Steel trees, college meat, Blatinos and the Philippines

The new World Trade Center is rapidly taking shape...

||| ...And a video of how the Ground Zero site
will look when it has been rebuilt.

||| The steel tridents salvaged from the collapse of the Twin Towers
have returned to Ground Zero.

||| "
As gay culture discovers joy of maturity, parenting transforms our lives." Transforms? How about diminishes? Or deadens?

||| Homophobia and high office: "Throughout history, rumours of homosexuality have been enough to sink the most powerful."

||| Apparently, some guys on Grindr
are racist, or just not into particular types. Who would have thought?


||| "Gay cure" fraudsters Exodus International
are denied charitable status in New Zealand - but Canada takes the opposite approach.

||| Evangelical Christians rally against gays, abortion, and middle-aged men who play video games. Sadly,
it would seem hunger, poverty, homelessness, human rights, domestic abuse and AIDS are not on their prayer agenda.

||| Gay journalists shift focus
to keeping jobs.

||| The "major paradigm shift"
on the historiography of Abraham Lincoln's sexuality - and his relationship with Joshua Speed.

||| Why does my son keep coming out to me?

||| Model Ronnie Brown (left) had his ear bitten off by a drag queen in a New York bar. He's since
lost it again.

||| Poppers manufacturer
goes bust, owner commits suicide.

||| Yes, that was New York's
hottest ever summer.

||| Why don't African Americans swim?


||| Britain is a "selfish, hedonistic wasteland" and "the geopolitical epicentre of the culture of death", according to a leading Catholic aide. Why?
Because of the expansion of gay rights, of course.

||| Gay and lesbian Christians
criticise plans to disrupt the Pope's visit: Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement wants critics to 'disagree with respect'.

||| Schools must balance ethos with equality: "Faith based schools are on the rise in the UK, apparently boosting educational standards. But are religious values at odds with legislation on equality?"

||| The visit to Soho gay bar LoProfile by Labour leadership hopeful David Miliband (mentioned
last week), went ahead. The not-unattractive MP told, "It's fashionable to trash the Labour record but this is one area where, why should we? We actually did massively more than we ever conceived that we would. I'm open minded about whether we could do more but let's celebrate what we did do."


||| A male-prostitute trafficking ring
has been busted in Spain. The victims - from Brazil - were plied with Viagra and cocaine and made to perform sex "around the clock".

||| Brazil is making efforts to
help the men who wish to return home.


||| Cuba: Fidel Castro
takes the blame for gay persecution in the 1960s.

||| Argentina: Over 100 gay and lesbian couples
have married in the 30 days since the country became the first in the region to legalise gay marriage.

||| Jamaica:
Not positive on HIV. "A glimpse of the views on homosexuality and HIV from the perspective of the government, the church, and the citizens of Jamaica."


||| South Africa: GBLT foreigners
face rabid xenophobia in the aftermath of the World Cup.

||| South African pastor:
Jesus was HIV positive.


||| The problem of "bang ye" - or exposing grandfathers.

||| China: Gay visibility
a sign of "the most rapid, transformative change of any large country in the world today".

||| In Malaysia, the battle for equality is slowly building in momentum. Left, Reverend Ouyang Wen Feng - Malaysia's only openly gay pastor. The 40-year-old started the country's first gay church, in Kuala Lumpur.

||| What does the Mr Gay World Philippines contest
tell us about being gay in the Philippines?

||| See all the contestants here.

||| More coverage on the event from France24.

||| India: Gay model
grilled in diamond heist.

||| New Zealand:
The story of Matt Wright, the "sole staff member in charge of the three level inner-city cruise club and sauna" Menfriends, the night disaster struck.


||| A return to Baghdad: What changed and what didn't since 2007. "It was as if there were two different Baghdads... I would see a hospital where the bodies of gay men had been dumped, their anuses closed shut from a heavy glue used to torture them. I would visit a safe house, chatting with gay men and transgender Iraqis who hid for safety, yet at the same time were welcoming and life-affirming, teaching me gay Arabic slang and joking about sex with gay Saddam-look-alikes."


||| Boffins
to test cancer drug on HIV.

