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| ponder on this |

Has the gay community forgotten its poor?

Nakedness in a digital age.

Raúl Alcaraz Ochoa: Why you should help me get gay people out of detention.

Why is the all-male shower scene such a hot button for straight guys?

Pity poor Oscar Pistorius and Ched Evans – their CVs ruined, for ever. "Forgive me for not sympathising with the killer and rapist whose careers might be compromised by their actions."

| america |

Conservatives are already planning new ways to take down marriage equality.

Meet Travis Player and his boyfriend Andres Orozco. They claim they were kicked out of a cab in Houston, Texas, for kissing.

North Carolina high school cancels student production of John Cariani's play Almost due to gay scene.

Seven New Jersey high school boys have been charged with hazing-related sex crimes. The members of Sayreville War Memorial High School football team are accused of restraining, abusing, and inappropriately touching four fellow teammates.

This is Rex Allen Murphy, a Kentucky pastor who claims he can "cure" gay people. He has been charged with raping a 16-year-old boy, who he threatened to kill with "warlock powers" if he told anyone.

The "submissive bear" who had his genitals removed so he could have better sex.

Orlando Pride, in pictures.

The view from 432 Park, the new tallest residential tower in New York City.

The man who built New York City's schools. How a dogged reformer turned around a crumbling, decrepit public school system, creating cathedrals of education that revolutionized life for millions.

New York's rats are absolutely filthy.

Local governments have a huge diversity problem. "By 2050, the white population in America is expected to make up only 47 percent of the population. It could mean a change in the composition of government or not."

Canada is better than America in at least seven ways.

| europe |

United Kingdom: Students hold mass kiss-in at supermarket after gay couple were told to stop being "disgusting".

United Kingdom: Truvada to be rolled out in the UK.

United Kingdom: Why is there still so little diversity in the British media?

United Kingdom: Why we should be worried about Ukip becoming more politically correct. "Masking their beliefs with more acceptable language will help Ukip win more seats, but it may be a double-edged sword for the party."

United Kingdom: Why is there so much hostility to immigrants? "To explain popular racism we have to stop explaining it away, and look instead at the conditions that make sense of it."

France: Plaque unveiled for Bruno Lenoir and Jean Diot, the last men executed for being gay. Read about them here.

France: Someone murdered Paul McCarthy's inflatable "sex toy" tree.

Finland: How Apple is killing Finland.

Italy: Value gay people's "gifts and qualities", the Vatican has decreed...

...It's a small step for the Vatican, a giant leap for the gays.

Italy: Rome's mayor defies the law and recognises the marriages of sixteen gay couples.

Ukraine: Crimea’s gay community moves out as Russian homophobia sets in.

Russia: Police detain eight gay activists at rally.

Kazakhstan: Ad agency loses appeal over gay poster.

Turkey: Gay couple face death threats after staging "symbolic wedding".

| latin america |

Brazil: 26-year-old serial killer Thiago Henrique Gomes da Rocha confesses to thirty-nine murders of gays, women, and homeless people.

São Tomé and Príncipe: Island off Gabon in central Africa has dropped its anti-gay laws.

Cuba: Inside an abandoned movie theatre in Havana, children as young as nine pursue their dream of joining the circus.

| africa |

Kenya: George Gachara, executive producer of Stories of Our Lives, has been arrested for allegedly violating that country’s Films and Stage Plays Act.

Uganda: "Toxic laws" have caused a surge in anti-gay hate crimes, Amnesty International reports.

Nigeria: Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama has flipped from "jail the gays" to "set gays free".

| asia |

Kyrgyzstan: An anti-gay law - which will make it illegal to spread information about "non-traditional sexual relations" - has passed in a landslide vote in the former Soviet country.

India: A 60-year-old married man threw his 20-year-old male lover through a third story window in Hyderabad to his death, after an argument during sex.

