtain them.

HIV testing down, STDs up as New York City closes free clinics.

Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors residence for homeless LGBT youth celebrates its fourth anniversary.

The complaint against A legal perspective. CEO Jeffrey Hurrant: “Twenty years we’ve been doing it [running]. And I don’t think we do anything to promote prostitution. I think we do good things for good people and we bring good people together. And I hope that justice will be done in the end.”

The real ramifications of the Rentboy raid. On why the dissolution of Rentboy is more dangerous than the website ever was.

Justin Vivian Bond on the Rentboy raid. "I think that to many in our community this feels like a throwback to when the police raided gay bars in the 50s and 60s."

So, is the Rentboy raid the Stonewall for sex workers?

A sordid affair: Prostitution, adultery and the fall of Rentboy.

Sex and the City's Rentboy mentality. "Problem is, unlike gay marriage and gay porn and gay strippers and gay sex and gay awards shows, gay prostitution, like straight prostitution, is illegal, and everyone knows that. There hasn't been that much media attention paid to that argument, and that's in huge part because the thing we don't talk about isn't sex - it's our brazen demand to have access to it 24/7 without fear of retribution, legal or otherwise."

Interview | Talking to Stonewall survivor Titus Montalvo.

On legislating necrophilia.

The death and life of Atlantic City. "The men who say they’ll try to save the once-bustling gambling resort town."

The day Treva Throneberry disappeared. "In the mid-eighties the cheerful high school student vanished. After more than a decade had passed, her friends and family in her tiny North Texas hometown of Electra had no idea where she was—or if she was dead or alive. They certainly didn't know that almost two thousand miles away her fate was kept secret by a teenage girl named Brianna Stewart."

This is 19-year-old Deleon Alonso Smith. He accidentally shoot himself himself while taking a selfie with a gun. He died at the scene.

Justin Bieber "lookalike" Toby Sheldon has been found dead in a San Fernando Valley motel after going missing.

Marcy Borders, the "Dust lady" of 9/11, is dead. She was 42.

That’s me in the picture: Joe Massian flees the World Trade Center South Tower on 9/11.

The simple truth about why mass incarceration happened.

news - uk

A serial killer called "The Pusher" is shoving gay men into Manchester’s canals.

A clinic in London's Soho is facing an inquiry after accidentally disclosing the names and email addresses of hundreds of patients.

Why are London's gay bars disappearing?

The pictures that show London’s disappearing gay scene.

Talking to some of London's biggest drag queens about the scene in 2015.

On London's growing "chem sex" scene. "I had gone out may way to avoid this more extreme fringe of gay sex culture. But eventually I decided to give it a go. My first chill out was at a fancy house in North London. I got there and found five guys ranging from the ages of 20 to 40. They were all good looking, high and not wearing any clothes. Skipping over the vulgar details, I decided to leave at some point the next day."

Did gangster twins Ronnie and Reggie Kray have secret incestuous gay sex?

The British Army claims the number of new gay soldiers is too insignificant to count.

The street drinkers raiding London's hospitals for alcoholic hand gel.

London's Notting Hill carnival 2015, in pictures. More.

Thirty years of Notting Hill Carnival, in pictures.

"Vast social cleansing" has pushed tens of thousands of families out of London.

news - europe

Why Spain is winning the war for the pink pound.

Italy | "there will never be a gay pride in my city," Mayor Luigi Brugnaro of Venice announces.

Poland | Warsaw’s iconic Tęcza rainbow - a LGBT tourism draw - has been decommissioned.

Russia | Moscow Premiere - Russia’s only LGBT film festival - has been canceled after the Kremlin pulled funding.

news - global

El Salvador | Inside the prison the guards are too afraid to enter.

India | Pride in Nepal, in pictures.

Israel | One-third of Israelis are bisexual.

Syria | HIV-positive ISIS militants quarantined, forced to be suicide bombers.

Malawi | Government reaffirms opposition to the decriminalisation of homosexuality, introduction of marriage equality.

Cameroon | Remembering murdered gay equality activist Eric Lembembe.

Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, Togo... Voices from LGBT Catholics in Western Africa.

