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<<< Jacek Bilczynski gets naked for Joanna Kustra in EksMagazyn magazine. More manikins later.

But first, the global GBLT news...


||| The Case Against Activism. Is activism becoming a members-only club? Zack Rosen thinks it's high time for a change.

||| Immigration equality and the GBLT community: "America is forcing me to choose between love & country."

>>> With deportation set for Valentines Day, Brian and Anton fight for a future together.

||| Oh dear... Gay people were probably abused as children, says Ground Zero mosque's new imam.

||| Meet El-Farouk Khaki, a gay Muslim activist lawyer. "Before 9/11, I always de-fagged. I always took my jewelry off, looking as non-descript as possible. After 9/11? Honey, I keep my jewels on."

||| GBLT minorities are organising: Racial and religious minorities are active in the GBLT movement as they bid for acceptance.

||| The Family: A threat to US church/state division? The Family — "one of the most powerful Christian fundamentalist movements in the United States" — is up to its neck in Uganda's anti-gay legislation.

>>> Breakfast without Bigotry was there to protest the utterly vomititious National Prayer Breakfast. I mean, really. A prayer breakfast. FFS.

||| Could you "play gay" if your life depended on it? Asylum seekers who don't "act gay" enough being sent home to face death. Joseph Huff-Hannon writes for AlterNet, "With the National Prayer Breakfast upon us, backed by radical homophobes The Family, it's a good time to examine the world's deadly climate for gay people."

||| And here's 19-year-old Zach Wahls - a product of a same-sex marriage - utterly destroying Iowa's Republican-controlled House of Representatives. Simply stunning:

<<< Don't Ask, Don't Tell: How will the US military treat gay married members?

||| Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Out members of Congress want benefits restored for discharged troops.

||| Gen. James F. Amos, the commandant of the Marine Corps who previously warned about the end of Don't Ask Don't Tell, has now pledged to enforce its demise. He said, "I want to be clear to all Marines: We will step out smartly to faithfully implement this new law. It's important that we value the diversity of background, culture and skills that all Marines bring to the service of our nation. As we implement repeal, I want leaders at all levels to reemphasize the importance of maintaining dignity and respect for one another throughout our force. We are Marines, we care for one another and respect the rights of all who wear this uniform. We will continue to demonstrate to the American people that discipline and fidelity, which have been the hallmarks of the United States Marine Corps for more than 235 years."

A derelict SS United States.
||| Pastor cries censorship after TV show cancelled due to homophobic slurs.

||| Royal Caribbean to host largest GBLT cruise ever...

...But not on this ship. The SS United States - decommissioned in 1969 - is pictured earlier this month tied to a pier in Philadelphia. An NGO has taken ownership of the famous cruise ship, "which once crossed the Atlantic at record speeds with celebrities and heads of state".

||| DeSean Jackson surprises 13-year-old bullying victim on US talk show. Just lovely:


<<< Greeting card retailer Clinton Cards withdraws controversial "Battyman" card.

>>> Christian Voice leader Stephen Green - recently interviewed by the BBC over Elton John becoming a father, and who wants the death penalty for gays and lesbians - has been exposed as a wife beater: "Mrs Green described the incident which prompted her to leave him, recalling how he made a list of her failings as a wife and then beat her until she bled with a piece of wood."

||| Homophobia's okay, but not so wifebeating, right, Daily Mail? "The right-wing press had no problem giving a platform to a man who lobbied against the criminalisation of marital rape and defended laws proposing the execution of some homosexuals, so why the sudden U-turn?" Martin Robbins writes in The Guardian.

<<< Gay marriage challenge goes to European Court. "The Equal Love campaign, led by gay rights activist Peter Tatchell, seeks to open both institutions up to all couples, regardless of sexual orientation."

||| What do children call their gay parents?

||| 150 editions of Gay News - dating back to 1972 - are to be auctioned in London next month. In 1984, Gay News was incorporated into today's Gay Times.

>>> Also founded in 1972 was London's oldest GBLT charity, London Friend. It's facing eviction by Islington Borough Council from Caledonian Road unless it can raise £200,000 by the summer.


||| NETHERLANDS: Immigration minister to consider family reunion for members of the GBLT community.

