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< Brendon Ayanbadejo gets naked for NoH8.

||| Prime timers: A new age for activism. "From authors and actors to artists and activists, these 25 LGBT prime timers are still on the front lines in the battle for equality and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon."

||| A survival guide for activists, from Maurice Tomlinson.

||| Today's pygmy protesters are no heirs to Martin Luther King. "From badgers to fracking to Occupy, these anti-democrats are deluded to believe they're courageous rights activists. King's heirs are not those who move from one fashionable cause to another."

||| Pride and protest, in pictures.

> Gay twins Gary and Larry Lane (of the award-winning documentary Hollywood to Dollywood) share their personal bullying story.

||| What it's like to live on minimum wage in the US.

< Willietta Dukes: "I can't support myself on $7.85 at Burger King."

||| If you have to tell your kids this stuff, then you probably aren't a white person.

What drives a young man to violent crime?

||| Rape is about power, not sex.

||| Selfies at Serious Places: a breach of selfie etiquette?


< This is Mary Gowans, a North Carolina woman accused of having her 12-year-old son beat up his 15-year-old brother to "cure" his sexuality.

||| Gays should just stop "whoring around" and marry women, Republican Senator William Sharer believes.

||| President Barack Obama mentions gays as he marks 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King speech: "If one of us is not free, then none of us are truly free".

> The personal life of Bayard Rustin.

< Darren Manzella, the former Army sergeant who fought Don't Ask, Don't Tell, is dead. He was 36. Manzella was killed on a highway on Sunday when a sports utility rear-ended his car, which he was pushing, pinning Manzella between the two vehicles. Compounding the tragedy, Manzella had just celebrated his two-month wedding anniversary with husband Javier Lapeira.

||| US retailer Walmart is to extend health benefits to same-sex partners of its U.S. and Puerto Rican employees - but its symbolism won't pay the bills.

> CANADA: Why it was right to cancel taxpayer-funded Jamaican hate.

||| CANADA: Church sign goes viral.


||| Anti-gay hate is still rife in the UK, a report by campaign group Stonewall has found.

||| The return of Section 28: Why some UK schools have banned "promoting" gay issues.

< The Out And Proud Diamond Group protests murder of Jamaican teen Dwayne Jones in London outside Jamaica's High Commission. In pictures.

> Artist David Hockney's assistant Dominic Elliott died after drinking drain cleaner, inquest hears. The 23-year-old was also high on ecstasy and cocaine at time.

< This is 28-year-old Ritchii Kara, a drag queen from Brighton who has been diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), the human form of Mad Cow Disease. Doctors have told him he has just 14 months to live.

||| Is art to blame for gentrification? "The Evening Standard loves it, naturally. A recent piece extolling 'Peckhamania' was filled with picture after picture of white 'creatives' making art or tucking into artisan street food... Not one black or brown person was featured, despite Peckham being one of the most ethnically diverse areas in Britain. At last, the paper seemed to be saying, we can finally welcome Peckham into our white supremacist fantasyland of a city and we've got art to thank for it."

||| London's Evening Standard of whiteness.

||| Britain's illusion of empire is over.

||| Paradise revisited: Manchester gay club holds 20th-anniversary reunion. "In 1993, gay culture was marginalised and often underground. But when the Paradise Factory opened, even straight people wanted to join the surreal carnival. Last Saturday, the clubbers came flocking back."

> Manchester Pride, in pictures.

||| Young gay people in England are twice as likely to smoke as their straight peers.

||| NORTHERN IRELAND: Restaurant owner ordered to pay £20,000 to gay waiter he groped and called "faggot".


||| RUSSIA: Activist Nikolai Alexseyev in Twitter meltdown; threatens to hire hitman to kill Michael Lucas...

...Who has branded him "the Kremlin's new pocket gay".

||| Police raided Alekseyev's home on Tuesday after a Twitter spat with Russian MP Yelena Mizulina.

||| RUSSIA: Landlords use propaganda law to hound gays in their own homes.

||| RUSSIA: Meet the gay teen fighting back against Putin.

< RUSSIA: Konstantin Altunin, the artist who painted Putin in women's lingerie, flees without luggage or money.

||| ITALY: Police sting catches mafia gang targeting Rome's Gay Village


> JAMAICA: This is 41-year-old Dean Moriah, a gay man from Montego Bay who was stabbed to death and set on fire.

||| JAMAICA: Another week, another anti-gay mob attack, this time in Old Harbour. Pastors stand accused of stirring up mob violence as Christian groups plan second anti-gay hate march.

< JAMAICA: I failed Oshane Gordon. I will not fail Dwayne Jones.

> JAMAICA: Two security guards caught on camera beating up a student in an anti-gay attack at the University of Technology have been released.

||| JAMAICA: The Gleaner asks, Is anti-gay music harmless?

||| SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS: Prime Minister Denzil Douglas calls for gay tolerance to combat the spread of HIV.

||| ARGENTINA: Gay couples dance in World Tango contest for first time.


||| If you "just got back" to Africa, mind you don't sound like a colonial. "Africans returning home after time abroad should realise that the continent doesn't welcome Victorian-style arrogance."

