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Startled twinks.

||| 10 gay bars you wouldn't take your mother to.

< Just what is a twink?

> Super-Man IS gay. Meet Julius Carter.

||| The international colours of Pride, in pictures.

Pride in Venezuela.

||| Lesbo-phobia: homophobia with a side-order of sexism.

||| What makes a 'real African'?

||| The rise in "justified killings" of blacks in American.


||| The George Zimmerman trial is the worst fear of every black family. "Parents of black males live in fear that their children won't come home because someone thought they were dangers to society."

||| If Trayvon Martin had been a woman. "We would probably never have heard of her. The lives of black women are valued little by white society or the black community."

||| Beyond George Zimmerman: where's the outrage about black-on-black crime? "The real tragedy in the African-American community is our own violent neighbourhoods, yet hardly anyone talks about that."

||| Is it time to give up on CNN? "For several days now, CNN's extensive coverage of the George Zimmerman trial has shouldered aside the more important Egypt story on the network's U.S. channel."

> "Hyper-masculine homosexuals" are taking over US military, claims the conservative American Family Association. And the problem with that is what, exactly?

< Gay equality activists call for Capital One to drop Alec Baldwin over anti-gay Tweets.

||| Why does George W. Bush refuse to talk about gay marriage?

||| The Arizona town of Bisbee has defied state legislation by legalising same-sex civil unions.

||| US Citizenship and Immigration Services issue first gay marriage-based green card.

> South Carolina has become the last state to end segregation of HIV-positive prisoners.

||| The White House can't list the Westboro Baptist as "hate group", it claims.

< Remember Darnell "Dynasty" Young - and his super-cute straight ally brother (issue 120)? Darnell was expelled after using a stun gun to defend himself against anti-gay bullies at school, and sued Indianapolis Public Schools for discrimination, restriction of free speech, and negligence, since the school did nothing to protect him. He's now settled for $US65,000. In other words: do not f**k with us.

< Cult leader Peter Lucas Moses handed two life sentences for killing "gay" 4-year-old Jadon Higganbothan.

> Gay Detroit council president Charles Pugh accused of "inappropriate conduct" with 18-year-old high school student. He allegedly purchased the teenager clothes, a cell phone and prom night hotel room.

||| How capitalism's great relocation pauperised America's 'middle class'. "As long as workers could wrest gains from capitalism, the system was safe. But with production offshored, that bargain blew up."

< Marlena's Curtain Call: remembering a San Francisco gay bar.

||| Fire Island, where a Snickers bar costs $US3.26 and gay greed is fabulous.

||| Man electrocuted to death after urinating on an NYC subway track.

||| CANADA: Toronto Pride, in pictures:


||| The European Court decision against a whole-life sentence issued to Peter Moore, who murdered four gay men in 1995, has been criticised by the Justice Secretary.

> Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre, the UK's first ever gay youth summer camp launches.

||| Top UK employers teach others how to include gay staff.

< Ernst & Young, one of the world's biggest firms, rebrands as EY - the same name as a Spanish gay magazine. Google "EY" and see what happens!

||| UK anti-gay Christians give up fight on marriage bill.

Who let this Gulf on Thames scar London's Southbank? Mayor Boris Johnson. He "pledged to control the vulgarity of bigness. But his city is alone in Europe in its slavery to 'anything goes' money".

> NORTHERN IRELAND: Belfast celebrates Pride - in the only part of the UK where marriage equality is banned. In pictures. Video.


||| FRANCE: Anti-gay, anti-marriage equaliy protest group Hommen storm a beach. Towleroad has the video.

||| ITALY: Vatican City raises the age of consent from 12 to 18 following scandals, introduces stiffer punishments for paedophiles.

< SPAIN: Barcelona bars raided by police during Pride.

||| SPAIN: Madrid Gay Pride, in pictures.

> GERMANY: Thousands take part in Pride in Cologne, in pictures.

||| RUSSIA: Now gay tourists face jail time.

||| RUSSIA: Court rules St Petersburg Gay Pride was legal and that police violated marcher's right to freedom of assembly.


||| JAMAICA: How anti-gay Christians are denying us freedom of speech.

||| CHILE: 19-year-old Esteban Navarro to have his entire leg amputated after anti-gay attack in Peñalolen.


||| ZIMBABWE: Get pregnant or go to jail, Mugabe warns gay couples.

< ZIMBABWE: "In limbo for my type of love". The Lionel Girezha story.

Robert and Dominique.
> UGANDA: Spectrum Uganda Initiatives issues plea for help for Robert and Dominique, a gay couple who were chased out of their village.

||| NIGERIA: The passage of the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Bill has led to increased harassment, blackmail and extortion of the gay community, with police taking a leading role.

||| ZAMBIA: An Englishman living in Zambia has been forced to leave the country for good after details of his civil partnership in the UK generated controversy.

Not gay.

||| INDIA: New Delhi woman beats her husband to death after discovering he was continuing a gay affair with a former household servant.