Burma: The country's first gay film festival will be held in Rangoon from 12-14 November.

Palau: Tiny island drops anti-gay laws.

Hong Kong protesters remind us why democracy is worth fighting for. "These protests are a reminder of a simple truth. Democracy is a universal right, not a privilege reserved for westerners."

Taiwan: "Christians" protest marriage equality hearing.

South Korea: Seoul's Mayor Park Won-soon wants his country to be the first in Asia to allow marriage equality.

Australia is on the road to a Tea party revolution. "Shirtfronting, Islamaphobia and sweeping national security laws all point to a political culture that’s growing increasingly more extreme."

| middle east |

Egypt: Activists and legal experts have drawn up a guide on how gay people can reduce their chances of being arrested and how to act if they are arrested.

| art & design |

Twenty-five years after Robert Mapplethorpe's notorious The Perfect Moment exhibition, his homoerotic photographs, called obscene at the time, are as politically charged as ever.

Priests strip off again for 2015 Orthodox calendar.

| word! |

Passion of Christ: A Gay Vision, by Kittredge Cherry and Douglas Blanchard, portrays Jesus Christ as a young gay man living in the modern world.

Mausoleum of Lovers: Journals 1976—1991, by Hervé Guibert. "The final effect of Mausoleum is the force of Guibert’s humanity, his wisdom and sometimes, even, a glimmer of his dark-hearted sense of humor. Mausoleum of Lovers also contains a good deal of sadness, as when Guibert writes, 'No longer enough muscles to walk without difficulty in a headwind'.”

Blood Splatters Quickly, a collection of director of the "worst movie ever made" Ed Wood’s fiction.

Ten grammar mistakes people love to correct (that aren't actually wrong).

| at the movies |

Back in 1990, John Waters interviewed Johnny Depp. Here's what was said.

Ezra Miller cast as The Flash, becoming the first out gay star to be cast as a main superhero in a major studio film...

...So, is it a big deal that the actor playing the Flash isn't straight?

Gale Harold (Queer As Folk's Brian Kinney) to play gay again in the new indie film Kiss Me, Kill Me.

"Why doesn’t the America in movies look like the America I live in?” Director Justin Simien on Dear White People and real black narratives on film.

Dear white people: Go see Dear White People.

The fifty best films about writers.

They made a new Poltergeist movie.

Don't miss artist Candice Tripp's paintings of horror cinema’s spookiest houses.

Film review: The Third One. "Intimate and interesting film about love, relationships and sex in the 21st century."

Film review: I’m A Porn Star. "An interesting, entertaining and sexy look into the world of gay porn. I’m A Porn Star focus might perhaps have been sharper, but there are far worse ways to spend 81 minutes."

Film review: Land of Storms. "Not an easy movie to watch, it certainly shines a light on less forward-thinking countries’ attitudes towards homosexuality."

Film review: Helicopter Mom. "It’s sweet, it’s fun, it gets a bit dark."

Film review: Dear White People. "The lead character of the new racial comedy is a black gay college student, yet it’s only until the film’s concluding scenes that his gay identity matters."

Film review: Eternity: The Movie. "A bit of an odd and uneven concoction, but with its ridiculously broad comedy, likeable leads and the heart of its bromance it’s surprisingly fun."

Trailers: Land of Storms, Helicopter Mom, I'm A Pornstar, and Eternity: The Movie.

| the box |

Men in Shorts, a new sitcom, will be based on the experiences of gay pro soccer player Robbie Rogers.

Out comedian Graham Norton discusses self-loathing in the gay community. "The only thing that makes me sad – and Alan Carr is sort of like this too – is that the most stick you get is from gay people."

Out actor Wentworth Miller has joined The Flash as Captain Cold.

Here's the latest gay sex scene from How To Get Away With Murder.

India's MTV series Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan has a gay storyline.

Burt Reynolds kissed a 17-year-old Neil Patrick Harris and made him gay.

