Noah's Arc officially dead: Darryl Stephens speaks

oah's Arc is over, y'all. There is no third season. (I've been getting lots of questions about that lately, so I figured I would address it one more time.) Go on about your business."

Noah's Arc lead actor Darryl Stephens has decided to make this point crystal clear on his Facebook page, leading to an outpouring of dismay from fans - including this one - who have clung on to the hope of a third season.

The sad truth is that a third season was, until recently, very much a reality.

In cancelling Noah's Arc after season two, Logo disappointed a large audience hungry for some variation in GBLT representation on the small screen. Noah's Arc was groundbreaking: A gay drama series about black and mixed race (and one Latino) men.

Despite the cancellation - which, by all accounts, was a financially motivated decision (so-called reality TV is cheaper to produce than scripted drama) - Logo commissioned a very successful one-off movie. Jumping The Broom resolved season two's cliffhanger, tied up a few loose ends, and introduced a new character.

The success of Jumping The Broom led to Logo exploring the options for a third season, which would have seen some major changes to the mix. But the failure to get Season Three off the ground - despite the principle actors signing up - is down to one person.

Not the network.

Not the actors.

The individual in question has let down the fans, and the black gay community in particular. His name is mud within the industry, yet with the fans he retains his halo - and that's a shame, because they deserve the truth.

Hopefully, one day, that truth will come out.


Ian said...

I loved Noah's Arc but I must be one of the few fans that doesn't think a third season would work. After Broom, I think they pretty much wrapped it all up in a tidy package.

As for Logo? I hate that channel. Only only watch for RuPaul's Drag Race and now that they have AbFab. Otherwise is just the same old same old boring mainstream gay programming geared to white culture. I'm not hating, but diversity would be a nice thing....

thegayte-keeper said...

I guess it was a good show, just thought the acting was sub par.

Prince Toddy English said...

Honestly, people just need to deal.
I am an avid fan of science fiction television so I'm used to abrupt cancellations.
We were FORTUNATE that we got Jumping The Broom. Noah's Arc does not need to comeback. It was relevant in the time period that it aired. It was a ground breaking series that gave everyone a peek into the lives of gay men of color. Appreciate the two seasons and the final movie. I do!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I hate when we get these vague answers. Who is responsible for why the show isn't coming back? It would seem like Patrik-Ian Polk is the reason but I've seen him lobbying on twitter for it to come back and he said the actors are going to make cameos in his new movie.

Anonymous said...

My experience in dealing with Patrik Ian-Polk at gay film festivals has been that he's an arrogant son of a bitch who doesn't care one whit about anyone but himself.

♫Musiques Poetry♫ said...

I loved Noah's Arc Myself. I don't know if it was Mr. Polk or whom, but I feel like the two seasons and the movie were great, but I would like a reunion or something or to know what happened to Dre and Quincy. Possibly a Third Season would work, but we would have to really cross that bridge when we get to it.

Anonymous said...

Like the British TV show This Life! which was a cult show and loved by its fans, it lasted for two seasons and there was a follow up tv show that wrapped everything up. Everyone loved how it ended and still talk about it now. There was now need for a third season. The same can be said for Noah's Arc. Two brilliant seasons and Jumping the Broom, which wrapped everything up.

Really enjoyed it! i have watched both the British and American versions of Queer as Folk and can say I prefer Noah's Arc hands down!

Anonymous said...

I think there is so much more they can do with Noah's Arc, and it wouldn't be hard to pick up the parts either. They can start their third season off basic off of Noah's and wades marriage then just go on from there! I honestly believe that Noah's Arc could have lasted for as long as the L word did or maybe longer! It may be just me, but it starting to seem like logo is cutting off not only every black gay show there is off but every gay show that is actually worth watching off! I think Patrik Ion-Polk should really consider sign a contract with Showtime or HBO, someone who would actually let him tell the tells of the untold story of Noah's Arc!!!

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