<<< Pope Benedict Boy gives Vatican security guards the slip to greet boy Pope Benedict.


>>> Pyscho model Renato Seabra has pleaded not guilty to murdering, Castrating gay activist Carlos Castro.

||| HAITI: Away from it all... In Port-de-Paix, children are pictured eating mangos inside a ship's hull, below.

||| JAMAICA: Tolerance doesn't mean agreement. André Wright for the Jamaica Gleaner: "Whatever our views on buggery, or homosexuality, a culture of violence towards gays is uncivil and unchristian. After all, Jamaicans might not all be Homo homo, but they are all Homo sapiens. The impeccable heterosexuals and the impeccable homosexuals will have to coexist. Let's keep the dialogue going."

||| Some readers don't take kindly to Wright's take on the subject. Maurice Tomlinson of Montego Bay writes, "He trivialised the number of Jamaicans who have been murdered because they were, or were perceived to be, gay."

||| HONDURAS: Human Rights Watch calls on the government of Honduras to investigate the murders of six transgender women.

||| PERU: Gay marriage becomes election issue.


<<< Under siege: Africa's GBLT community. Left, gay rights activists, Denis Nzioka.

||| Elsewhere, Denis Nzioka talks about GBLT Kenyans battle for equality.

>>> David Kato: "'I think I'll be safer here at home' - those were some of the last words Julian Pepe heard from her friend and fellow gay rights activist David Kato. That night his head was beaten in with a hammer."

||| David Kato: "[He] was a small man by Ugandan standards. He wore glasses and had the air of an intellectual. He wore well-cut suits and was softly spoken. And he was very brave."

<<< David Kato: "[He] left this world and was put in the ground in the manner he had lived his life; in a blaze of publicity that he didn't seem to seek." AfroGay has a detailed account of the great man's funeral.

||| David Kato: One week later. Kampala's Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law issues a statement.

||| David Kato: The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navanethem Pillay writes, "What [his] death can teach the world".

||| David Kato: Britain's Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, "warns against 'demonising' homosexuals." He was speaking in Dublin about Kato's murder.

||| David Kato: Britain's The Guardian's editorial in praise of Kato.

||| David Kato: His courage is a model for our leaders, Richmond Blake and Rafaela Zuidema write in The Huffingdon Post. "As we were ending our interview, the otherwise jovial Kato became serious and asked us pointedly, 'So, can you promise me you will share what we have talked about today with people in America who will be able to help us?'"

||| David Kato: His friend Frank Mugisha, the 27-year-old executive director of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) — Uganda's foremost GBLT rights organization — tells Gay City News, "We called him jjaja, which means grandfather, because he was a mentor to us all." Gay City News goes on to warn, "There is the distinct possibility of copycat anti-gay violence in the wake of Kato's murder and the gay-baiting tabloids' labeling of gays as child molesters."

Enock Nsubuga
>>> David Kato: This is Enock Nsubuga, who has allegedly confessed to Kato's murder. From UGPulse: "Police chief Maj. Gen. Kale who paraded Nsubuga before the media in Kampala, says investigations into the murder are still on going."

||| David Kato: "You must be sensitive. You should stop engaging in extremist campaigns that can be interpreted differently." Kampala police chief Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura cautions against attacks on the GBLT community.

||| David Kato: Why such hatred for homosexuals? Patience Akumu wonders at The Observer.

|||| David Kato: Rev. V. Gene Robinson writes at the Washington Post, "Words do matter. While American conservative Christians feign shock that their words would lead to such draconian laws it's not nearly enough when their influence means that every moment of every day, members of Uganda's LGBT community fear for their lives. Why, they had intended no such awful thing!"

<<< David Kato: David Kuria Mbote — general manager of the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya — calls for an international show of solidarity and the creation of GBLT "safe spaces".

||| David Kato: How about a "David Kato Human Rights Bill"? Wayne Besen writes in Falls Church Press: "The next step should be that key members of Congress threaten to cut off funds to Uganda if the Anti-Homosexuality Bill passes."