Oz, Lost star Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje joins Game of Thrones.

TV review: Doctor Who - Flatline. "Ironically enough - full of depth." (IGN); "Oh, so THIS is what a good version of Fear Her would look like..." (The A.V. Club); "A cleverly creepy premise... The script once again fizzed with knowing playfulness." (Telegraph); "This episode is doing something quietly audacious. Squint at the details, and somewhere around the edges, you realise that what you’re seeing is a litmus paper for the future with a female Doctor." (Cultbox); "Mathieson walks the treacherous tonal tightrope that Doctor Who demands of all its writers with ease here – flitting between laugh out loud humour and unsettling scares with the grace of a veteran scribe." (SFX); "There’s some pretty trippy shit going on in Flatline. People turn into murals. A door handle ceases to exist. Carpet and wallpaper come to life and absorb humans." (Vulture); "The eighth season of Doctor Who is going from strength to strength, and Flatline is the latest in a remarkably solid run of episodes." (Wired)

About Doctor Who being built around a major character arc this year...

They want to bring back Bewitched.

Ever wondered what was on TV on the day you were born?

Talking to Finding Me the Series actor Dustin Fredric Ross.

Talking to Davood Ghadami about playing EastEnders' Kush.

Coronation Street's Simon Gregson (far right) talks about his battles with drink and drugs.

Watch a trailer for the second season of Freefall, and the second episode of Go-Go Boy Interrupted.

| beats, rhymes & life |

Music is disappearing. "Conservators are working to recover old albums that they might have missed their first time around — while trying to find the sounds that need to be archived today."

"You bottom." "No, you bottom!" "But I bottomed last time!" Justin Bieber and friend step out.

Videos: Muscle bears try to find love in MRF's Trying; and Sinéad O'Connor performs Take Me To Church live on Later... with Jools Holland.

| sex |

Confessions of a one-time “porn star”, ten years later.

Four tips for telling your family you're a porn star.

Gay porn blind items.

HustlaBall New York 2014, in pictures.

Talking to Corbin Fisher.

The sixty greatest Falcon Studios porn stars of all time.

So someone else has tried a pointless triple penetration.

Talking to Brent Corrigan.

Talking to BreedItRaw model Seduction.

| arena |

Out WWE star Darren Young has got something to say about ending the bullying faced by gay youth.

Derrick Gordon would have quit basketball if he didn't come out.

Derek Schell, who was openly gay on his college basketball team, on the thirty-two things he learned after coming out as gay.

Ethan Westbrooks, kept by the Rams instead of Michael Sam, not showing much so far this season.

| body, mind & soul |

Is PrEP helping gay men find love across the viral divide?

Ebola's frontlines, in pictures.

How to survive an Ebola plague.

It shouldn’t take Ebola for you to fear disease on cruise ships.

Your dentist may be ripping you off. Here's how to avoid that.

Modern medicine changed the way we die, and not always for the better.

Scientifically, what is the worst way to die?

Twenty-eight everyday struggles when you’re six foot something.

Do you ever feel sad after an orgasm? You're not the only one.

The trouble with dysprosody: When you can't stress words or you can't stress words.

| inside the spaceship |

The tiny box that promises to keep you anonymous on the internet.

Twitpic is shutting down after all.

Snapchat claims it can't afford to keep your photos secure.

How to protect yourself against the internet "Poodle" attack.

How to behave yourself on the internet in 2014.

The Wikipedia story.

The people who are addicted to Google Glass.

| and whilst you're thinking about that, think about this... |

A step by step guide to converting your friends to fandom.

New York Comic Con, in pictures.

And finally, Rogue "Marbie" Scott eyes a dolly; Andrew recalls a thirsty blind date; Walter takes a holiday in Jamaica; and meet Tahj Milan.

Issue 194
13-19 October 2014
On the cover: Jovain Wade, appearing in Doctor Who -Flatline.

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