Nigeria | On growing up gay in Nigeria.

Gambia | Alieu Sarr was jailed and tortured for "aggravated homosexuality". He escaped to Senegal, but he still isn't safe. This is his story.

Africa's children | An African story, told through the lives of 10 children born in 2005. "Back in 2005, the Guardian featured 10 newborns in countries across Africa. Five years later, we returned to talk to them and their parents. Now, a decade after our first report, we revisit them to hear their stories."

Africa's children | A Congolese child's tale: David Lewis Dieumerci at 10 years old. "In 2005, the Guardian featured 10 newborns in countries across Africa. Five years later, we returned to talk to them and their parents. Now we revisit the 10-year-old David in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to hear his story and learn more about the opportunities and challenges he and his family face."

Africa's children | A Ugandan child's tale: Wyclif Kukiriza at 10 years old. "In 2005, the Guardian featured 10 newborn babies in countries across Africa. Five years later, we returned to talk to them and their parents. Now we revisit the 10-year-old Wyclif to hear his story and learn more about the opportunities and challenges he and his family face."

Africa's children | A South African child's tale: Angel Siyavuya Swartbooi at 10 years old. "In 2005, Angel Siyavuya Swartbooi was one of 10 newborns from countries across Africa who were featured in the Guardian. Five years later, we returned to talk to them and their parents. Now we revisit Siya at 10 to hear his story and learn more about the opportunities and challenges he and his family face."

Africa's children | A Malawian child's tale: Innocent Smoke at 10 years old. "In 2005, Innocent Smoke was one of 10 newborns from countries across Africa who were featured in the Guardian. Five years later, we returned to talk to them and their parents. Now we revisit the 10-year-old Innocent to hear his story and learn more about the opportunities and challenges he and his family face."

South Africa | Stories from Manenberg, a Cape Town suburb beset with unemployment, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, crime, and above all, relentless gang violence.

Maldives | Anti-gay crackdown continues with two arrested.

Barbados | Maurice Tomlinson on LGBT equality protests.

Singapore | The city state's ban on HIV-positive visitors has been relaxed, with foreigners with HIV now able to visit for up to three months. But they will still be prevented from working or staying long term.

Australia | Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard U-turns, declares support for marriage equality. (Ed: A bit late in the day...)

Australia | Meet the transgender “Sistergirls” of the Tiwi Islands. "A small remote community in northern Australia has one of the highest concentrations of transgender people in the country and they have fought hard to be accepted." In pictures.

art + design

Beyond ruin porn and rediscovering the rust belt. "Landmark, a new book by photographers J.W. Fisher and J.T. Leonard, takes a look at the post-industrial landscape of America without the clichés."

Interview | Talking to artist Adam Seymour, the author of Wank Bank.

On tommy+alan photography's Men Over 50 project.

Argentina's rural stores, in pictures.

Toronto's Galleria Mall, in pictures.

Carbuncle Cup | London's 20 Fenchurch Street (aka the Walkie Talkie) "wins" the Carbuncle Cup. "The London skyline is dominated by this thuggish comedy villain of a building, which has melted cars and caused winds strong enough to knock people over."

Carbuncle Cup | What the occupants think.

Carbuncle Cup | Should Britain’s "worst building" be demolished?


"Black characters are still revolutionary." Writers on the complexity of race.

James Bond, spy fiction and the decline of empire.

Someone wrote a romance novel where a Nazi officer falls in love with a concentration camp prisoner. A lot of people aren't impressed.

Bants, manspreading and wine o'clock: What's new in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Fifteen common English words that you probably didn't know were still trademarked.

Review | No House To Call My Home: Love, Family, And Other Transgressions, by Ryan Berg. "A very different kind of book, and maybe what’s most impressive about it is how uninterested Berg seems in his own experience of the two years he spends working in the New York foster care system. It’s not that he’s an absent figure, or an unsympathetic one—we see his exhaustion, we follow him home and watch him drink to assuage his frustration, we experience his mounting despair as his efforts seem increasingly fruitless."

