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||| The gay couples who choose to say "I don't".

||| Why does holding hands still spell disaster?


> Meet Brian Stewart, who claims a college fraternity rejected him for being gay.

< This is Jeremy Jarnell Anderson, who police discovered covered in blood and screaming, whilst his apartment was also covered in blood, bleach and "other substances". He threw furniture out of the window at the officers, claiming a "possessed homosexual demon" was performing sex acts on him.

< Steven White and Matthew McCrea are suing a Chicago taxi firm after one of their drivers attempted to put them out of his cab in a storm and on an expressway after they shared a kiss.

||| Illinois pastor Paul David Rodgers says gay parents are like 5-year-olds trying to drive cars.

||| Christians are being bullied by anti-hate speech laws, claims anti-gay conservative Dave Daubenmire.

||| Hallmark defends de-gaying Deck the Halls carol, but subsequently apologises.

> New York City's Ali Forney Center is bouncing back, one year on from Hurricane Sandy.

||| But gay youth in the bible belt need our help too.

||| Actors posing as gay couple in Alabama and Mississippi get surprising reactions.

The South Mississippi gay bars that

< Is Skittlez, Augusta's only black gay club, being singled out by police? It faces closure for admitting an underage patron.

||| The last gay bar in Pasadena.

||| It's time to end corporate welfare for McDonald's. "Fast food workers are often on government assistance. The best solution, despite GOP resistance, is to raise the minimum wage."

||| New York's perfect storm of inequality in wealth and housing.

> Is the new World Trade Center New York's biggest eyesore? Banksy thinks so.


< Heartbreaking: Mark Fear decided he couldn't face life alone when his partner - the former BBC newsreader Kenneth Kendall - died in December last year, and so killed himself rather than go on alone.

||| Peter Tatchell disrupts a concert by Russian conductor Valery Gergiev's at The Barbican in London; Gergiev is a friend, ally and supporter of Vladimir Putin.

||| Peter Tatchell blasts Stonewall as "selfish and self-centred" for not supporting straight civil partnerships.

> Radical lesbian feminist, campaigner and Holocaust survivor Sharley McLean is dead. She was 90.

||| SCOTLAND: David McNally - a teacher who told students "Hitler wasn't all bad, he killed the gays" - has been struck off.


||| RUSSIA: Moscow authorities bans tribute to gay victims of Nazi Germany.

||| GERMANY: Germany to become the first country in the world to allow babies to have no gender.

< ITALY: Candlelit vigil held for gay student who killed himself. In pictures.

||| IRELAND: Marriage equality to go to the public vote.


||| JAMAICA: A good-hearted mother has taken to feeding the homeless gay men who police burned out of their home.

< JAMAICA: Gays are taking over New Kingston and are harrassing straight men. Apparently. Picture via.

> CHILE: The four killers of gay 24-year-old Daniel Zamudio handed sentences of between seven years and life.


< ZAMBIA: Phillip Mubiana and James Mwape face trial by ambush as their nightmare continues.

||| ZAMBIA: Trial of gay equality activist Paul Kasonkomona resumes.

> KENYA: The refusal to register National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (NGLHRC) is set to become a legal showdown between activists and anti-gay forces. The organisation's deputy Denis Nzioka breaks it down here.

||| CAMEROON: Ten more victims of anti-gay laws, torture.

||| BOTSWANA: Is the deportation of gay foreigners - and arrest of locals - planned by government officials?

> NIGERIA: How Funmi Iyanda - Nigeria's top straight TV host - risked and lost everything for gay visibility.


> VIETNAM: Hundreds rally in Hanoi for marriage equality.

< TAIWAN: Here's some video from last weekend's Taipei Pride, which saw tens of thousands march for equality.

> AUSTRALIA: Aboriginal Australian boxer Anthony Mundine says homosexuality is incompatible with Indigenous culture in reaction to a gay Aboriginal character appearing on TV.

||| AUSTRALIA: The so-called "gay panic" defense could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to proposed legislation.

||| AUSTRALIA: Why I turned down an Australia Day award. "Australia Day is a celebration of an invasion which resulted in the ethnic cleansing of Aborigines. To participate would be to abandon the continuing struggle of my people."

||| AUSTRALIA: The draconian refugee policy is built on myths. "Far from being beseiged by boat people, Australia only takes in 1.47% of the world's asylum seekers. It's time we looked at the facts."


