Matthew Rush? Dead?! How? Why! He was so young... 

Well, Matthew Rush isn't dead, but the search query "Matthew Rush dead" is one that keeps popping up in the keyword analysis StatCounter provides for this blog. Those searching for news of Matthew Rush's death land here. Maybe some of you are confusing Rush with Brett Mycles...? An assortment of eye candy features regularly in the top keywords - most prominently the Goffney twins. You're also searching for Brian Putzy (or parts of him), Do Começo Ao Fim (the year's most anticipated film), and, er, porn sex dady prancis. I've no idea what that even means, much less why it would direct to ka-os|theory.

Here's the top 10 search queries...

01. The Goffney Twins 

02. Brian Putzy dick 

03. Matthew Rush dead 

04. Rikki-Beadle Blair Kick Off rapidshare 

05. Andreas gay 

06. porn sex dady prancis 

07. Does Shorty J have aids 

08. Victor Hoang model 

09. women fighting women 

10. Do Começo Ao Fim

Top picture: Matthew Rush, alive and well on my fridge, today.


Forbidden Light said...

Don't scare me like that! Especially now that he's doing black porn...

Garçon Stupide said...

LOL... sorry! But it's always there in my keyword search results.

I was surprised to see him do a scene with Eddie Diaz - a dream partnership, you would have thought, but the scene lacked oomph! Disappointing. I'd love to see him thrown into the CocoDorm as a Daddy figure to the boyz... lol

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