Issue 179: Ken Dahl, Diego Lauzen, Kordale Lewis, Sam Smith, Jaden Smith, spornosexuality, Matthieu Chartraire, hustlers, homo thugs, Andy Warhol, and more...

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 Ponder This 

> Pride around the world, in pictures. Right, porn star Diego Lauzen in Rome.

||| What growing up without gay role models taught me about empathy.

||| After marriage equality, what next?

< Why should polyamory be a problem?

||| Why is "bi" so tough to say?

> Breaking the wall of secrecy on the sexual abuse of men by women.

||| Gay tourism worth $US202 billion in 2014.

The metrosexual is dead. Long live the spornosexual. "Second-generation metrosexuality is less about clothes than it was for the first. Eagerly self-objectifying... their own bodies have become the ultimate accessories, fashioning them at the gym into a hot commodity – one that they share and compare in an online marketplace."

||| But is "spornosexuality" an evolutionary step backwards for men?

> The men you will never see on the cover of a gay magazine.

||| Why men avoid growing up.

 U.S. & Canada News 

< Being gay is a bonus for African American men in the workplace, researchers at Princeton University claim.

> This is Christin Howard. He was the victim of an anti-gay attack at Detroit Pride on Sunday. A 16-year-old has been arrested.

||| Big jump in anti-LGBT physical violence, new study shows.

< Back in April, Douglass Casey allegedly raped and robbed a man he hooked up with on Grindr in Philadelphia. He has now been arrested and awaits trial.

> 26-year-old Arthur Michael DeCarvalho claims gay panic defense for the murder of 50-year-old David Elsey, whose head was hit up to 10 times with a hatchet.

< Kordale and Kaleb Lewis say the abuse they received over the picture of them with their daughters brought them closer as a family.

||| Washington D.C. High School defends out principal against Westboro picket.

> Washington D.C. pride, in pictures.

< Salt Lake City Pride, in pictures.

||| Salt Lake City police officer who refused to ride motorcycle at Utah Pride Parade resigns from force.

||| L.A. Pride, in pictures.

> L.A. Pride in West Hollywood, in pictures.

||| Hallmark introduces same-dad Father's Day e-card.

< Virginia police officer D.J. Stalter kisses his boyfriend Mark Raimondo in front of Westboro Baptist Church fruitcakes. They were not impressed.

||| The "United States must be on the front lines" in the fight for gay equality, Hillary Clinton pledges.

||| Republican "ex-gay" activist Jeremy Schwab: I replaced my homosexual feelings with food.

||| Texas Republicans claim "ex-gay" therapy is "legitimate" in draft platform.

> Texas Governor Rick Perry compares homosexuality to alcoholism.

||| A surprising number of Americans want homosexuality to be illegal.

||| Majority of Americans oppose trans people using preferred bathroom.

> Gay sex ban struck down by Alabama appeals court.

< Chicago's longest running gay bar Little Jim's to be sold.

< Looking back at the gay history of Vegas.

||| When did mass shootings become so frighteningly mundane in America?

> This is the Bodyguard Blanket, which has been designed to protect kids during school shootings. Nice.

< AIDS Lifecycle 2014, in pictures.

||| Watch gay equality news clips from the '90s.

 U.K. News 

> Man arrested after spraying 23-year-old in the face with bleach outside London club Lightbox in gay village Vauxhall. Actor CJ de Mooi has offered free theatre tickets to the victims, and police have sent a message of reassurance to the wider community.

< London to get its own rainbow crossing near the historic Trafalgar Square, in time for Pride, Transport for London (TfL) confirms. Gay favourite Brighton has already unveiled its first crossing, the UK's first.

||| Institutions who won't revoke the honours they bestowed upon the anti-gay Sultan of Brunei: University of Aberdeen, Oxford University, and King's College London. Labour MP Diane Abbott says, “If he [Sultan Bolkiah] can be passing legislation like that and remain honoured it almost legitimises what he’s doing and feeds the rising tide of really quite brutally homophobic legislation.”

||| Married Reverend Martin Howard, who preached against same-sex marriage, resigns after having affair.

> Outgoing Labour MEP Michael Cashman has condemned the appointment of Uganda’s anti-gay Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa as the next President of the United Nations General Assembly.

||| Meanwhile, ex-UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan warns Uganda against promoting homophobia at the UN.

Unchallenged by craven Labour, Britain slides towards ever more selfishness. "We need a Labour that reminds the country to care, not one that embraces market values and entrenches inequality."

