Issue 192: Barbie Boy, Ken Dahl, Dallas, Diego Lauzen, Luka Magnotta, ebola, favelo Pride, Ferguson, Saeed Jones, and more...

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| ponder this |

Five times the UN resolved, then failed, to end homophobia worldwide.

Racism is so insidious, even black people underestimate it. "Another day, another senseless killing. These days, firsthand experiences with covert racism make defensiveness not just understandable, but warranted."

What I learned protesting in Ferguson.

When did "human rights" become a source of shame?

Inequality really is rising, no matter how you fuss with the data.

Why it takes 13.75 hours of minimum-wage work to earn a Metrocard in New York.

Poverty isn't just about not having much; it's about never knowing how much you're going to have.

Nine fascinating facts about the four hundred richest Americans.

Neoliberalism has brought out the worst in us.

Why are lattes associated with liberals?

Privilege: That’s the only area where private schools excel.

Stephen Fry is wrong about being the only person harmed by his cocaine habit — just look at Colombia. "Cocaine-driven conflict in the country has cost 220,000 lives and displaced about 4.5m people from their homes."

Cyclists v the rest of the world – can we please call a truce?

| america |

Eric Martin spent nine days in hospital after he decided to fight back against anti-gay bullies. Now police are charging him with assault.

Why the Republican Party and gay voters are better together.

Why did a black man get gunned down in Walmart for carrying an unloaded air rifle?

Zimmerman family values. What it's like being related to the most hated free man in America.

Louisiana's wild plan to save itself from global warming.

A gay square dancing convention is stepping its way to New Jersey this month.

White lesbian mother sues sperm bank after birth of biracial baby.

Canada: The murder trial of Luka Magnotta, a former porn actor, has begun. Magnotta dismembered his Chinese boyfriend and sent his limbs to political parties and elementary schools.

| europe |

Great Britain: Truvada is giving peace of mind to gay men in the US – it should be offered here on the NHS now.

Great Britain: Prime Minister David Cameron vows to scrap the Human Rights Act if he is re-elected next year.

Great Britain: Conservative minister Matt Hancock apologises for tweet saying Labour "is full of queers".

England: Why do sixteen percent of Britons think gay sex should be illegal?

England: Gay couple turned away from London house share for not being a "regular" couple,

England: London is hostile, expensive and depressing — but I can't imagine living anywhere else.

England: London is too rich, and too expensive, for its own good.

Great Britain: These brutal new Tories are happy playing Ukip’s game. "David Cameron has sacked the last of the decent old school: the push to the europhobic right is relentless."

Spain: Catalonia passes "world's most pioneering laws against homophobia".

Denmark marks twenty-five years since becoming the first country to legally recognise gay unions.

Germany: British man raped by two men in gay cruising area at Oktoberfest.

Germany: Incest should be legal for consenting siblings, German Ethics Council recommends.

Russia: QueerFest in St. Petersburg "a success" say organisers, despite interference and threats of violence from police and anti-gay extremists.

Russia scraps US student exchange after gay couple adopts teen.

Poland: Straight world-famous boxer Dariusz Michalczewski surprises by emerging as a gay equality advocate.

| latin america |

Mexico: 30,000 bigots march against marriage equality in Coahuila.

Brazil: The number of gay people murdered in the country has now topped 216. Above, João Antônio Donati, who was murdered last month.

Brazil: Gay Pride in the Complexo de Alemao favelo, in pictures. More.

| africa |

Uganda: Inside a Kampala gay bar. "Just as he attends church on Sunday morning, there's another sacred place Nick, a 23-year-old Kampala stylist, flocks to every Sunday night. 'It gives me fuel for the whole week,' he says, standing beer in hand outside an inconspicuous bar, in a red check shirt and jeans."

Uganda: President Museveni backtracks on anti-gay law over fears for the economy.

Uganda: Solomy Bossa Balungi - the judge who struck down the country's anti-gay law - received death threats for her ruling.

Cameroon: Seven arrested on homosexuality-related charges.

Burundi: Man fined, released, following charges that he engaged in illegal "homosexual practices."

Sierra Leone: The reality of Ebola. "Buckets of chlorine in the streets, and no one shakes hands any more."

South Africa: Gay-friendly mosque torched on eve of Muslim festival.

Zimbabwe: Temba Mliswa - a Zanu PF MP - claims "gay gangsters" have infiltrated the ruling party, as part of a plot by the CIA.

| asia |

China: The single biggest misconception Americans have about the red giant.

Hong Kong: Gay activists are on the front line of the protests. "The fight for democracy is a ladder to LGBT equality."

Hong Kong: Protesters block the main street to the financial Central district, outside the government headquarters 29th September 2014.

Indonesia: Amnesty International has criticised Aceh province for passing a law that will punish same-sex relations with 100 lashes of the cane.

Australia: Same-sex marriage bill put on hold.

| middle east |

Egypt: "Solidarity with LGBTs in Egypt" protests to be held 18th October outside embassies worldwide.

| inside the spaceship |

Facebook apologises for the "real name" policy debacle.

Sex and queer culture: Can Ello succeed where Facebook won't go?

What is Ello? It is the social network of your dreams, and that is a nightmare. "The social networks we already have are not giving us what we want. We’re turning to the new thing because it’s new, not because it’s good."

The faceless gods of Google Street View.

