Proposition 8: The Black Folk Did It!

Pictured: Aww! Black and white united against the fags. It warms the heart!
Here at the ka-os blog, I've made my feelings pretty clear on the toxic, malignant force that threatens civilisation. No, I'm not talking Madonna, I'm talking religion. Not all religion. I've got nothing against Hinduism or Buddhism. Voodoo seems pretty cool, and Scientology gives us something to laugh at. No, the poison I'm referring to is Christianity, Islam, Mormonism et cetera. Why? This is why. Proposition 8 succeeded because the ignorant, blinkered masses, desperately clutching their bibles, unable to think for themselves, voted for it. Yet people have chosen to make the successful passage of the legislation a racial issue. The logic goes something like this: black people are to blame, because a large percentage of black people (relative to the black population as a whole) voted for it. A lot of angry gays have grabbed onto that fact, and clung to it in their rage. And we should all be very, very angry about Prop 8, whether we live in California or not, but that anger is very misguided. Here's some further figures: "Of those that voted for the ban, 60% were white, 13% black, 18% Hispanic, 6% Asian, and 3% other." That's right kids, if this is a racial issue, then white people are to blame for Proposition 8. Six out of ten Yes votes were from whites (see, I can do math). When I was younger, I used to think that the real battle to be fought was that of gays against straights. In fact, you can probably find articles right here on this blog in which I disparage heterosexuals wholesale. That view has been challenged by the great many heterosexual people I know who frankly couldn't give a damn about gay this or straight that; people who are open-minded, rational individuals. I also know many gay men - and gay youth particularly - whose minds have been pickled by the garbage their church-going parents have rammed down their throats. Incoherent nonsense about God and the bible, a dubious fiction penned centuries ago, the interpretation of which dictates the moral code of boys and men in the here and now. It's insane. You know, it's so ironic hearing black people talking about finally throwing off the shackles of slavery with the election of Barack Obama. What those same people fail to realise is that they are placing horrible mental shackles on their youth - with their twisted, hypocritical religion. This isn't me talking out of my hat. I see it time and again in friends and acquaintances; young black males, usually African/Afro-Caribbean, confused and distraught by the shackles of religion. The real poison here is religion, because "God" told all those good folk to vote for Proposition 8, didn't he? The truth of that matter is that America is so pickled in religious fervour that it's easier to make a scapegoat of black people, than to confront the basic fact that the church, the bible, the mosque and God are weapons of mass destruction - and they're aimed right at YOU.


Tré Xavier said...

I grew up a Christian, and I occasionally will go to church because God does hold a strong place in my life. While I am not a resident of California, I did recently post a blog against Proposition 8.
So if God told all those people to vote for Proposition 8, then what did he tell me when I was writing my post against it?

NOTHING, just as God told those who voted "yes" nothing. These people simply wanted control over what they should not have control over that being who I love, and to what extent I'm allowed to show that love. They wanted to use God as an excuse to have a holier-than-thou attitude. Which as a God-believing person is what most offends me about their actions. But I refuse to give up God over this. I'll give up my compassion for those voters, because they obviously have none for me and those like me.

Anonymous said...

You know your going to hell for this article right?

ka-os said...

Anonymous - if there is such a thing, and if I am going there, and you consider yourself to be going in the opposite direction, then I'll be in very good company.

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