 Europe News 

> Switzerland: Zurich Pride, in pictures, and the unstoppable march for equality on a continent divided.

< France: Gay magazine Têtu refuses to disqualify Mister Gay contestant Matthieu Chartraire over racist remarks.

||| France: Why Parisians are fired up over their love-locked bridges. "Bridges across the French city of love are groaning under the weight of 'love locks', to the detriment of the architecture and the river – but what's the answer?"

||| Romania: 400 march for gay pride in Bucharest.

< Russia: Just how bad are things in Russia? Worse than anyone thought, it turns out.

 Latin America News 

< Jamaica: Minister urges "help" for gay youth forced to live in storm drain.

||| Jamaica: Maurice Tomlinson on how the land of ‘One Love’ became anti gay love.

||| Jamaica: Male jogger gang-raped in St. Andrew park.

> Jamaica: The Jamaica Observer claims gay men are living openly, under the protection of their "heartless thug" lovers.

||| Dominican Republic: Ban on gay cops and soldiers to stay.

||| Cuba: A brief history of Havana’s gay parties.

< Argentina: This is 26-year-old Ariel Olivera. He was beaten up and left for dead on Sunday, after a night out in Buenos Aires, in a brutal anti-gay attack.

||| Brazil: Rio's city within a city.

 Asia News 

> Pakistan: Gay activists mourn 6 serial killer victims.

||| Philippines: 15 children found working at gay bar in Quezon City.

||| Malaysia: Trans women rounded up by religious police, have their heads shaved, and are jailed in male prison.

||| Singapore: "Worrying" rise in HIV incidence among gay men.

< Australia: 11-year-old boy lobbies rightwing Prime Minister Tony Abbott for marriage equality.

 Middle East News 

||| Iran: Report reveals the extent of youth homosexuality, and the unusual solution.

> Israel: Tel Aviv town hall lit up with rainbow lights for Pride Month.

||| Israel: US embassy in Tel Aviv faces backlash for raising pride flag. 

||| Israel: 80,000 party at Tel Aviv Pride. In pictures. More here. Videos.

 Inside The Spaceship 

||| The unbearable sameness of social networks.

> NASA has designed a Star Trek-style space ship, the IXS Enterprise.

||| Finally, intelligent sliding doors like the ones in Star Trek.

||| Why was the computer never patented?

 Art & Design 

||| Does it matter that arts audiences are white, metropolitan and middle class?

< Andy Warhool porn shots go up for auction.

> New book Hustlers showcases Los Angeles–based artist Eve Fowler's photos of young men plying their trade on the streets of the West Village in New York and Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles between 1993 and 1998.

||| Mitch Kitter and Shalem Mathew lense love in the middle of the U.S.A.

< What Dickensian London really looked like.


||| Why gay literature matters.

||| The fake book that exposed "evil" Amazon's fatal flaw.

||| The Harlem Ghetto: Winter 1948, by James Baldwin.

Looking back at Black Eye magazine.

||| Book review: Playing by the Book, by S. Chris Shirley.

 Shouting In The Night 

< Terrence McNally's gay-inclusive Broadway drama Mothers and Sons posts its closing date.

> Playbill magazine goes rainbow for Pride.

 At The Movies 

< President Obama calls The Normal Heart director Ryan Murphy to tell the director that "he loved the film and found it incredibly moving."

||| Watch The Fight Continues, a short documentary by The Normal Heart's Ryan Murphy about the events leading up to the AIDS crisis:

> Real to Reel: Portrayals and Perceptions of Gays in Hollywood is a new exhibition at the Hollywood Museum, devoted to the portrayal of gay people in film and television. It closes 21st July.

||| Talking to John Waters.

||| Talking to Test director Chris Mason Johnson.

||| How new film Belle, set in the 18th century, demolishes the myth about black people arriving in Britain in the '50s.

||| How Hollywood gave up on the detective story.

||| Ghostbusters and Gremlins at 30: A requiem for the special effects-heavy comedy.

< DVD review: In Bloom. "A nicely observed dissection of a relationship in trouble.

> DVD review: My Last Round. "Involving, romantic and often quite dark."

< Britain's rightwing newspaper the Daily Mail drools over 15-year-old Jaden Smith's "slender torso".

||| 19 reasons young Marlon Brando will ruin you for the rest of the day.

> Don't miss these cool minimalist movie posters.

