I know, I know! "Garçon, Garçon! Who is this impossible beauty," I hear you cry. Well don't worry your pretty little heads, kids, 'cos I'm going to tell you, yes I am! The manikin in question is Federico Amoroso, and he's been lensed by Sam Scott Schiavo for this jaw-dropping Fantasticsmag editorial (where you can find a dozen more shots of this "tale of jocks and balls"). As a public service, I've made the best of the spread available to you, and yours, below. Bon appétit, enfants!




thegayte-keeper said...

I AM IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You always bring that heat!!!!! Loves it!!!!

Sanya in España said...

Hmm... I wouldn't mind getting "amoroso" with Federico, that's for damn sure!

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