Review | I Can Give You Anything But Love, by Gary Indiana. A "marriage of forms — memoir and novel... Moving and it moves, too, especially once it starts to roll to an end, which it does with a well-crafted novelistic pace."

Review | After the Wrath of God: AIDS, Sexuality & American Religion, by Anthony M. Petro. "A cultural history of Christianity in the US through the lens of the beginning of the AIDS crisis."

Read | An excerpt from 1981'a Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Ten novels written under the influence.

Typewriter, you're fired! How writers learned to love the computer.

Gay superhero Midnighter has a sizzling encounter with Dick Grayson in the latest issue of Midnight.

This is a thing in the world: A pornographic Zayn Malik fanzine called Solo.

in the night

Drag queens of the Bible Belt. "Behind the scenes at the 44th annual Miss Gay Arkansas pageant."

picture house

On the premature death of physical media — and the cult home video labels keeping it alive.

Hollywood reboots keep using this lazy trope and it makes their characters look like idiots.

We will not be silent about the Stonewall movie.

Behind-the-scenes of Roland Emmerich's Stonewall.

The official movie poster for Stonewall.

China’s censors approve first gay love story for theatrical release.

Idris Elba "too street" to play James Bond? Get with the times.

Pierce Brosnan champions Idris Elba for James Bond, says “Sure. Why not?” to the possibility of a gay 007.

This James Bond character just came out as gay.

On David Lassman and Jethro Patalinghug's new documentary about the Imperial Court of San Francisco, the oldest surviving LGBT charity organisation in the United States.

On Quentin Tarantino and his distaste for “arty things”.

Fox Searchlight developing a film about Edith Macefield and Seattle’s "Up" House.

The new films that capture LGBT life in the Middle East.

Both Kray twins were bisexual, new documentary claims.

Straight Outta Compton's misogyny controversy, explained.

Straight Outta Compton, and the politics of modern day minstrelsy.

The enduring allure of 90s LA on screen.

The movies of my youth. "On the aftereffects of youthful escapes into movie houses."

The guide to adaptations. "The Perfect Storm, Argo and Dog Day Afternoon — a collection of great articles that became (mostly) great movies."

Sony edited its new movie Concussion to avoid pissing off the NFL.

Is Spielberg rebooting Back to the Future and Jaws?

These Godzilla posters, though.

Six of the biggest box office bombs in movie history.

So bad it’s good: Dirty Dancing, and the limits of nostalgia.

Christina Applegate is Meryl.

The fashions of Cleopatra in cinema.

Review | Beasts of No Nation. "A tale of fear, degradation and abusive dysfunction – a violent and disorientating nightmare with a shiver of Coppola’s Apocalypse Now."

Watch | Umkhungo (Eng: The Gift), about Themba, a young boy whose powers have branded him cursed.

Watch | Naz & Maalik (trailer); Big Eden (trailer); Pretty Boy (trailer); Beasts of No Nation (trailer); and this collection of Back To The Future props...

the box

Why TV is making such strides on LGBT representation — but lagging in racial diversity.

So, are we getting too many new television shows for our own good? And how are TV critics handling peak TV?

Speaking of swill, there's another Shondaland series in the pipeline.

The complete guide to Fall 2015 television. Above, Morris Chestnut in Rosewood.

Think network executives ruin TV? These five examples prove you wrong.

On The Carmichael Show, a family-friendly ’90s sitcom throwback with a stealthy political edge.

Why the BBC would never make Gimme Gimme Gimme today. "They can’t be that risky."

The great British smut-off: Why is there so much innuendo on TV?

GLAAD 2015 Network Responsibility Index, rating LGBT content on fifteen networks during the 2014-2015 TV season that wrapped earlier this year.

GLAAD has discontinued its report on TV’s LGBT characters.

The problem with television isn't the LBT, it's the G.

Nick Jonas on his Kingdom gay sex scenes. "It’s less about romance than it is about human needs."

Deaf meets LGBT in new romantic series Fridays.

How Show Me a Hero captures our political mood.

The graffiti artists of Show Me a Hero.

On the use of Bruce Springsteen in Show Me a Hero.

How TNT’s noir-tinged Public Morals avoids cop drama cliché.