>>> David Kato: New Yorkers turn out for vigil and protest at Uganda's UN Mission. A rally in San Francisco also drew crowds. Video from speeches at the NYC event here.

||| CAMEROON: A European Union grant to a project launched by Alice Nkom — a Cameroonian lawyer and GBLT rights activist — called Assistance and Supervision of Sexual Minorities Project, has incensed the Cameroon government.


<<< CHINA: Sports Illustrated features gay sportsmanship in cover story. Report includes video.

||| JAPAN: Human Rights Watch calls on Tokyo governor to retract comments that gays and lesbians are deficient.

||| CAMBODIA: In Phnom Pehn, Adore Cambodia! launches to entice GBLT travelers to the Kingdom of Wonders. There's more here.

||| INDIA: In India, the queer community marches with pride.

>>> INDIA: Actor Yuvraaj Parashar has withdrawn claims he was "molested" by director Onir in Mumbai.

<<< PHILLIPINES: In Manila, a fire has left 100 families homeless after a fire destroyed a row of shanties.

||| AUSTRALIA: Indigenous women say no to gay marriage. But Aboriginal gay marriage advocate Jason De Santis says the Christian lobby is using Aboriginal culture as a way to oppose same-sex marriage: "They've got no legs to stand on so, what do they do, they pull the black card."


||| EGYPT: GBLT community joins protests to oust President Hosni Mubarak...

...At least they know where Egypt is, unlike Fox News...

||| The Big Picture: A harrowing, historic week in Egypt (45 pictures).

||| Being gay in Egypt. "'Mohammed' is a good-looking man in his early twenties with a successful career and a very open mind. I met him for the first time in a quiet little coffee shop in central Cairo. In perfect English he tells me that he hides a secret most of the time: he is gay."


||| Homophobic bullying kills: Boffins discover it can cause hormonal disruption that is known to increase suicide rates, memory loss, cardiovascular problems and bone-density depletion.

>>> Spanish researchers develop new HIV treatment. Spanish scientists have discovered a way of "re-educating" the immune system to attack the virus.

||| Meanwhile, a HIV-like infection has been banished from an animal for the first time. London's Evening Standard irresponsibly talks up a cure "within 15 years".

||| Medicine cabinet must-haves: How to be prepared for life's little emergencies.

||| Popeye was right: spinach really does boost your muscles.

<<< Coffee helps working women, but it holds back men.

||| Man claims Parkinson's drug made him a gay sex addict (now how's that for a Jerry Springer episode?).


>>> Remember those blue-eyed huskies from the 2010 Winter Olympics? Around 100 of them were brutally slaughtered last April, because they were "uneconomic to keep after the Games were over and the tourists went home". In pictures.

||| Monkeys. Lots of 'em.

<<< Spot the real panda.


||| Pressure mounts to protect the Amazon's last "uncontacted" tribes. In pictures.

||| Malaysia is destroying its forests three times faster than all Asia combined.

||| World's first "Dark Sky" island.

>>> The sun's spectacular double eruption.


||| Dating site imports 250,000 Facebook profiles - without permission.


<<< XY magazine making a comeback... and why its a Good Thing, by Taylor Siluwé. Of course, you'll all remember reports of its demise, back in issue 71.

||| Skin mag Mandate is also back, two months shy of the 36th anniversary of its founding, and two years after its demise.

<<< Taschen's Big Penis Book goes 3D.


||| Super Size Me film-maker Morgan Spurlock wants to banish ads from Times Square.

<<< The Tudors' hunk Henry Cavill (ah, if only he and Jonathan Rhys Meyers had had a lustlove story in ye olde England) will be the next Superman. So, just why is America outsourcing its superheroes?

||| The Guardian ponders on how this pop cultural colonialism came about.

||| And Mr. Cavill, in pictures. Cor, blimey, I'll 'av some, ta!


>>> Dallas: Will JR and the Ewings be a hit? "A loyal audience... will tune in because of the memories it evokes, but... the show's future success depends on the scriptwriting and plot fitting into the present day."

