...out of time

NEVER HAS THE title of this series of articles been more apt.
As HIV campaigns go, this one's visually arresting - and jolly clever. But is it too sexy for its own good? OK, I get it - having sex with lots of people might be hazardous to your health - but this kind of imagery makes me want to throw myself into the melee, not abstain.
Knowing my luck, I'd be the guy who drops through the bottom of the hour glass. "My world, my world..." The video was made by the French charity Sidaction.

"The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there..."


mike said...

My first reaction: who shot that? My second reaction was those bodies are fine! (I like skinny). My third reaction where's the pigment? My fourth reaction, why couldn't I have been the director or cameraman?

Noble said...

thats one crazy commercial

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