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||| The Frank Ocean effect, and some "bisexual" guys I've known. Left, Blue's Duncan James, who came out as bisexual in 2009.

||| Could you prove you are gay if your life depended on it?

||| Nearly 1 in 10 human beings now live under marriage equality.

||| The trouble with praising HIV-negative gay men.

||| The revolution is over: the rude mobile phone users have won. "The unashamed use of mobile phones in public places means there is little left to do but offer a resigned shrug."


||| Proposition 8 supporters fail in last-ditch effort to get same-sex marriages halted in California...

...Meanwhile, Proposition 8 plaintiffs Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo (rightgot married at Los Angeles City Hall.

THE BIG PICTURE: Capt. Michael Potoczniak marries his partner Todd Saunders
in San Francisco 29th June 2013.

||| New York passes bill to allow pharmacists to administer Meningitis vaccine; Florida health officials urge gay men to get vaccinated.

||| Can the ex-gay apology be trusted?

< Witness videotapes two men threatening gay youth after Pride on an MTA subway train.

||| The far-right Family Research Council declares July "Ex-Gay Pride Month".

||| President of Catholic high school resigns after revealing he is gay.

> New York Pride: Heritage of Pride Parade, in pictures; in pictures at ANIMAL.

||| Chicago Pride, in pictures at The Advocate; in pictures at The Huffington Post; in pictures at the Chicagoist:

||| San Francisco Pride, in pictures.

< Seattle Pride, in pictures. In pictures at The Advocate.

> This is 20-year-old Cornelius Davis, who shot a spectator at St. Pete Pride after a tirade of anti-gay abuse.

||| Fire Island's iconic pavilion nightclub is back in business.

||| The big gay Texas brain drain.

||| CANADA: Drag queen Daytona Bitch fired from Toronto Pride for using blackface.


||| Home Office: We don't deport gay asylum seekers and we never will.

||| Prime Minister David Cameron confirms tax breaks for those in marriages and civil partnerships.

Thousands turn out for Pride in London. In pictures at the Londonist; in pictures at The Gay UK; in pictures at PinkNews.

||| But no Mayor Boris Johnson. Unlike his predecessor Ken Livingstone, the millionaire Conservative makes a point of not turning up at gay-related events.

||| There's a detailed review of Pride in London 2013 here.

||| The Socialist Worker: London Pride is a protest.

||| A heterosexual Hindu's first London Pride and UK Black Pride.

||| Straight Pride UK claims "it's not easy to be straight" because straight people are "persecuted".

> Anti-gay preacher arrested at Wimbledon.


< RUSSIA: Gay activist attacked, arrested by his own parents. Now 24-year-old Dmitry Isakov is missing.

> RUSSIA: All participants in St Petersburg gay pride arrested, beaten for marching. Russian gay equality activists speak out.

||| RUSSIA: Actress Tilda Swinton unfurled the gay rainbow flag in front of the Kremlin in support of gay equality.

< FRANCE: Tens of thousands march in first Paris gay Pride since marriage equality was legalised. In pictures at OHLALA Mag; in pictures at the Huffington Post; in pictures at France 24; in pictures at India Times; in pictures at the Vancouver Sun; in pictures at Barefoot In Paris.

||| FRANCE: 15 million banned from gay marriage.

||| ITALY: Both Popes join forces to freeze out gay marriage...

...Meanwhile, Pope John Paul II - who called gay equality the "new ideology of evil" is to become a saint.

< ITALY: Milan Pride, in pictures.

||| GREECE: Gay equality campaigners appalled as health minister sanctions forced HIV tests.

||| LITHUANIA: Court rules Baltic Pride 2013 can go ahead, despite city council objections.

||| TURKEY: Father who murdered son for being gay pleads guilty.