< ZAMBIA: James Mwape and Philip Mubiana have now been in prison for five months without having been convicted on gay sex charges.

||| UGANDA: I've had hate mail and lost friends – but I will not stop writing about gay rights. "Patience Akumu has written about the lives – and deaths – of gay activists for five years in the Kampala Observer. She explains how a deep-rooted discrimination blights her country."


> PAKISTAN: A gay paradise, where gay sex is available and relationships are difficult.

||| BANGLADESH: Newspaper calls for legalisation of gay relationships.

||| CHINA: Only 20% of HIV infections are due to gay sex, according to government health officials.

||| SINGAPORE: Majority still don't support gay equality.

||| AUSTRALIA: An Aborginal community is bombed; white Australia doesn't care.

< AUSTRALIA: Police seek two men over shooting at gay sex club, one of whom allegedly recited a prayer in Arabic before opening fire.

||| AUSTRALIA: Referendum on marriage equality ruled out by all parties.

||| AUSTRALIA: Hillsong megachurch pastor says church should be more understanding of gays.


||| YEMEN: Man murdered by suspected Al-Qaeda gunmen because they believed he was gay.

||| LEBANON: Gay sex is natural, psychiatrists and psychologists tell court, paving the way for homosexuality to be decriminalised.

> IRAN: Iranian-Canadian blogger Saeed Malekpour spared death penalty for operating gay porn site, given life imprisonment.


< One boa constrictor, one monkey. Guess what happens next.

||| Detached octopus arms show awareness and react to danger.

||| An epidemic virus similar to measles is killing hundreds of dolphins.


||| Why is ebola deadlier than other viruses?

||| Is there such a thing as HIV-negative AIDS?

> Why are gay men so afraid of getting older?

||| Why are our partner's voices easy to home in on... and easy to ignore?

||| What happens to the brain when you meditate (and how it benefits you).

||| Why your brain may work like a dictionary...

...And why being short of cash will lower your IQ.

||| Boffins reckon they've cracked jet lag.

||| What would happen if you stopped going outside?


||| Things aren't looking so bright in "new Hollywood" - why the current YouTube economy is in peril.

||| How to avoid getting your DNS hacked like the New York Times. "You're not as big a target as the NYT, but that doesn't make you safe."


< The Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators presents The Vision of George Stavrinos, exhibiting 3rd September – 19th October 2013.

||| Check out these haunting images of abandoned amusement parks...

...And these from Flint, Michigan, the most violent city in America...

...How about 10 photographs of forgotten homes depicting the aftermath of gentrification.


||| Talking to Mark Brennan Rosenberg, author of Eating My Feelings, which chronicles the struggles of a fat gay kid growing up in a family of thin people.

> So they've made a comic out of Tom Daley.

< Book review: The Hardest Thing. "James Lear returns with another helping of his signature gay erotica... There's plenty of wit and humour and Lear's prose is concise, descriptive and, in using Dan Stagg as first person narrator, insightful of the man's rather complex relationship with himself."

> Revel in 75 vintage dust jackets of classic books. Your Kindle really sucks, now, doesn't it?


||| Do not miss Pier Kids, also the subject of this week's cover, a documentary by first-time director Elegance Bratton, about the plight of black gay homeless youth in New York City. Show your support here. Trailer:

Talking to director PJ Raval about his documentary Before You Know It, for insights on love, legacy, activism, and aging. 65-year-old Ty Martin, left, is a central figure in the film.

Check out the official poster for Kill Your Darlings, starring Daniel Radcliffe as poet Allen Ginsberg.

||| New biopic on composer Tchaikovsky - partly funded by the Russian Government - will depict him as heterosexual, despite hard evidence of his homosexuality.

< Student Alden Peters films documentary on his year of coming out.

||| DVD review: Nowhere. "Although Araki was at the vanguard of the New Queer Cinema in the 90s thanks to The Living End and Totally F***ed Up, Nowhere is almost post-gay, with characters whose sexuality feels totally fluid and where sexual identity is neither fixed nor too much of an issue."

> DVD review: Beyond The Walls ..."successfully traverses the knife-edge between love and obsession, as well as between needing someone and needing anyone to cling to. It can be both romantic and slightly disturbing at the same moment, making it well worth a look".

||| DVD review: Tumbledown. "It feels like a really good idea that doesn’t work as well as it might have."

||| 20 of the greatest silent horror films you can watch right now.

< 10 things you didn't know about Mary Poppins, which turned 49 last week...

