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I'm different from you still

EastEnders: 16/11/10

Ah, more Arinze, more shirtless heaven. All eyes are on the chest of wonder as the bad boy moves in with Carol and Blake's 7's Soolin Glenda. Let's hope it ends up more How Stella Got Her Groove Back than Heading South...

And please, please, please - let's have a homage to that soapy Stella shower scene where Taye Diggs showed us his assets.

But less of the movie comparisons. This is the small screen, and Blake's 7's Soolin Glenda has a comparison of her own. "'Ere, I've just seen my Mum laughing her head off with one of Billie's lowlife mates," Bianca is complaining in the caff, doubtless as confused as the rest of us that Carol is laughing at all (is this a first?) "Oh," Glenda smirks. "Young black guy, very fit? Uh... healthy." She doesn't miss a trick, that Glenda. Especially when the trick is young and 'healthy'. "So Carol hasn't told you about our new flatmate? I thought we were going to be like The Liver Birds. It swiftly turned into Prisoner: Cell Block H."

The Liver Birds? Maybe a female version of Steptoe & Son - Carol does a good line in misery. And where does she get Prisoner: Cell Block H from? Maybe she has visions of herself as Top Dog Bea Smith. Gawd...

Connor (Arinze Kene) and Carol's (Lindsey Coulson) intergenerational romance is touching. Let's hope it continues to be handled sensitively. But this is EastEnders, and Christmas is just around the corner.

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Mr. Toddy English said...

Now he is a total hunk factory!

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