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Pride and Prejudice

ane Austen get's the MGM glamor treatment in Robert Z. Leonard's version of the classic Pride and Prejudice (1940), starring Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier.

Boasting one of the greatest casts of character actors ever assembled, including Edna May Oliver, Edmund Gwen, Mary Boland, Maureen O'Sullivan, Melville Cooper and Marsha Hunt, this may not be the definitive version of the novel, but it's wildly entertaining. All the high class and expensive gloss that MGM at the height of it's glory days could muster makes this a must see entertainment. A good time will be had by all!

Steve Hayes

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Here at ka-os|theory, Steve Hayes is regarded as a legend. He's opened up a whole world of cinematic pleasure, and fired up my appreciation of film. His enthusiasm is infectious, electrifying, and unfailingly on point. The films he recommends are always worth seeing, and several have become firm favourites. If you have even a passing interest in movies, watch a couple of reviews. They're fun, funny, and you'll be intrigued. As he says, "Trust the tired old movie queen, this is terrific!"

(Syndication is with the kind permission of Steve Hayes. I'd recommend that readers check out his YouTube channel and explore his reviews. Discover the joy of vintage cinema - I did!)


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