RuPaul's Drag Race Pit Crew God Jason Carter guests on Food to Get You Laid.

To cast Paula Deen on Dancing With the Stars is to condone her racism.

Damon Wayans defends Bill Cosby against rape allegations: "It's a money hustle".

Ten fast facts about EastEnders' legendary silent barmaid Tracey.

Soap killers: Which soap town is the most deadly to live in? "Suffice to say, you might want to stay away from Hollyoaks."

The sexual tension between Ste and Harry reaches boiling point on Hollyoaks...

Hollyoaks showrunner admits mistakes with gay asylum seeker story: "We disappeared up our own arse."

Cold Feet was a classic drama of the 90s – and that's where it should stay. "It was born in a time where Manchester seemed to buzz with sharp-suited women, turn-of-the-millennium optimism and affordable houses in which attractive people would sit drinking red wine out of enormous glasses."

Amazon's new series Hand of God is excruciatingly terrible television. "The top 5 lessons you can learn from a show this mind-bogglingly bad."

Netflix’s Narcos is like a bland guy reading you the Wikipedia entry on Pablo Escobar.

Why was Lifetime’s The Unauthorized Full House Story so boring?

The most ill-advised continuations of classic science fiction and fantasy TV shows.

Mr. Robot, and a visual trick.

Mr. Robot: Why it's the ultimate bait-and-switch.

Will Westworld be HBO's new hit?

Review | Quatermass. "Sci-fi from an era when the genre was young and fearless. These TV series of the good professor’s battles with aliens opened with a plummy warning to ‘those of a nervous disposition’ – there was no softening to make it safe for kids."

Watch | The latest episode of Real American Beauty. "We journey to the pastel-coloured boom town that is Miami... and meet the young Cuban-Americans whose parents came to the US in hopes of living the American Dream."

Watch | Miles + Cal, season 2, episode 201; Fridays, episode 1 - Comedown; new webseries #NoHomo; #3siders, episode 5 - Three Musketeers; new web series I Hate New York, episode 1 - A New York Birthday; Where The Bears Are, season 4, episode 1; Ken - episode 2.5 - Brother 2 Brother; Real Eyes Realize Real Lies, episode 4 - The Most Known Unknown...

beats, rhymes
& life

Inside the last factory that still makes audio cassette tapes.

Queer rappers and sex in hip hop now. "Stereotypically, rap is known in part for its rampant homophobia and wittily vulgar misogyny. So what happens when queer rappers tackle sex?"

Tyler, the Creator banned from entering the UK for 3-5 years over homophobic lyrics.

Tyler, the Creator, meets his match in Theresa, the Home Secretary, head of the UK branch of Banaholics Anonymous. "She can’t stop 330,000 immigrants getting in – but she can certainly stop a rapper."

Sixty music videos that raised LGBT visibility.

Gil Scott-Heron: The revolution lives on. "Political activist, rap pioneer and poet Gil Scott-Heron shaped the sound of today – from Talib Kweli and Kanye West to Kendrick Lamar. His friends and famous fans on why he still matters."

Interview | Talking to Loyle Carner about his awkwardly confessional hip-hop.

Interview | Talking to Theophilus London.

Afropunk 2015, in pictures. Above, Kele Okorie.

Girls' Lena Dunham thinks Justin Bieber’s new song What Do You Mean? promotes rape culture.

Chris Brown gets a giant Venus de Milo tattoo. On his head.

Listen | Major Myjah – Headed For The Dark.

Review | Major Myjah - Trouble EP.

How come nobody cares about Boys II Men anymore?

A leaked email exchange between Drake and Serena Williams.

Watch | Le1f - Koi; and Loyle Carner - Tierney Terrace...


Pro rugby player Sam Stanley comes out.

Why Robbie Rogers is a great role model for gay youth.

This selfie of out gymnast Josh Dixon though.

Why I'm increasingly frustrated with closeted pro athletes.

Sierra Leone sprinter Jimmy Thoronka offered UK sports scholarship. The young athlete absconded from the 2014 Commonwealth games for fear of contracting Ebola at home and ended up sleeping rough in London.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics logo scrapped amid plagiarism claim.

