Issue 177: Khali Best, Ken Dahl, Bruno Gmünder, Finding Me, Maya Angelou, Louis Smith, Sam Smith, Stormé DeLarverie, Detroit, The Normal Heart, UKIP, and more...

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 Ponder This 

||| Are we ready for HIV's sexual revolution?

< 14 black gay couples who shut down all those bitter black gay critics of interracial relationships.

||| Is libertarianism the best friend of queer communities? "Libertarianism is often criticised for being the politics of the straight white male. But does it actually offer LGBT people freedom the state can't deliver?"

||| How to end the college class war. "Between social networks, easy majors and rich parents, the new student elite is destined for success before they hit their first kegger."

||| Straights "want to wash" after contact with gays.

||| When did we start saying "blah, blah, blah"?

 U.S. & Canada News 

< Meet Nasir Fleming, a gay male student at Danbury High School in Connecticut, and he's just won the title of prom queen. He said, "My main reason for wanting to win prom queen is to show the school, and hopefully the world, that if a spunky, odd gay kid can win prom queen, then anyone can!"

> This is Collin Dewberry and his boyfriend Kelley Williams. They were ejected from Big Earl's Bait House and Country Store in Texas for "touching legs".

< High school teacher Derrick Nesby charged with intentionally transmitting HIV to a 16-year-old make student. Watch the report here.

||| RuPaul responds to transphobic accusations: "I've been a 'tranny' for 32 years. The word “tranny” has never just meant transsexual."

||| The fight over the use of a transgender slur is becoming a divisive topic — at what cost?

> President Obama declares June Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month.

||| Las Vegas bets big on gays.

||| Less than half of Americans think people are born gay.

||| Marriage equality will destroy the Republicans.

||| US Census Bureau is counting same-sex marriages for first time.

||| Houston passes bill making it illegal to discriminate against gay, transgender people.

> Westboro Baptist Church to picket funeral of "fag enabler" Maya Angelou.

||| Topeka, home of the Westboro "God Hates Fags" Baptist church, passes gay equality laws.

||| Historic gay sites to get national landmark status.

< Stonewall veteran Stormé DeLarverie is dead at 93.

||| The extreme misogyny of "pick-up artist" hate.

< The short, unhappy life of Jeremiah Oliver, failed by all.

||| California's sex offender register "is too big", doesn't work.

||| Modern-day slavery in America's prison workforce.

||| The new face of heroin in America: 23-year-old white women.

> The cost of dealing with Detroit's abandoned and crumbling buildings.

||| Why it's time for the U.S. to use the metric system.

||| CANADA: Immigration officials reject visa applications of 10 gay Ugandan rights activists, fearing they will try to seek asylum once they are in the country for WorldPride 2014.

 U.K. News 

< Joshua (pictured) and Rhys share their stories about being bullied at school for being gay. It's part of a new campaign, launched by the Crown Prosecution Service, which includes a resource pack for teachers, lesson plans and a DVD.

||| Conservative, UKIP MEPs refuse to sign gay equality pledge.

> "Nasty gay" Brian Coleman - infamous for attacking firemen and defenceless women - has lost his council seat. The Conservative once described marriage equality as a "silly" and "dreadful" piece of legislation.

||| Nick Griffin, leader of the far right British National Party, has lost his seat in the European Parliament. Griffin once described gays as "really creepy".

< Gay UKIP MEP David Coburn claims marriage equality “breeds homophobia” and that civil partnerships “should be enough”.

> Michael Cashman - one of Britain’s leading gay politicians - has retired from the European Parliament after 15 years.

||| Slovakian parents lose fight to stop UK gay couple adopting their sons.

 Europe News 

||| The continent for every type of unhappy. "European union is meant to provide better lives – a means, not an end. It is now clear the old politics is no longer the answer."

<  Meet the EU's new breed of bigoted MEPs.

||| Far-right Euroskeptics are endangering gay equality in Europe and beyond.

> SPAIN: Pride in Gran Canaria, in pictures.

THE BIG PICTURE: Sub-Saharan migrants scale the fence that divides Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Melilla, 28th May 2014. Several hundred African migrants charged the barbed-wire border fence, with many managing to get across while dozens of others were beaten back by Moroccan and Spanish police.

< FRANCE: Why Paris is the worst place ever.

||| FRANCE: Nightmare neighbours. Behind the chic facades of French apartment blocks.

||| SWEDEN: The group of militant socialists who aim to crush fascism by any means necessary.

||| GREECE: Anti-gay extreme-right Golden Dawn party gains European seats for the first time.

||| TURKEY: What are we to make of the government's plan for gay only prisons?

> RUSSIA: Police arrest activists at Moscow gay pride rallies.

||| RUSSIA: Moscow Club Central Station to reopen.

 Latin America News 

< BRAZIL: Child sex shame of World Cup host: Kids high on drugs sell themselves for the price of a cup of coffee.

