A 19 YEAR-OLD BOY has been stabbed to death in Kennington, south London.

Carl Beatson Asiedu was pronounced dead at 5.36a.m. this morning after being found by police in a car stopped for jumping a red light.

He is the ninth boy to die violently this year. In addition, two girls, Shannen Vickers (17), and Maleha Masud (15), were murdered in separate incidents on 22nd Febuary and 25th June respectively.

28 teenage boys died violently in 2008.

This article will be updated when further information becomes available. Last updated 03 August 2009 0039hrs.



Anonymous said...

Your posts on the senseless violence killing young people are quite provocative. You force your readers to stop ignoring the pervasive violence around them-- in particular, the ways in which this violence is eliminating so many promising young men of color. Recent violence among black and/or (non)working class youth in Chicago and New Orleans is of epidemic proportions -- obviously not unlike London. What analysis do you offer of this violence?

Also, since you color-baited me for loving the Dark Meat-- Brandon Ficklin-- and to a lesser extent the high yellow meat-- I wonder If you misread my comments as viewing the darker man as superior to the paler man. This is so far from the case.

Garçon Stupide said...

Anon - I don't offer any analysis, I'm not sufficiently equipped to do so.

My reason for putting these stories up is purely emotional - it's a horrible, horrible waste and desperately sad, and genuinely distresses me.

Moreover, I'm troubled that these stories don't get enough coverage in the media, that they're buried and forgotten, and that these boys are buried and forgotten.

I think the loss of these boys is the single most important issue in London today, but no one in positions of power or influence really cares at all.

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