IAAF World Athletics Championships, in pictures.

Rafael Nadal now a fading force after US Open defeat to Fabio Fognini. "The 14-times major winner is no longer displaying his trademark powers of recovery after failing to go past the quarter-finals in any of the slams this year."

The meaning of Serena Williams. "On tennis and black excellence."

Watch | Behind-the-scenes on Tom Daley's 2016 calendar shoot; and watch Rafael Nadal's locker room striptease...


Men who've served in the military can make a killing as escorts.

One night in Kit Kat, Berlin's most notorious techno sex club.

How porn will make money now that we all want it for free.

Porn studios face being sued by viewers for not using condoms if a new California bill - pushed by Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) - is passed.

Interview | Talking to '70s sex God Peter Berlin.

Everything you need to know about the sizzling hot Drae Axtell.

Icon Male director Nica Noelle threatens Str8UpGayPorn's Zach: “You’ll never see it coming, bitch.”

Meet Bel Ami's new twin brothers, Lino and Aldo Belucci.

The hottest sets of gay porn siblings, ranked.

Watch | Sexy teacher Pietro Boselli explains himself (and Computational Fluid Dynamics)...

ghetto romance

Out country singer Steve Grand accepts this adorable U.S. Marine’s invitation to the 2015 Marine Corps Ball.

Grindr, Manhunt, Hornet? Is this life?

hell's kitchen

Cereal out of a shoebox: New York's latest food trend. "A fashion retailer in – where else? – Brooklyn is turning the classic student staple of all-day cereal into a moneyspinner at a minimum $6 a pop."

McDonald's all-day breakfast, explained — and debated.

How do supermarkets tempt you to spend more money?

médecins sans frontières

Truvada PrEP study reveals not a single case of HIV infection occurred over two and a half years.

Buprenorphine reduces HIV-related deaths by 80 percent. So what is it?

Five HIV-positive men give advice to their former selves.

Life with HIV has changed enormously. It’s time public perception followed suit.

How San Francisco is beating HIV.

Simian HIV has been infecting primates for million of years.

Do condoms reduce feeling?

Suicide-risk behaviour patterns identified.

Drinking water won't prevent a hangover.

Too much of a good thing - alcohol, chocolate (even water!) - can kill you. Here's how...

What's the best way to treat lower back pain? Here's what the science says.

Frequent flying seems glamorous, but it comes with serious health risks.

What it's like to go blind.

What science says about meditation.

Can ten minutes of staring make you hallucinate?

Meet Courtney. HIV-positive, African-American and a gay man on government assistance, he's the unseen face of meth use.

betta work!

Construction industry "rife with homophobia".

The Gap is ending on-call schedules. Here's why the practice was making workers miserable.

planet earth

Inside the Washington town surrounded by raging wildfires.

The mothers of all disasters. "Massive hurricanes striking Miami or Houston. Earthquakes leveling Los Angeles or Seattle. Deadly epidemics. Meet the 'maximums of maximums' that keep emergency planners up at night."

tomorrow's world

The terrifying new Windows 10 feature that could "out" kids to their parents.

The Flash backlash continues as Google Chrome blocks videos by default.

Instagram to abandon "square only" format.

Facebook's freebooting problem, explained.

Why Facebook makes your images look like bad, and how to fix it.

Social media’s a trap, but I can’t bear to get out.

Why the Wingdings font exists.

and whilst you're thinking about that, think about this...

Glitter in the woods: A week at "Camp" Camp.

Where are all the plus-size male models?

Watch | Talking to Sergeant Shane Ortega, the first trans man to serve in the U.S. military...

Connor goes to Hollywood. "Chasing stardom in YouTube's crowded universe."

And finally, Walter addresses mental illness in the LGBT community; Andrew takes on the haters; the Baddie Twinz discuss hate in the LGBT community; Rogue "Marbie" Scott gets married; Martin returns (briefly!); and why some gay men queen out with friends and then turn hyper "masc" when they go out?

See you kids next week - it's been emotional! Zee Jai

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