<<< Farah Fawcett's infamous swimsuit has been enshrined in the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History.

||| How Merrill Lynch and Bank of America were scammed by the Regent Group of Entertainment Companies (they own major players like The Advocate and gay TV network here!) for millions of dollars.

||| Star Trek's lack of gay characters "Not a forward thinking decision", says series writer.

||| Doctor Who suffered a shock loss at the National Television Awards this year - the first time it ddin't take any tophies since its relaunch - further evidence of the dramatic slide in quality that started last year.

||| Oprah ponders whether saying "you seem gayer now" is offensive.

>>> Maxx Brawer plays sensitive gay teen on US sitcom Are We There Yet? Refreshingly, it's not the "stereotypical down low". Watch the full episode:


<<< Gay rapper Kevin "Kaoz" Moore talks activism, and more. Has Kaoz made sacrifices by being openly gay? An emotional Kaoz answers: "You really don't know how I feel inside sometimes, I don't think anyone does... But I believe I've made the right decision."

||| It's been a while since we heard from out singer Kele Okereke (now, how about a Kele/Kaoz collaboration, boys?). He's writing a book - and it's thought to be a collection of erotic short stories.

>>> JLS track Love You More voted world's greatest love song. Why?!

||| Ricky Martin on fatherhood, coming out, and his big return.

<<< Oh-oh. Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne pose together during the filming of a commercial. Frightening.


||| Erik Rhodes has lashed out at the Peters twins: "you would kiss and massage your brother?...i mean, i get sick to my stomach to see all those twins in porn... sure we all need the money but i think you need to draw the line when they ask you to have sex with your family."

>>> Never mind. Here's our lovely boys having a lovely time with Floriam Nemec and Vadim Farrell. Erik would just hate to be in the middle of that mess!

<<< Meanwhile, ka-os|theory favourite Brent Everett has found some twins of his own to play with. Hey - when do I get mine?!

||| Topher DiMaggio: Industry hate figure!

||| Lots of people seem to hate Reese Rideout too. To gain some favour (possibly) he's been teaching gays how to strip on Canadian OUTtv reality series Don't Quit Your Gay Job.

>>> Here at ka-os|theory, we love dogs, and we love porn stars. So let's combine the two! Here's Matthew Rush (sigh) and his pug.

||| Corbin Fisher to build 15,000 sq. ft. facility in Las Vegas.


<<< David Agbodji shoots himself for Wad magazine. Who needs a photographer?

>>> Felix Drobek lenses a campaign for Germany's Barcode Berlin.

<<< More from Uomini - a new Dolce&Gabbana book by Mariano Vivanco...

>>> ...Chad White and his thighs
also feature, very prominently.

<<< Meet Ramon Mattos. Nice underwear.

>>> Tarrice Love has been working his magic with Brazilian model Rael Costa.

<<< Arthur Sales and Francisco Lachowski get close for Coitus magazine, below left. Greg Vaughan was the shutterbug.

>>> Richard Pier Petit shoots Dmitriy Tanner.

<<< Photographer Frank Rubio lenses Ced.

||| Brazilian models in wet T-shirt drama!

>>> Yang Wang has shot dancers Aurélien Charrier, Carlos Ferreira Da Silva and Liam Warren. They're dancing, apparently.

<<< Jamyle by Que Duong.

||| Jake Andrews, lensed by Josh Williams, below left.

||| Simon Nessman is dreamy for Armani Exchange, below right.


||| Check out this mind-bendingly cool structure is the TEK (Technology, Entertainment & Knowledge Centre), designed by Danish firm Bjarke Ingels Group for Taipei, Taiwan.

<<< And here's Mestia Airport, looking a bit like something that's broken off something else (not really what you want in an airport), designed by Berlin architects J. Mayer H.

||| This is Streets of Moncao, the world's first $US1 billion yacht. It's probably unsinkable, too...

||| Boffins are a step closer to making things invisible. That cancer cure can just damn well wait!

<<< In Malaga, a building has been covered with posters that make it look distorted. Drunks should avoid this spot.

||| Mona Lisa was a boy!

||| Homos kissing - IN THE FRENCH WAY!!

||| Our favourite GuysWithiPhones from the past week - enjoy!

