And what exactly do you mean by "feeding"?

EastEnders: 09/11/10

t's the moment we've all been waiting for. Arinze Kene's character Connor is back in EastEnders, and thanks to cutbacks in the BBC wardrobe department, he's only got half a costume.

Either that, or the production team took a look at his last appearance, and thought to themselves, "Yes, please, more of that."

Carol's clearly of the same mind, tracking her dead son's best friend to his sink estate lair to get an apology for being treated "like a piece of meat". Because she hated every minute of it.

"I thought that was what you wanted," was Connor's not unreasonable comeback. When you have tits like his, doors ain't getting slammed in the face.

My only question is: just what was he up to with the link boy in the hall just before Carol arrived? He was half-naked, after all...

Lots more of Connor after the jump.


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