An elaborately executed, highly marketed, deception

a news compendium
with a gay bias
election special

||| "David Cameron is an idiot. A simpering, say-anything, dough-faced, preposterous waddling idiot with a feeble, insincere voice and an irritating tendency to squat near the top of opinion polls. I don't like him. And I've got a terrible feeling he'll be prime minister one day. Brrr." Charlie Brooker, back in 2007.

||| Who is bankrolling the Tories? The big secret: powerful Christian businessmen.

||| Cameron's Tories have
given up on the gay vote.

||| So the Conservatives have changed, have they? Explain this, Mr Cameron: Rising Tory star Philippa Stroud ran prayer sessions to "cure" gay people. She founded a church that tried to drive out homosexuals' demons.

||| Turns out she can rebuke demons
in French, too!

||| The mainstream media completely ignores the story. @TheoAdams on Twitter puts it best: "Gordon Brown calls ONE voter a bigot. Press goes MENTAL. #PhilippaStroudcalls MILLIONS of voters demons. Silence. Why?"

||| And why has David Cameron not taken a hardline and axed her from his supposedly new, improved Tories? Answer: see "Cameron's Tories have given up on the gay vote."

||| In fact, Cameron actually says, "She believes in gay equality." What? WHAT?!

||| Post-election, Stroud
loses her Tory seat to Liberal Democrat rival. Aww... ain't that a shame.

||| Sadly, two homophobic Conservative MPs, retained their seats.

||| Major parties scramble for "pink vote" in
radio debate.

||| HIV is not a gay disease: Tory MP Julian Lewis's comments are out of date – new diagnoses in the past decade have mostly been among heterosexuals.

||| Conservative MP: Gay age of consent should not have been lowered. David Cameron's Tories maintain their position on fighting gay equality.

||| Conservative MP: "Homosexuality is not 'normal behaviour'."

|||Shameful Tory spin sought to
hide the truth about the Conservative's alliance with the homophobic, right-wing Polish Law and Justice party.

||| Gays, Tories and the Polish Law and Justice party: An inconvenient truth that won't go away as election day approaches.

||| The Tories and
radical populism: "The Tories are seeking to appease anti-foreigner feeling with language on immigrants that they would not tolerate if applied to British citizens living and working abroad."

||| Tory homophobia cannot be put to bed: Chris Grayling was a disgraceful reminder of what many leading Tories really believe.

||| Tory gay support

||| PinkPaper interviews Prime Minister Gordon Brown talks about tackling homophobic bullying in schools and challenging the Pope on gay issues. Video.

||| Labour has left an indelible mark on British culture,
writes Gary Younge in The Guardian. "Especially on gay rights and race, Labour has helped transform Britain into a much less parochial country than 13 years ago."

||| What we'll lose if we reject Labour.


||| ka-os|theory, ONE YEAR AGO: 09.05.09

This edition of ka-os|theory covers the period
18th April-08th May 2010.

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"You know, we might just as well not have bothered to come.
The whole thing's been ridiculous."

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Andy said...

On meeting Cameron, President Obama was, according to diplomatic sources, "distinctly unimpressed". Obama exclaimed of Cameron after their meeting: "What a lightweight!"

Cameron is a Trojan Horse, the frontman for some very dark forces.

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