> JAMAICA: Maurice Tomlinson asks, "Jamaica, why rejoice over eviction of homeless gay men?"

||| COSTA RICA: President Laura Chinchilla to sign "accidental" same-sex unions into law.

||| BRAZIL: "Gay cure" bill withdrawn - but it could come back in 2015.


||| NIGERIA: "Jail All the Gays Bill" breaks international law, UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay warns.

< NIGERIA: Irish gay equality campaigner hacks government website, threatening to expose corruption within Nigeria's government if the country's anti-gay law is not stopped. But was his action counter-productive?

> UGANDA: Gay equality group Spectrum Uganda Initiatives forced to relocate for safety.

||| ETHIOPIA: Influential newspaper warns "satanic" gay "disease" is spreading.

||| GHANA: Emmanuel Martey, the head of the Presbyterian Church, has alleged that "Satanic" gays are plotting to have the country "destroyed" by infiltrating the government.

< CAMEROON: Gay equality activists fire bombed, burgled.


||| INDIA: Could the US Supreme Court verdicts on DOMA, Proposition 8 influence Indian Supreme Court justices hearing a challenge to the repeal of the criminalisation of homosexuality?

||| JAPAN: Why are so many Japanese men refusing to leave their rooms?

> JAPAN: Hashima island and the lure of the apocalypse. "Google's Street View photos of Japan's deserted Hashima island show the appeal, in anxious times, of imagining the very worst."

< SINGAPORE: Vincent Wijeysingha, the state's first openly gay politician, has urged the repeal of anti-gay laws.

> SINGAPORE: 21,000 show-up to support gay love at the Pink Dot Festival. In pictures.

||| AUSTRALIA: Anti-gay senator Jacinta Collins appointed new Mental Health Minister.

< AUSTRALIA: Christians say marriage equality support could lose government the election. Meanwhile, 25 people held a snap protest outside the party's headquarters.

||| AUSTRALIA: Gay couple jailed for "extremely depraved" sex abuse of six-year-old son.

||| AUSTRALIA: BBC correspondent Nick Bryant on leaving his posting in Australia, "a confounding and complex country".

THE BIG PICTURE: Historic lighthouse to be airlifted to safety.


||| ISRAEL: Israel Prison Service announces gay prisoners will be allowed conjugal visits.


||| WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! In one billion years...

||| Where have all the wasps gone?

> The weirdest urban ecosystems on Earth. Right, Moscow's Metro dogs.


||| What caused Haiti's mysterious plague of 1770?

< The German Medical Association recommends that gay men be allowed to donate blood.

||| Gay men find prostate cancers earlier.

||| Everything you ever needed to know about meningitis.

> 4th July marked 31 years since Terry Higgins died from AIDS. Higgins was the first person in the UK to be confirmed to have died with AIDS.

||| How survivors of the AIDS epidemic can heal.

||| Intellectual property laws are blocking new generic HIV drugs.

||| The latest bone marrow transplant development is "by no means a workable" HIV cure, warns the Terrence Higgins Trust.

||| Workouts are no antidote to death by desk job: the link between sitting down and premature death.

< How to get drunk after age 28.

||| What is it like to live without taste and smell?

Can we make ourselves happier?

||| Human head transplants? Neurosurgeon claims "we have the technology".


||| Terrifying: Live streaming of child sex abuse is an "emerging threat".

||| Blogger introduces new restrictions on "Adult Content" blogs, and monetisation.

||| Microsoft to tackle anti-gay trolls online.

||| Twitter wants to start tracking you on the web. Here's how to opt-out.

||| Four tips and tricks for Pinterest addicts.

||| Narrative stress: it's not you, it's me. "The second-person narrative has become the red trousers of the blogging world – initially endearing, it's now just irritating."

< Doug Engelbart, the inventor of the computer mouse, is dead. He was 88.


> Remember the invalid carriage?

||| Six radical infrastructure schemes that almost changed NYC forever.

