25 Teenagers Who Died Before They Lived

Think you had a bad year? Didn't get what you wanted for Christmas? Haven't got a boyfriend? Haven't got the latest phone/iPod/trainers?

Twenty-five teenagers in London won't have those problems in the new year, because in 2007 they lost their lives after being shot or stabbed to death - by their peers.

Look at the faces, imagine the lost potential, try to picture their energy and vitality in life, and their mother's faces when the police came knocking with the news. They aren't headlines.

The scale of loss is horrific and almost incomprehensible. Here are the twenty-five teenagers who died before they lived.

From left to right:

Stephen Boachie, 17, stabbed on 1 January.

Dean Lahlou, 18, stabbed on 9 January.

Jevon Henry, 18, stabbed on 24 January.

James Smartt-Ford, 16, shot on 3 February.

Michael Dosunmu, 15, shot on 6 February.

Billy Cox, 15, shot on 14 February.

Kodjo Yenga, 16, stabbed on 14 March.

Adam Regis, 15, stabbed on 17 March.

Paul Erhahon, 14, stabbed on 6 April.

Dwaine Douglas, 18, stabbed on 18 May.

Danielle Johnson, 17, stabbed on 28 May.

Sian Simpson, 18, stabbed on 19 June.

Ben Hitchcock, 16, stabbed on 23 June.

Annaka Keniesha Pinto, 17, shot on 23 June.

Abu Shahin, 18, stabbed on 26 June.

Martin Dinnegan, 14, stabbed on 26 June.

Abukar Mahamud, 16, shot on 26 July.

Nathan Foster, 18, shot on 3 August.

Mohammed Ahmed, 17, stabbed on 30 August.

Edvin Johnson, 19, stabbed on 16 September.

Rizwan Darbar, 17, stabbed on 7 October.

Philip Poru, 18, shot on 14 October.

Etem Celebi, 17, shot on 14 November.

Biendi Litambola, 17, assaulted on 17 November.

David Nowak, 16, stabbed on 15 December.


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