Four things you need to know about Windows 10.

Taboola: The internet firm at the forefront of "click-bait".

| art & design |

Live Grindr conversations on public display, as art.

Did you get to the Tom of Finland Art Fair at Echo Park last weekend?

Matt Lambert's Boys of Berlin, in pictures.

The AIDS activist project photography book needs your support to become a reality.

| word! |

Twelve gay poets you should read.

Talking to Saeed Jones about his new poetry collection Prelude to Bruise, art vs. rhetoric, and camp aesthetics.

James Meek has written a book on why Britain doesn't belong to you.

Presented without comment: Condom Meals I Want To Make For You.

| at the movies |

Gay teen documentary Deti 404 (Children 404) violated Russia's "gay propaganda" law, apparently.

How to promote your new DVD: Unleash an army of musclebound Spartans on the London Underground rush hour.

Watch the first trailer for the Aaliyah biopic.

Listen to a new interview with Bette Davis.

Talking to Pride director Matthew Warchus.

DVD review: Lilting. "A quiet, contemplative and moving film, with good performances and an interesting take on living as an immigrant and coming out."

DVD review: Space Station 76. "Space Station 76... is a melting pot of fractured relationships, simmering resentment, and tortured sexuality."

Watch Barbie Boy, a short film about a "seven-year-old boy growing up, discovering his identity and working out what he should be playing with after his dad tells him dolls are for girls and learning to let go."

Trailer: The Third One, directed by Rodrigo Guerrero.

| the box |

Ten TV events to look out for in October.

GLAAD issues record number of "excellent" ratings for TV networks. Above, FX's Chozen.

David and Jason Benham, who were fired by US network HGTV for anti-gay slurs, have compared themselves to ISIS beheading victims.

Access Hollywood wants to know if a gay romance will hurt Scandal's ratings.

TV has more gay characters now, but most of them are white.

What's wrong with The McCarthys. "Chock-full of clichés, the pilot for this new sitcom about a gay Boston man-child is too much of a family affair."

Fox’s multi-cam Mulaney is the normcore of sitcoms.

How Friends ruined TV.

Homeland is still pretty good — it’s just no longer brilliant, and that stings.

TNT has cancelled Dallas after three seasons.

Nine ways the Family Guy/The Simpsons crossover was a blight on humanity...

..."The Simpsons Guy is a lame Family Guy episode that would never be talked about by anyone outside of the series’ core fanbase if it wasn’t also for the appearance of America’s favorite animated family. Family Guy is never going to be as great as The Simpsons, and both shows are aware of that. But The Simpsons Guy is bad for both of them."

The top one hundred Star Trek episodes of all time.

Twelve aliens that look way too much like penises.

| beats, rhymes & life |

Annie Lennox on her legacy, and why Beyonce is "feminist lite".

In defence of Iggy Azalea: on racism, naivety and a twisted cluster of exploitation. "Iggy Azalea is the inevitable product of neoliberal capitalism, and in some ways she is much a victim of it as a culprit."

Listen to Ken Dahl's new single Message, the third from his forthcoming album Delayed Gratification.

| sex |

Former gay porn star Mike Dozer found guilty of child sex, child porn charges.

Diego Lauzen and his boyfriend Wagner Vittoria DP bodybuilder Flex, and it's spectacular.

Flex also found time to jump into bed with Francesco D’Macho for Stag Homme Studios.

Talking to Ashley Ryder.

| arena |

Comedian Aries Spears targets gay lisp joke at Michael Sam.

Talking to gay former NFL player Wade Davis.

Hunting for British American football fans at London's NFL street party.

So this happened on the Australian rugby pitch.

| betta work! |

Nearly two million Americans work multiple part-time jobs to make ends meet.

Listen to sex workers – you'll realise we have a lot to say about labour rights. "Sex workers work because we have needs and desires in life: food, shelter, the everyday costs associated with living. We are members of the communities in which we work and live."

| the human body |

The genesis of AIDS traced back to 1920s Kinsasha.

One in five men are unhappy with their penis size.

Ebola: Fifteen charts, maps, and photos that explain the outbreak.

Ebola: The six biggest myths, debunked.

Ebola: Why it's unlikely to become airborne.

Ebola: How you can - and can't - catch it.

Ebola: Guess what? Measles is nine times as contagious.

| hell's kitchen |

Why are chicken, lamb, pork and beef the "normal" meats?

The problem with home-cooked meals.

The death of the weekly supermarket shop.

| zoo |

Half of the world's wildlife has been wiped out since 1970.

This is what 35,000 walrus' converging on an Alaska beach looks like.

A Japanese zoo has accidentally spent four years trying to breed with a pair of male hyenas.

| planet earth |

We've lost so much Antarctic ice it's causing a dip in Earth's gravity.

Why our environmental obsession with plastic bags makes no sense.

Where have all the flowers gone? "A new report makes for troubling reading: A fifth of all of Britain's plant species are under threat, with some facing alarming declines."

| and whilst you're thinking about that, think about this... |

And finally, Andrew talks about becoming a better person; Rogue "Marbie" Scott invites you into his underwear; Walter wonders why so many black pastors are gay; and 21-year-old twins Adam and Luke Monastero follow up on their coming out story.

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Issue 192
29 September - 05 October 2014
On the cover: Complexo de Alemao favela Gay Pride.
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