Reliving "Portraits in the Times of AIDS, 1988". "Rosalind Solomon's 1988 show on AIDS caused an outrage. Do they still?"

||| Marginal Waters, Doug Ischar's 1980s photographs of gay male sunbathers on Chicago's Belmont Rocks beach:


< Whatever happened to Joan Crawford? How did Hollywood's leading lady go from living legend to laughing stock? Is Mommie Dearest to blame, or is there more to it? kaos investigates.

> Al Pacino's infamous film Cruising is now available on DVD.

||| Hugh Jackman and his wife are annoyed by persistent "stupid" gay rumours.

||| Beijing Queer Film Festival goes off without ban for first time in 12 years.

< Tragic: Old movie theatres that have fallen into ruin.

> Cinema review: Out In The Dark. "Brilliantly acted and well directed... a powerful piece... a dark story of hope so rich and well told, you truly get lost in it."

||| Same-sex families hit the big screen in animated film The BoxTrolls.

||| Trailers: Out In The Dark; and The BoxTrolls.


< B. Scott says he was forced to take off his make-up and heels before going on air to host the BET Awards pre-show.

||| US network CBS condemns anti-gay, racist language used by Big Brother house-mates.

||| Why The Simpsons is the most important cartoon in gay history.

||| Helen Mirren wants the next actor to play the lead role in Doctor Who to be a gay black woman.

> Torchwood star John Barrowman marries partner of 20 years Scott Gill in California...

...Meanwhile Doogie Howser, M.D.'s Neil Patrick Harris is to marry partner David Burtka, left.

||| Gays of our lives: All the latest gay soap developments from around the world, with Anthony D. Langford. Right, George and Vincent kiss in Hollyoaks.

||| Lost and found, the unaired pilot for Dante's Cove.

||| So Michael Jackson almost starred
in a Doctor Who movie.

Check out these photos of the recreated original TARDIS console, built for the forthcoming Mark Gatiss genesis of Doctor Who drama, An Adventure in Space & Time.


> Gay country singer Steve Grand has released his song All American Boy, a tale of unrequited love.

||| Macklemore's Same Love enters Billboard Top 20, predicted to go No. 1.

||| Miley Cyrus has gone hip-hop. What's the problem? "Criticism of the Hannah Montana star for appropriating black culture is off-key. Music has no colour, and hip-hop's here to stay."

< Justin Bieber displays his twink wares.

> Boyband Lawson get naked for Cancer Research UK.

||| Ten music services you may not know about — but should.

||| Album reviews: Pet Shop Boys - Electric. The Guardian; The Independent; and Digital Spy.

||| Concert review: Zebra Katz at HMV Ritz Manchester, 21st June 2013.


||| Hate porn, sure, but be wary of banning it.

||| Web porn: Just how much is there?

||| Could you date a porn star?

< HustlaBall London 2013 round-ups: Part 1, Part 2; Part 3 (make sure to check out the sizzling shots of JP Dubois and Tyson Tyler live on stage; and Part 4.

> Just who is the beautiful black guy with the Cockyboys in New York during Pride?


||| Tyson Gay (and his massive booty) storms to 100m win in Lausanne, beating fellow big boy Asafa Powell...

||| kaos krush David Oliver was also in Lausanne, and he looked spectacular...

||| Mixed martial arts fighter Jonathan Koppenhaver says UFC boss would "have fighters sucking dick" if he were gay.

< Definitely a bottom: Ashley Cole from behind.

> Rihanna thinks Cristiano Ronaldo is gay. (Gee, I wonder why?)

||| The 30 sexiest tennis players.


||| Randomness may not mean what you think it means.

||| The power and peril of the middle name.

||| The 14 greatest action figure playsets of all time!

> Are these the world's ten worst public transit systems? Right, Mumbai.

||| How to be the perfect house-guest.

||| The restaurant where eating alone is a requirement.

Wine-infused popcorn, anyone?

||| And finally, what's inside a cup of coffee? Rogue Marbie Scott reports from London Pride 2013; we catch up with the adorable Martin; and Walter Lee Hampton on sex, lies and videotape...

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