||| Good news (for me, anyway...): Heavy drinkers
outlive non-drinkers.

||| Smoking cannabis "
alleviates pain and depression".

||| Coffee is good for the heart, boffins

||| Insomniac men four times more likely
to die early. Similarly, teenagers who spend nights online are tripling their chances of developing mental illness.


||| What a Whopper! Burger King sold to (yawn) investment (yawn) firm 3G. BK might taste better, but it has struggled against the dominance of McDonald's.

||| So, can Burger King
rediscover its sizzle?

||| China: One in 10 meals cooked using oil dredged
from the sewer.

||| Crisps: They're fried in fat and smothered in salt, but still we eat a heart-stopping 6bn packets of them a year.
So why do we have an unhealthy obsession with potato crisps?

||| The champagne bottle gets a
green makeover.


||| Why the mighty elephant is
afraid of ants.

||| Animal pictures of the week (26 more pictures). Left, an Orangutan two baby lion cubs in South Carolina. Right: Time of the month, ladies? Two lionesses attack a lion in South Africa.


||| Stephen Hawking says universe
not created by God.

||| WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! No, really.
This is frightening.


||| Diaspora - an open-source "privacy aware" alternative to Facebook -
is coming.

||| And
it's doomed.

||| Ailing social networking site MySpace
has tied-in with Facebook, allowing MySpace users to sync status updates with Facebook.


||| The
most anticipated GBLT books of Autumn 2010.

||| Literotic:
Gay erotica reviews, with Richard Labonté's Muscle Men and Biker Boys, edited by Christopher Pierce.

||| A full round-up of September's GBLT
literary and publishing news.

||| Oxford English Dictionary probably
won't be printed again. Blame the internet.


||| Yes, it really is him.

||| Got a spare £75,000? Then this perfect Ecto 1 replica
could be yours.

||| Why I love black and white films.


||| Top ten 80s TV villains.

||| The
final lines of some of TV's most famous shows.

||| Reality is
killing drama: Audiences with short attention spans want instant emotion.

||| I don't do Glee, but this picture (left), by by Robert Trachtenberg for Rolling Stone, raised a smile. Lovely.

||| Gaying up CBS.

||| EastEnders: Peggy's Theme - the special version of the EastEnders theme tune used for Peggy Mitchell's - exit
to be released as an EP.

||| A chat with EastEnders: E20's Tosin Cole (left)...

||| ...And his onscreen brother
Heshima Thompson (right).


||| College football's
beefcake photo trend: where will it all end?

||| Outsports'


||| MOC Blog
is live at the 2010 Blatino Awards.

||| 2010 Blatino Awards,
in pictures.

||| Further up the page, we have Animal Pictures of the Week. Here, it's Android Men, via MOC Blog. Enjoy.

||| Brent Everett, Pierre Fitch and Ralph Woods mould their Fleshjacks.

||| Wow... All those picture perfect beauties, and Calvin Klein settles for this?!


||| Argentinian porn star cum mainstream model Dionisio Heiderscheid on a swimwear shoot.


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Cup-o-Noodles said...

Very nice, as always. Just how many hours a day do you spend reading news?? :)

KAOS said...

Thank you, Mister Noodles.

I have to cram for the exam, thanks to my day job :(

KAOS said...

Also, I hope people realise that the magazine cover, "Once There Were Giants", refers not just to the Twin Towers, but also all those who fireman and police who lost their lives on 9/11, and all those military personnel who lost their lives in the war that followed.

They are the giants.

Mike said...

"Transforms? How about diminishes? Or deadens?" I so agree with your comment. Are these people that lonely and controlling they must have kids to guilt, manipulate and loose their own identify?

Prince Todd said...

I love how you invoke the
1.) I still don't get gays wanting children. zero for me. They are bad for my complexion.
2.) I actually learned to swim in 9th grade. I'll swim in the pool just not the ocean. I'm scared of sharks and BP oil tankers.
3.) That lion looks like he's enjoying the attack. Must be kinksters.
4.) Stephen Hawking is God.
5.) Facebook is the borg. resistance is futile.
6.) Confession: I have the biggest crush on Adam Benjamin Irby!

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