 Telly Addicts 

||| Channel 5 won’t remove Big Brother contestant Danielle McMahon, who called for "poofs" to be shot.

||| The hosts of YouTube series AsapSCIENCE come out as both gay and a couple.

||| 1980s Doctor Who scripts, props to be auctioned later this month.

||| Why can't we have more "B-T.V."?

< How the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came to dominate ’90s culture.

||| Watch the first episode of new webseries Other Men; the second episode of Rogue "Marbie" Scott's hilarious Drunk Dialers Season 2; insurance firm Allstate's new gay ad; and what if Asians said the stuff white people say?

||| Gays of our lives: The latest from our favourite gays in soaps, with Anthony D. Langford. Right, Finland's Secret Lives.

 Beats, Rhymes & Life 

Talking to Irish singer Hozier, whose video portraying an anti-gay attack went viral last year.

> Why Sam Smith's Stay With Me makes me cry. "A gay man singing about an experience gay men know so well: that hollow, needy feeling after a one-night stand."

||| U.K. X Factor 2012 winner James Arthur dropped from Simon Cowell’s label after anti-gay rant.

< R. Kelly's youngest (known) child, 13 and named Jaya at birth, has come out as transgender, and now goes by the name Jay.

||| Ricky Martin changes words in his 1999 hit She’s All I Ever Had from "she" to "he" during concert.

> Concert review: Pet Shop Boys, Carriageworks, Sydney. "Tightrope walking between pop and art, but ultimately it's all about the music."

< Culture Club reunites.

> 20 years on, looking back at The Prodigy's Music for the Jilted Generation.

||| The 25 most underrated albums of the '90s.

> Freaky Boiz looked hot in Boston on the weekend. Watch them perform live at L.A. Pride, below.

||| Videos: Alaska Thunderf*ck - Your Makeup Is Terrible; Freaky Boiz live at L.A. Pride; Fly Young Red - Yass Bish, and Or Nah, off his upcoming mixtape Pretty Boy Realness; and listen to Ken Dahl's (left) newest tune, Thunder.


||| Attention bottoms! The new "bionic" dildo that allows you to feel things you never felt before.

> Photographer Stuart Sandford has produced portraits of porn star Brent Corrigan to benefit Tom of Finland Foundation.

||| What it's like being a porn star.

||| Why I don’t want condoms: A porn performer’s perspective.

< Former CocoDorm model Pimp is alive and well, despite rumours of his death.

||| Talking to Python.

Talking to Tyson Tyler about that Eurocreme title.

< Looking back at 35 performers of the '80s and '90s.

||| Brent Corrigan has decided he's for hire.


< Leeds rugby player Zak Hardaker will not appeal a 5-match ban he was handed after calling another player a “fucking fag”...

...But his coach has jumped to his defense. "From the outset, our club has always had a stance against any form of discrimination. We actually had a week designated to the Lesbian, Gay and Trans-gender organisation and Zak Hardaker and Kallum Watkins were the cover boys on that. Zak fully accepts the punishment that’s been handed out to him. From the outset, he’s shown remorse and realised the error of his ways."

||| Michael Sam signed by St. Louis Rams on four-year, $2.65 million contract, becoming the first openly gay man drafted by the NFL.

< WWE Legend Pat Patterson comes out as gay.

||| Twenty years after infamous Bronco chase, O.J. Simpson is still a mystery.

 The Human Body 

> New research shows creating HIV-resistant cells may be possible.

||| Men who have sex with men are being ignored by mainstream media reporting on HIV.

||| Smartphone hook-up app users are more likely to contract sexually transmitted infections.

||| Bill Gates is behind new generation of skin-like super thin condoms to fight AIDS.

||| Life without sex – it's better than you think.

||| The mites that live on your face, and come out to have sex at night.

||| Did male faces evolve to take a punch?

||| Air pollution linked to autism and schizophrenia.

||| 7 weird and terrible effects of sleep deprivation.

||| People who say "like" all the time may be deeper thinkers.

 Planet Earth 

||| El Niño is coming.

||| Earth's underground oceans have three times more water than the surface.

< The growing problem of plastic in our oceans.

||| Rats feel regret.

THE BIG PICTURE: Sea lions on the Palomino Islands, near Peru, 10th June 2014.

 And Whilst You're 
 Thinking About 
 That, Think 
 About This 

||| And finally, Walter on accepting yourself; Rogue "Marbie" Scott and Andrew say, "Let's talk about sex!; and why Davey Wavey objects to hand jobs.

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Issue 179
09-15 June 2014
On the cover: Gay porn supercouple Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria at Rome Pride 2014.
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