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The Lady Eve

t's hi-jinks on the high seas as Barbara Stanwyck and Charles Coburn play a pair of father and daughter card sharks out to swindle millionaire Henry Fonda out of his millions in Preston Sturges' classic romantic comedy The Lady Eve.

Filled with a stellar collection of character actors including Sturges regulars: William Demarest, Eric Blore and Eugene Pallette, with brilliant dialogue, fast pacing and masterful direction, The Lady Eve is one of the classic comedies of the Golden Age. Stanwyck proves she was a master at subtle comedy and Fonda the king of the prat falls as she pulls switcheroo after switcheroo in order to land her man. It's Sturges, Stanwyck and Fonda at their very best and one of the comedies that every director has borrowed something from at sometime or other... if they're smart.

Steve Hayes

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