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Youth is easily deceived, because it is quick to hope


This beautifully evocative shot, "1980s London lad at Severn Bridge", is by photographer Mike Stokes. He writes, "A photo from the 1980s, a boy from London on a visit to South Wales tries to look disinterested as the photographer sets up his shot!

Taken at Severn Beach on the English side of the river on a Mamiya C330 with 250mm lens, FP4 film. The film was "overcooked" and almost possible to print in the darkroom, but by digital methods a very atmospheric photograph has been produced.

The teenage lad from London was staying with me at the time; he visited Wales frequently during the early 1980s and was a legacy from my London years."

I wonder what became of this 1980s boy?

Title quote: "Youth is easily deceived, because it is quick to hope." Aristotle, Greek philosopher, 384 BC – 322 BC.


Wonder Man said...

that is a great shot

LIBERATOR | Émigré Éire said...

Isn't it? It really makes me wonder who he is, what he's thinking, and where he is now...

Eduardo Guize said...

Great photo. I often wonder the same thing when looking at people in pictures. They are dead, or they don't exist anymore exactly as they were back then.

thegayte-keeper said...

That picture says SO much...

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