< INDIA: Increasing gay visibility is causing Indians to question straight friends' relationships.

||| SINGAPORE: The challenge to Singapore's 377A law banning gay sex announces new legal team.

||| CHINA: Awkward! Chinese Vice-Premier says USA and China married, but not gay married.

> JAPAN: Same-sex "kiss friends" is the latest craze in Japanese high schools.


||| ISRAEL: Hagai Felician, the prime suspect in a 2009 gay youth centre shooting, claims he was "driven by biblical edict to attack homosexuals".

||| LEBANON: Homosexuality is not a mental illness, declares Lebanese Psychiatric Society.


||| The sickening extent of elephant poaching in Africa.

< How many grizzly bears are there in the Yellowstone Park ecosystem, and how many should there be?

||| Trees: our life savers are dying.

"Patient Zero" Gaëtan Dugas.

> "Patient Zero" speaks in never before seen footage.

||| Few gay men are HIV "bug chasers".

||| New HIV risks for gay men who inject steroids and tanning agents.

||| Polyamory and negotiating safer sex.

||| How an HIV-positive and negative guy can find love.

||| HIV-positive and squeaky clean.

||| Sex is the secret to looking younger.

||| What if your gluten intolerance is all in your head?

||| Anti-gay hate stems from a "fear of unwanted sexual advances", boffins decide.

How to survive a sweltering NYC summer without air conditioning.


> Study concludses the internet is both dangerous and helpful for gay and lesbian teens.

||| From VHS to Google Glass, porn drives the tech market. "Attempts to keep porn off Glass are doomed to failure – sex and technology are twirled around each other like twists of fruity DNA."

||| Antitrusting Apple: the plot with publishers to hike ebook prices. "I was a rabid ebook buyer but their greed cost them my loyalty."

||| How to lock down your Facebook privacy now that Graph Search is here.

||| All the ways Google is asked to censor the web, in one handy chart.


< Rick Castro's Antebellum Gallery celebrates Black Pride.

> Check out the Visual AIDS Gallery, highlighting beauty, hedonism, and dark desires. "The online gallery, curated by Puerto Rican artists José Luis Cortés, features HIV-positive artists of the 1980s and 1990s."

||| Inside Fire Island's rebuilt Pines Pavilion.

< Does cute nostalgia sits strangely with Brutalism?


> The must see archives of One magazine in LA. "Thousands upon thousands of documents, posters, pictures, audio, and video are gathered there, providing a timeline not just of One, but of the [gay] community as a whole." Right, a scene from the 1975 Christopher Street West march, one of many One archival photos.

< How Diseased Pariah News married rage and hilarity in the '90s. "Just when AIDS was reaching it's pinnacle of sympathy schmaltz in the media, the 'zine brought a breath of fresh black humor. Now 23 years later, a new generation is discovering it online."

What happens when a closeted superhero falls for a supervillain?

||| The last edition of Astonishing X-Men - the Marvel comic featuring gay superhero Northstar - will be issued in October.

||| Talking to Boy Trouble cartoonist Rob Kirby.

Talking to Teleny and Camille artist Jon Macy.

> Hong Kong youth magazine declares it's all for gays.

||| Book review: Julio's Day, by Gilbert Hernandez. "The strength of Hernandez's art is that it shows us how giant voids in the universe, and human mouths crying at birth or gasping at death are all one in the same."

< Book review: 7 Miles a Second, by David Wojnarowicz, James Romberger, and Marguerite Van Cook. "Wojnarowicz's art is not supposed to look good over a sofa. His art is for when we all go into that dark cold night, for those times when our own voice raging is the only companion to our loneliness, for those times when fairness and life evaporate, and as truly starving artists, only art can save us."


> Dance review: Los Vivancos. "Topless boys dancing flamenco in the grand setting of the London Coliseum. It should have been the perfect recipe, but was it more fizzle than sizzle?"

< Don't miss photographer Nir Arieli's beautiful portraits of male dancers in motion.

||| Iowa high school cancels performance of "not family-friendly" The Laramie Project.

> Theatre review: Up4aMeet. "We were promised gratuitous nudity in a new gay play and we certainly got more than we bargained for. We’ve never seen so much penis in one night, but sadly, less is more on this occasion. Yes, Up4aMeet has come tumbling into town, bringing with it a whole host of ex-reality TV contestants and more flaccid winkies than an unexpected cold shower."


< Campaigners urge boycott of upcoming film Ender's Game, a big-budget Hollywood movie based on the work of notoriously anti-gay novelist Orson Scott Card.

||| So here's Orson Scott Card's long history of homophobia.

||| HBO is working on a documentary based on the battle to overturn Proposition 8.

> Here's Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on the set of forthcoming picture Hercules: The Thracian Wars.

||| 25 Die Hard knock-offs for Die Hard’s 25th anniversary.

||| Why can't Spider-Man be gay?

< Do not miss Spanish graphic designer Jesús Prudencio's brilliant prints based upon iconic movie vehicles.

||| The 10 greatest giant monster movies of all time.

||| 10 movie flops that totally deserved it.