> Are humans hardwired to detect snakes?

||| Dogs communicate different feelings with right or leftward tail wagging, boffins discover.

||| Our planet is splitting apart. Here's where.

||| Unprecedented warming uncovered in Pacific depths.

||| The UN adopts official guidelines for protecting Earth from asteroids.

< Turning Detroit into farms and forests.


||| Revolutionary monkey HIV studies may hold the key to the end of virus.

||| Gonorrhoea cases among HIV-positive gay men continue to rise.

||| The five biggest dating questions from HIV-positive gay men.

> OMG! Everyone looks hotter with their friends.

||| Going into space accelerates the aging process.

||| The scientifically best time to drink coffee.

||| What is human skin for?


||| Is Facebook's grip on teenagers slackening?

||| Why is broadband more expensive in the US?

||| People living under repressive regimes will soon be able to access the web using the internet connection of friends in censorship-free countries.

What happens to wind turbines in a storm?

||| The Federal Aviation Administration relaxes rules on electronic devices on flights.


||| The first American museum exhibition devoted to the art of Bob Mizer (1922–1992) and Touko Laaksonen, aka "Tom of Finland" (1920–1991), has opened at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA). In conjunction, MOCAtv has produced a short film about the Tom of Finland foundation:

< Be sure to check out Homo History, Jeffrey Gent's collection of vintage photos of gay couples.

> Photographer Hannah Price's subversive photos of the men who catcall her.

||| The truth behind some famous photos.

||| Step back in time to the New York City during the 1980s...


||| Think they're cheaper? e-books cost you more than hardcopies.

< Colour Scheme author John R. Gordon's writer's diary: Marks on the spirit-skin.

||| Marvel Comics writer Al Ewing will write Thor's brother as a gender bending bisexual in the upcoming series Loki: Agent of Asgard.

> Here's another look at Universal Hunks: A Pictorial History of Muscular Men Around the World, 1895-1975, the new book from David L. Chapman.

< Book review: Boys, An Anthology, edited by Zach Stafford and Nico Lang. "From kidnappings to sex changes, gay twins and homelessness, this anthology offers insight into many unknown, unanticipated and, on the surface, unrelatable experiences."

> Book review: The Suiciders, by Travis Jeppesen. "The story of seven young men 'permanently in their late teens.' Zach, Lukas, Adam, Matthew, Peter, Arnold, and Taylor are outsiders squatting together in abandoned house in an unnamed American suburb. They decide to take a 'road trip to the end of the world,' a conceit from which the title is drawn and on which the plot is constructed."

< Book review: White Girls, by Hilton Als. "One of the things you should know about the title of Als's book is that the white girls are not all girls and not all white. White girls is a trope and a meme. It's the antecedent to black men in white America."

||| Ten old letter-writing tips that work for emails.


> Doug Spearman (Noah's Arc) starts shooting Welcome, Sinners. The film stars fellow Noah's Arc refuge Darryl Stephens as a guy with a history of getting involved with married men. It needs funding - you can help!

||| Four black gay men in Hollywood you need to know.

||| Why I'm going to see Ender's Game...

...Orson Scott Card - the film's anti-gay author - boasts that criticism of his work boosts his sales.

||| Why you should watch Dallas Buyers Club.

AIDS, Interrupted. Is it decades of distance that now allows Hollywood studios to tackle the topic? Left, the forthcoming Test, set in "the panic-drenched" San Francisco of 1985.

||| Ukraine film festival targeted by anti-gay protesters complaining about "gay propaganda".

||| There's a new trailer for Pier Kids: The Life, the new film centred on the struggles of homeless gay youth of colour in New York City. Kids is still working on funding, and you can help by visiting its Kickstarter page.

||| Also seeking funding is Michael Lucas' documentary Campaign of Hate: Russia and Gay Propaganda. Here's a completed Lucas film: Undressing Israel: Gay Men in the Promised Land.

> Here's a first look at John Lithgow and Alfred Molina in Love Is Strange, the follow-up to Ira Sach's Keep The Lights On.

||| Thirteen things you (might) not know about Poltergeist.

< Rosemary's Baby nearly had Joan Crawford in it.

||| Trailers: Lego: The Movie; and Pier Kids: The Life.


