Tired old queen at the movies

Dinner At Eight

n all-star cast shows up at Lionel Barrymore and Billie Burke's penthouse for George Cukor's comic masterpiece, Dinner At Eight.

On the guest list is an aging actress, Marie Dressler, a rich tycoon, Wallace Beery, his chorus girl wife, Jean Harlow and a faded movie star, John Barrymore who's having an affair with their daughter Madge Evans. Also in sterling support is fast talking Lee Tracy as Barrymore's beleaguered agent and Hilda Vaughn as Harlow's laconic maid who resembles a man in drag. Taken from the stage hit by the Algonquin Roundtable team of George S. Kaufman and Edna Ferber, Dinner at Eight had the most star studded cast since Grand Hotel, the year earlier. Directed by a master, it's glamorous, and witty; "They don't make 'em like that anymore!"

Steve Hayes

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