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"You know, we might just as well not have bothered to come. The whole thing's been ridiculous."


Mr. Toddy English said...

Yaaaay! The latest issue! Anywho, my thoughts...
1.)If I had Jacek's body I'd live my life eternally nude.
2.) I agree with Mr. Rosen about "activism". I loathe the idea that if you are not speaking out in a specific way then you are not really acting out against injustice. That is bull.
3.) If I had a dollar for everyone who assumed I was sexually abused (simply because I'm gay)I could pay off my student loan debt AND retire before 30.
4.) Yay, more GLBT's of color are coming out!
5.) I really hate ALL of those organized prayer vigils. When I was still a little drone for Jesus (in HS) we had this thing called "See you at the pole" where Christian students prayed at the flag pole...Well, although my Christian beliefs are gone I still see poles occasionally...*giggles*
6.)DeSean Jackson is soooo HOT! Anyway, that was really sweet. Oh my god had that been MY child I would have been up for a multiple HOMICIDE rap! That video was sickening.
Fortunately, little Nadin (the 13 year old) was uninjured. Of course his school will do nothing about it...Nothing substantial that is.
7. Stephen Green is no surprise. When someone is extremely homophobic they are either a closet queen or a demented misogynist (or vacillating somewhere between the two).
8.) Honestly, I don't care what kids call their gay parents...I don't want any of the little crumb snatchers...Well, I'll baby sit if I can use them as an IRS tax write off.
The only kids I want are furry and say "meow" a lot.
9.) I want to visit The Netherlands! Sort of off topic but anyway...
10.) As for Jamaica...If that is "tolerance" I don't want to see their intolerance...Wait, I almost forgot, we read about it ALL the time. I'll never support Jamaica, EVER. If I find out Bob Marley was a homophobe I will throw away his CD's.
11.) I really don't have a whole lot to say about Uganda, or the continent of Africa itself, because it infuriates me.
12.) Bullying kills...well...Duh?
13.) I am ready for them to find an AIDS cure/vaccine like twenty years ago...But you know once one is discovered the extreme Right wing will protest it as "condoning sin." Yes, let's allow everyone to die to appease some dick head who ALLEGEDLY lives in the sky.
14.) Oh my god I can just imagine the commercials for that drug in France...
"Side effects may include, and not be limited to: stomach aches, leg cramps, nausea, skin irritation, and the desire to perform random acts of fellatio on other men; attend orgies in bathhouses; and partake in fisting and double penetration. If one or more of these symptoms occur please plan to be tested for Sexually transmitted infections. Use_____"
15.) Oh my god I am so GLAD Mandate is BACK! When I was still a Tiny Toddy for Christ (around 10 or 11)my mother used to take me for dentist appointments next door to a book store. Anyway, while she was speaking with the dentist I would run into the book store and look at Mandate magazine (hidden behind a copy of a more benign one of course)! The memories!
16.) Oh my god I wrote a SLASH fiction about Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Henry Cavill on a Tudors fan site...LOL. I love(lust for)both of them, especially Henry. Hopefully, he will be extra studly and the superman costume will be EXTRA snug.
17.) Why not show the reruns of the old Dallas? I am not with this trend of resurrecting old shows (except maybe V). Dallas was good for its era but not now.
18.) UGH Oprah's network is sooooo BORING. I mean I love all of the Best Life shows. But I flip the channel once I see Dr. Phil. God I hate him.
19.) I have never heard a Justin Bieber song or seen a video. I am proud of myself for being able to turn off the television.
20.) I disagree with Mr. Rhodes. MAYBE I am somekind of sick pervert but I love hot TWINCEST.
21.)Okay, I really like the guy's outfit with the Superman T-shirt. Guy with the bird on his head is the hottest. I find any man who owns a bird to be endearing and sexy.

Mike said...

"The View" video made me tear. I saw the original bulling video but not this one. Very moving. And xerox Mr. Toddy English's comment "DeSean Jackson is soooo HOT!"

And is Mr. English's comment longer than the original post or is that just my imagination?

Liberator Émigré Éire said...

To be sure, Mr English gives good comment. Love. Him.

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