THE TEENAGE BOY stabbed to death in the early hours of Saturday morning, and named as Carl Beatson, was a musician who earlier on Friday night had debuted his first single.

19-year-old Beatson, who performed as Charmz, had been on stage performing Buy Out 'Da Bar with DJ duo Kid 'N' Play.

Chris Mukoko, a friend of the rapper, also 19, had left the club early: "I felt uncomfortable as there was a bit of hostility around the place, so I left. I was going to tell Carl but he was on stage. I wish I had told him. I didn't think anything would ever happen to a guy like him. He was so popular and wasn't involved in gangs. I'd never even seen him have one argument in the six years we knew each other."

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I was actually listening to this song a couple days ago. The I saw it on the news..sad

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