Taylor Siluwé appeared at the 9th annual Jersey City PRIDE Festival last month to promote his Dancing With The Devil project. Taylor took some time out from work on the project to talk to ka-ostheory.

"The 9th annual Jersey City PRIDE Festival on the waterfront was the best one yet. Although stormy weather began the day (set up was a wet windy mess), the clouds soon parted and a rainbow appeared. The rest of the day was magical as the crew of the Dancing With The Devil photo/film project talked to the crowd about the book, and how it'll begin to rise from the page in about a month."

Judging by the pictures, it certainly looks like Taylor's got his hands full. Care to fill us in on your merry band of boys, Taylor?

"Two of our crew couldn't make it, but we held it down in pink style 'cause the show must go on. Gianni, who can star in any production of mine that he wants to, certainly took up the slack for the missing members with his usual charm and almost oddly pretty face. Besides being a model, he's also a dancer/choreographer who's putting together a Dancing... themed routine with two other dancers. That footage, along with video (interviews, scene re-enactments, et cetera), large prints from all the shoots for sale, and a few surprises will be all part of the October show during the Jersey City Artist Studio tour."


More news on the Dancing With The Devil project soon. In the meantime, check out...

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.::STELLA*DELLA::. said...

Oh wow. May check this out after all.


Anonymous said...

I, as well.


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