...And 50 things you didn't know about The Wizard of Oz. No.10 is really, really disturbing.

||| Check out the trailers for Bruce LaBruce's new film, Gerontophilia, about the romance between a young nursing home attendant and an older patient; The Dallas Buyers Club, in which Matthew McConaughey plays Ron Woodroof, a "a drug taking, women loving, homophobic man who, in 1986 was diagnosed with full blown HIV/AIDS and given thirty days to live"; Joshua Sanchez's Four, which we reviewed earlier this year after its London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival debut; and PJ Raval's Before You Know It.


||| Stephen Fry "paedophilia" limerick on QI "unfortunate and regrettable", BBC says.

||| Coming soon: HBO's new half-hour drama-comedy Looking, about the lives of a group of gay men living in San Francisco.

||| Check out this autumn's must-see gay US TV.

> TV Land cancels Fran Drescher sitcom Happily Divorced, about a couple still living together after splitting up because husband is gay, and based on Drescher's real life.

Gays of our lives: All the latest gay soap developments from around the world, with Anthony D. Langford. Left, Joscha and Deniz in Germany's All That Matters.

> Jimmy Akingbola is leaving Holby City - and taking his massive guns with him.

||| TV review: Wentworth Prison. "An edgy, gripping reboot of Prisoner: Cell Block H."

< Prisoner: Cell Block H - what happened to the original Wentworth Prison cast?

||| Was this year the turning point for intelligent television?

||| Did studio meddling cause all the problems with Star Trek: Enterprise?

||| Blake's 7 and the perils of reviving a TV cult classic.

||| So the hype about Microsoft Xbox relaunching Blake's 7 was just hype, it transpires. In the end, that's all there is...

...However, HBO is making a TV version of cult '70s classic Westworld. Boy, have we got a vacation for you...

< Here's an interesting article on why sci-fi fans used to 21st century "Doctor Who" should investigate the original series, Doctor Who.

Experiencing the Doctor Who Experience.

||| DVD review: The Three Doctors. "An enjoyable enough romp, weaknesses aside, and has a much greater significance."

||| Watch episode 8 of Freefall, and episode 2 of Ken The Webseries.


> Ricky Martin has confessed he used to bully gays. Wonder how many took their own lives?

||| Sizzla defends fellow anti-gay artist Queen Ifrica by saying "gays should burn".

||| Don't call it gay rap: Le1f's transition from YouTube to the main stage. "One year after his infectious YouTube hit Wut went viral, New York rapper Le1f is transitioning from underground sensation to mainstream star. It isn't easy."

< "That time that straight white dude ripped off my song then made a video about gay interracial love and made a million dollars." kaos krush Le1f's got beef with Macklemore about his dreary (but well-meant) Same Love hit.

||| A brief history of Same Love.

> And the award for most awkward moment goes to... Jason Collins and A$AP Rocky announcing Macklemore's performance of Same Love. "Hating someone for their sexual orientation is the same as hating them for the colour of their skin," said newly out Collins. "The only way it will change is it you stand up for what is right." Rocky: "A$AP Ferg's Trap Lord album is in stores right now! The next artist stands up for everybody being equal: colour... homosexuality," he sputtered, pointing at Collins. Watch the clip here.

||| Talib Kweli says hip hop needs to find its gay Eminem.

< Get yourself a piece of Libarace.

||| Boy George says members of boy band One Direction are "probably all bisexual".

||| What's it like to be a gay, "crazy" One Direction superfan?

> The best boyband pictures ever! (Apparently.)

||| If CDs cost £8 where does the money go?

||| Videos: Raena White Werqs; and gay singer-songwriter Solomon's The Way We Were.


< Diesel Washington's Hardwire project on hiatus; creative differences cited.

||| Talking to Drilla.

||| Talking to Kristian Dawawan.

||| Talking to Brent Corrigan.

||| In defence of the gay porn box cover.

> This is the very cool box art for Lucas Entertainment's Kings of New York Season 2.

||| Help! My neighbour likes loud porn!


< Brazilian soccer player's "gay kiss" angers bigoted fans.

> GO! Athletes launches #Out4Olympics campaign featuring gay athletes.

||| Some Russian tennis players claim they've never heard of their country's anti-gay legislation...

...US tennis star James Blake has spoken out on Russia's anti-gay laws - as he quits.

||| Coca-Cola defends its sponsorship of the games, but in New York, gay equality groups crushed cans and poured the drink into the street in protest.

||| The seven deadly sins of sportsmanship in Sochi.


||| Why honey is the only food that doesn't go bad.

||| Reviewing the new Monopoly cat token. For the record, we wouldn't have gone for pussy, but that's just us.

||| Lava lamp creators mark 50 years of 1960s icon.

||| Why we should ban all loyalty programs. No more member's price, special price, club price, or points to get you a discount price.

||| The 10 airlines we hate most.

< Young, single men change their bedding just one every three months.

> Live in a time capsule.

||| How do you defeat anti-gay trolls? YouTube star Tony Bomboni explains how he coped.

||| And finally, awkward kissing, Rogue "Marbie" Scott toys with new oral pleasures, feeling down, and Walter wonders about hook-up apps.

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