 Africa News 

> ZAMBIA: The verdict in the trial of Philip Mubiana and James Mwape, who have now been held in custody on homosexuality charges for over a year, has been further delayed.

||| GHANA: Muslim youths in Accra lynch gay man, hunt down his lover.

||| NIGERIA: Why focussing on gay equality alone isn't enough to make a change.

||| UGANDA: Report exposes large rise in violence since anti-gay law passed.

< KENYA: This is 20-year-old Flexx Amollo, a young gay men who committed suicide in the city of Kisumu.

||| KENYA: Rich Kenyans are injecting themselves with black market creams to become white.

 Asia News 

||| Why the Pacific islands are no gay paradise.

||| KOREA: Seoul pride parade to defy official disapproval after ferry tragedy.

THE BIG PICTURE: Subway passengers are herded for a security check in Beijing, 27th May 2014.

||| JAPAN: Why are so many men refusing to leave their rooms?

< SINGAPORE: Lawrence Bernard Wee Kim San loses first of its kind workplace discrimination court case.

||| AUSTRALIA: Why I chose to quit my job in Aboriginal child protection. "The forced removal of our children continues today in unacceptable numbers. This Sorry Day, we have to say no to ongoing Stolen Generations."

 Middle East News 

||| ISRAEL: Steep rise in HIV infection rates among gay men.

||| EGYPT: What's behind the recent crackdown on the gay community?

 Inside The Spaceship 

||| Google sets up "right to be forgotten" form after EU ruling.

||| How to stop your smartphone getting you arrested.

> What is Facebook's problem with "faggots"?

||| Why Apple is buying Dr. Dre’s Beats for $US3 billion...

...Because "music is dying. It hasn't been growing. You see it in the number of artists. This past year in iTunes, it's the smallest number of new releases we've had in years."

< Google is building real self-driving cars without a steering wheel or pedals.


> Bruno Gmünder, Germany's largest gay publishing house, has filed for insolvency following the collapse in book sales.

< Kordale Lewis - the hot daddy who turned heads (and turned a few preconceptions on their heads) - has written a memoir.

||| Maya Angelou is dead at 86. A tireless civil rights activist, Angelou served as the Inaugural Poet at President Bill Clinton's inauguration in 1993, marking what many believe was the first instance of the word "gay" being spoken at a presidential inauguration.

||| Remember Maya Angelou and her ability to inspire with these 9 quotes.

||| Read The Art if Fiction, a 1990 interview with Maya Angelou published in The Paris Review.

< John R. Gordon's writer's diary: Is this pregnancy viable? "Okay, so one way I really used to go wrong, and a way I notice a lot of writers go wrong when they’re starting out, is by insisting on dragging the pregnancy to term despite having learnt along the way that the art-foetus has terminal defects. If the unfortunate result isn’t stillborn it goes on to expire by inches after any amount of painful surgical interventions post-partum."

||| Book review: In a New Century: Essays on Queer History, Politics and Community, by John D’Emilio. "A warm and generous sharing of an elastic intelligence in a provocative and engaging stroll with an illumined guide."

> Rediscovering early gay literature.

 Shouting In The Night 

||| Here's a teaser for new comedy show, Go-Go Boy Interrupted, from comedian Jimmy Fowlie.

< What's gay off-Broadway? Left, The City of Conversation.

 At The Movies 

||| The media forgets that AIDS is still an epidemic, but Hollywood doesn't. "The Normal Heart is a damning indictment of our government's negligence."

> Robert Maxwell lenses The Normal Heart couple Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer for W magazine.

||| Film review: The Normal Heart. "It would take a masterful filmmaker to navigate Kramer’s polemic towards great art... but TV mogul Ryan Murphy’s sincerest directorial efforts aren’t good enough. Years spent manipulating the zeitgeist in unsubtle shows like Nip/Tuck, American Horror Story, Glee (and lousy films like Eat, Pray, Love) have given Murphy trite habits. His agenda has been to always use gay sexuality as a tease and a provocation (as in the opening’s Fire Island nudity and casual sex."

||| Film review: The Normal Heart. "Always at its best when it completely loses its decorum and turns hysterical. Which is why Ryan Murphy, who we can all surely agree is prone to excess, seemed like either a dangerous choice or a special one in the director's chair. Turns out this is his most restrained outing but restraint is a really weird fit. The material stubbornly sparks back to life here and there anyway."

||| Two generations of gay men share reactions to The Normal Heart.

||| The Normal Heart watched by 1.4 million viewers, making it the fifth most-watched HBO film since 2010.

||| HBO is developing a 1960s gay rights drama.

< Upstairs Inferno is a new film documenting the worst mass killing of gay people in U.S. history.

||| Gay miners’ strike film Pride wins Queer Palm award at Cannes.

> Bridegroom KickStarter supporters left in the dust after film's success.

