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2|entertain, the company behind Doctor Who on DVD, have announced the forthcoming release of Mara Tales, a box set comprising of the 1982 serials Kinda and Snakedance.

Worth getting just for the frightening dream sequences in Kinda, these gems from the 80s are the perfect antidote to Doctor Whoin 2010, which has become, sadly, a completely unwatchable piece of shit.

Of Kinda, The Discontinuity Guide says:

"One of the best Doctor Who stories ever, astonishingly directed and written as a theatrical piece brimming with allusions and parallels. It's not really an allegory, as, unusually for Doctor Who it's a very original piece of genuine SF. It's 'about' boxes (the healing device that cures colonialism, the tank that the colonists wander about in, the pigeonholes where they want to put the Kinda) and male/female relationships, with the Doctor the only man wise enough to know he's foolish."

Don't believe it? Just check out the trailer above - and keep your eyes peeled for the new, improved CGI snake. Wow...

Kinda also features troubled gay boy geek Adric, of whom I'm a huge fan. A quick Google image search for this article led me to some... surprising cartoons of Doctor Who characters in action, which I feel duty bound to share. One of my favourites is the cartoon below, showing the fourth Doctor with Adric, and the fifth Doctor with Turlough, comparing pecs. Or something.

Below, we have this deliciously dark image of the Master with a nude, terrified Adric, and a thoroughly subjugated Turlough. Fabulously creepy!

Next we have the Doctor and Turlough (clearly my own aversion to gingers isn't universal) using the TARDIS console in ways it hasn't seen since Ben and Jamie were aboard the Ship in the '60s... Presumably Tegan was off sharpening her tongue in the TARDIS workshop.

Another Turlough piece follows (who knew he had it in him?) but I'm not sure who's supposed to be ravishing him in this one. Is it Nyssa?

Lastly is this cute tribute to (a much younger) Adric by FireFiriel... Now someone needs to draw his big brother. Wouldn't that be something?


Wonder Man said...

I wonder if Adric will be revisited

LIBERATOR | Émigré Éire said...

LOL I sincerely doubt it, he's hated by most people.

FRANK said...

Having just reviewed the Mara Tales box set over at Cathode Ray Tube I can confirm that both 'Kinda' and 'Snakedance' are also among my favourite stories of the period. Both intelligent, well directed and brilliantly performed pieces of 'Doctor Who'.

And I'm loving that Fifth Doctor and Turlough image. Good to see the TARDIS console employed for some hot man on man action. Phew!

And I'm not of the school of Adric hate either. I'd love to see him back in either a book or an audio. I'd recommend Matthew Waterhouse's 'Blue Boy Boy' memoir too.

Liberator Émigré Éire said...

Frank: I've just been putting the finishing touches to my weekly news round-up and it includes a link to your excellent review of those stories!

I'd forgotten these fun pictures were here - the Fifth Doctor/Turlough one is hot. And it's my favourite console too! Hehe...

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