> DTLA: Sex, love and Los Angeles: Your new favourite show has arrived.

||| Watch Darryl Stephen's deleted DTLA sex scene.

||| Sean Hayes thinks he owes gay people an apology for coming out "late".

||| Neil Patrick Harris speaks of private right to come out as gay on own terms.

||| The lost world of watching TV on a TV. "The fact we're all streaming shows on devices not only makes the TV a defunct piece of furniture; it's the end of a shared culture."

< The BBC publishes a survey into what gay audiences in Britain are watching; Vicious and Splash! come out on top for gay men.

||| But could the revelation that gay audiences like Vicious and Splash! risk perpetuating gay stereotypes?

||| Truckers and Chicago Fire: a lesson in bad T.V.

||| The problem with rebooting very recent TV shows.

||| Homeland has no end in sight, and I'm throwing in my cards. "I consider it a personal failing not to slog to the bitter end of a story, but as series three drags on, this habit of perseverance must reach its conclusion."

> Teen Wolf's Carver twins Max and Charlie look awfully pretty for Halloween, whilst former Noah's Arc star Darryl Stephens turned on the sexy.

Posters, interviews released to promote the forthcoming Doctor Who origins drama An Adventure In Space and Time.

||| Gays of our lives: All the latest gay soap developments from around the world, from Anthony D. Langford.

||| Coronation Street's new outdoor set is nearly finished.


||| Steve Grand defends making song about gay falling for straight guy.

||| Girls now fantasise about One Direction being gay, according to Union J singer Jaymi Hensley.

> Former Bad Boys Inc. singer David Ross on the "dark" days of 1993: "I was told not to walk down Old Compton Street in Soho because there were ‘rumours’ about me and I was told not to flick my hair on TV because it looked gay."

< A haggard-looking Chris Brown goes to rehab after punching a man in the face, allegedly saying, "I'm not into this gay shit, I'm into boxing."

||| The boring, redundant misogyny of Eminem's Love Game.

Watch London boy Mali Michael's new video Wild Things.

||| Videos: Gay singer-songwriter Brendan Velasquez's Things That Go Bump In The Night; Bishop Nehru - Exhale; Detroit collective Clear Soul Forces' Continue; and pretty boy T.I. is back with The Way We Ride.


||| Why did popular gay porn blogger Zachary Sire leave The Sword? He breaks it down in a post on his own site. "The porn industry is imploding. Some might say that it already imploded a long time ago, and that the only people left trying to make a go of it are too stubborn or dumb to realize that they should have quit five years ago when they were still putting their money into DVDs and print ads. With the exception of a few creative entrepreneurs, the industry is all but dead."

||| Maybe someone should tell Bel Ami, who have powered on with their twenty-four man orgy. Bareback, of course - 'cos that'd be a lot of burning rubber, otherwise... More pictures here.

||| Two of our favourite porn stars - Diego Lauzen and Marco Rubi - looking cute (above righton the Prague set of Kristen Bjorn's latest feature.

Talking to Hoody LaVaye.

Talking to Elan Jones.

||| Talking to Brent Corrigan.

Behind-the-scenes on NakedSword's forthcoming feature Cheaters, starring Tyson Tyler.


> Queer Nation protests US Olympic team event in Times Square.

< Meanwhile, All Out hired three trucks to circle Sochi sponser Coca-Cola's global headquarters in Atlanta.

||| Damage limitation in full force as Russian President Vladimir Putin declares gays are welcome at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

||| "Gay Olympics" planned to take place in Russia after Sochi.

< British Olympic diver Jack Laugher poses for Attitude magazine, backs zero tolerance for gay hate in sport.

> Fellow Olympian - and Celebrity Big Brother star - Ashley McKenzie has meanwhile stripped off for a new calendar.

||| Gay gymnast Kalon Ludvigson - who was paralysed after landing on his neck last summer - is making progress.

||| Australia's Newcastle Knights rugby club distances itself from anti-gay Ryan Stig's rant.

THE BIG PICTURE: A jogger runs in Piedmont Park, Atlanta, 14th October 2013.


||| Twenty cemeteries you need to visit before you die.

||| The ten worst airports in the world.

< This fortress is virtually indestructible - and transforms instantly into a dream home.

||| The world is facing a global wine shortage.

||| Why the $US110 billion gift card industry must die.

||| Stanford University's orgy of interclass kissing.

||| And finally, Rogue "Marbie" Scott discusses gay cannots; Andrew has a near death experience; Walter opens up on why he's so "obsessed" with HIV; and Qaadir says, "be the change".

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