< Harry Hamlin didn't work in the movies again after appearing in early '80s film Making Love, in which he played a gay man in an affair with a married man.

||| Robert De Niro on his gay father: "I wish we had spoken about it much more".

||| X-Men director Bryan Singer accuser had close ties with separate alleged attacker.

Help build Hollywood's science fiction museum.

Everything you never knew about the making of cult sci-fi picture Escape From New York.

||| Grace Kelly: A life of glamour, privilege and ultimately, tragedy.

||| Why do all the best movie villains have to be men?

||| 8 legendary deleted movie scenes you’ve never seen.

< The 25 most underrated movies of the 2000s.

||| You were warned about Beyonce. Now it might be too late. God help us all.

 Telly Addicts 

||| The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine counts down the most popular stories of the last five decades of the series, as voted for by readers of the magazine.

< The cast of The Wonder Years reunited, in pictures.

Gays of our lives: The latest from our favourite gays in soaps, with Anthony D. Langford. Left, Forbidden Love.

> Khali Best suspended from flagship BBC soap EastEnders.

||| Piers Morgan, Joey Barton and UKIP on Question Time: It's a festival of c**ts.

||| 10 years on: Looking back at Friends.

||| Here's the new poster for True Blood's forthcoming final season.

||| Angela Bassett to direct Whitney Houston T.V. movie.

< Watch the first minisode from Finding Me the Series second season, Always Watching. Find out more about the new season here.

 Beats, Rhymes & Life 

||| Anti-gay reggae artist Queen Ifrica axed from concert line-up in New York for hate speech.

> Justin Bieber donates a cool $US540,000 to AIDS research charity amfAR.

< Rising star Sam Smith comes out.

||| Queen to release unheard tracks of Freddie Mercury by the end of the year.

||| Sound experts agree: Beats by Dre aren't anything special.

> We're longtime fans of Ken Dahl (he was Issue 155's cover star) here at kaos, and his latest release - Fluctuates - demonstrates why the cutey from New York is one to watch. Listen to it now, it's gorgeous.

||| Videos: Mykki Blanco - She Gutta; Hervé & Zebra Katz - Tear The House Up; Stereogamous and Shaun Wright - Sweat; Pentatonix - Love Again; and The Police vs Grime Music, a new documentary that does what it says on the tin.


< The Grabbys, 2014 winners. Pictures here, here, here, here, and here.

> Cover story: Lucas Entertainment's latest, Adam Killian's Ultimate Bareback Orgy, recreates what I imagine the pre-AIDS '70s sexual free-for-all was like. Viewed alongside studio owner Michael Lucas' recent u-turn on the use of condoms in his movies, and his editorials on rethinking "safe sex", it feels like a statement: The AIDS crisis is over, and we can do what we want now. Was the last 30 years just a bad dream? Is the war over? Or are we, once, again, sleepwalking into disaster?

||| When gay porn clichés fail to translate.

||| How gay porn stars get through a scene with someone they aren’t attracted to.

Talking to Trey Turner.

> Rio, Bam Bam and Seduction sizzle in Breed It Raw's latest.

> Life-size sex dolls for gay men, anyone?


||| Olympic Luger John Fennell comes out as gay.

||| Olympic gymnast Louis Smith covers Attitude magazine...

< Here are pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo stripping on the pitch.

Does anyone want to host the 2022 Winter Olympics?

 The Human Body 

||| Pornographer Michael Lucas on why Larry Kramer needs to stop an outdated condoms-only prevention campaign.

||| Is Truvada the pill of our time?

||| The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) new ad campaign endorse preventative HIV medications like Truvada. Watch:

> Watch a 1983 Today interview with Larry Kramer about the new virus that was killing gay men. They didn't know what was coming.

||| How to come out as HIV-positive.

||| Society has become "supremely arrogant" in ignoring the importance of sleep, boffins warn.

||| Are bright bedrooms making us fat?

How common is skin pigment condition vitiligo?

||| Should men shave their faces up or down?

 Planet Earth 

||| The nations guaranteed to be swallowed by the sea.

||| California's drought is driving up food prices — but it can still get worse.

||| Why do people want to ban microbeads?

> Boffins discover new species of fish that looks like a...

||| Now the antibiotic-resistant super bacteria MRSA is targeting dogs.

||| Goldendoodle, puggle or Jackhuahua? The strange profusion of portmanteau dog names.

 And Whilst You're 
 Thinking About 
 That, Think 
 About This 

> Gay bar ads from 1969. I wonder what happened to the guys who visited these places...

||| McDonald's is to add lab-grown chicken to its menu.

||| Genericide: Brands destroyed by their own success.

||| Is a signature still useful?

||| And finally, America's Best Christian Mrs. Betty Bowers addresses Jesus H. Christ School for Boys; Rogue "Marbie" Scott comes amongst us to ask the difficult question; Andrew reviews boy pussy; and lastly, two guys and a pup.

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Issue 177
24-31 May 2014
On the cover: Adam Killian's Ultimate Bareback Orgy.
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