> The Advocate's 18 favourite films at Outfest 2013. Right, The Happy Sad, by Brother To Brother director Rodney Evans.

||| Film review: Les Invisibles. "It plays out almost as two slightly unsatisfactory documentaries that try to do two different things but never fully succeed at either."

< DVD review: Stud Life. "An interesting... entertaining look at LGBT life through the eyes of a 'butch', black lesbian living in London. It does a good job of trying to be authentic, even if it does have a few rough edges."

||| Trailers: Bridegroom, a documentary exploring the heartbreak and loss of one young California couple who were denied marriage equality; and Saving Mr. Banks, "a film about the making of Disney's Mary Poppins movie, with Tom Hanks inhabiting Walt Disney's eagerness to make the picture and Emma Thompson as author P.L. Travers, who absolutely does not want her wonderful book besmirched."


> My Husband's Lover: Is the Philippines ready?

||| My Husband's Lover: Is it worth watching?

||| DogTV? It's a barking bad idea. "The last thing we need is a TV channel that encourage twits to think they can just stick a dog in a sitting room and leave it there."

< Star Trek legend George Takei on the unforeseen effects of marriage equality.

||| CBS bows to pressure and airs Big Brother footage of anti-gay and racist comments made by some house-mates.

> Glee's Chris Colfer and boyfriend Will Sherrod get papped.

||| Nashville's gay character is being promoted to series regular.

< Teen Wolf delivers for its gay fans...

...And the 10 gayest moments in 6 episodes of Teen Wolf.

||| Gays of our lives: All the latest gay soap developments from around the world, with Anthony D. Langford.

||| So, not one single woman directed a Doctor Who episode last year. Maybe that's why it was so shit?

||| Review: Doctor Who - An Unearthly Child. "So So Gay embarks upon its Doctor Who retrospective in celebration of 50 years of adventures in time and space by going back to the very beginning."

< And here's a new promotional picture from An Adventure in Space & Time, featuring David Bradley as William Hartnell. The BBC will screen the Doctor Who origins film later this year.


||| The death of disco.

||| 30 essential gay albums.

< LE1F works it in Brooklyn.

> The Freaky Boiz, National Black LGBT Youth Hall of Fame, Class of 2013.

> Zebra Katz works it in Stockholm.

< Tinie Tempah flashes some titty in the sun - but who's his "friend"?

||| Talking to the Pet Shop Boys.

||| The 100 greatest, gayest albums of all time.

Check out the many naked pictures of All American Boy Steve Grand, who also talks about his ex-gay therapy past.

||| Videos: Gay singer-songwriter Tom Goss's Bears; out singer-songwriter Eli Lieb reminisces about a past fling in his new video for Young Love; Autoheart - Moscow, which protests recent Russian anti-gay laws; and Cakes Da Killa does London.


||| Cocky Boy model Jett Black kicked out of Canadian ballet school. There's a video report here.

Talking to filmmaker Chad Darnell about X-Rated, his film about the legendary Joey Stefano.

> The Sand Blast Weekends party, "New Jersey's hottest gay beach party", in pictures.

||| The chronicles of a London CumPig: Hustlaball The Aftermath.

< Truly mind-blowing action with Adrian Hart (formerly Logan Heart), Sean Zevran and Robert Craig at Randy Blue - a little chemistry goes a long way.

Behind-the-scenes with Wagner Vittoria and Tiziano Fuentes in Costa Rica.

||| Giant Christian Power and Tyson Tyler, anyone?

||| Or how about Tyson Tyler and Edji Da Silva...

...Tyson Tyler and Felix Brazeau?


< UFC fighters Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva get up close and personal.

> Olympic gymnast Louis Smith covers Gay Times magazine, says he'd "go for Will Smith if I were gay because he's very family orientated".

< Matthew Mitcham's funky trunks go for a grand.

||| Blake Skjellerup, the openly gay speed skater - will risk arrest, deportation by wearing a rainbow pin at the Russian Winter Olympics in 2014.

||| UC Berkeley teams and Cal Athletics release video promoting support of openly gay athletes at the university.

||| Who will sign openly gay NBA player Jason Collins?

||| Anton Hysén on being gay in football, Robbie Rogers and hating Pride.

> Athletes get naked for the annual ESPN Body issue. In picturesRight, Giancarlo Stanton.

||| German football club to permanently fly rainbow flag against anti-gay hate.

||| The 21 biggest jerks in sports.

< Calcio Storico - the sporting spectacle on the piazza.


||| Why 1978 was the best year so far.

||| Why I've stopped relying on online reviews for everything I buy.

> The rusting beauty of abandoned train graveyards.

||| Is there rhyme or reason to how airlines price seats?

||| The plus three, minus eight rule could help you survive a plane crash.

||| Is New York City too expensive for anyone?

||| Maps of vast empires that no longer exist.

||| And finally, Rogue "Marbie" Scott tries life as a Caucasian; Andrew discusses accents (and takes his shirt off); Walter Lee Hampton talks about his obsession with HIV; and DaveyWavey talks about sex with the lights on.

06-13 July 2013

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