Tyrese Bans Men

Tyrese was once in my Sexiest Men list (it's a long list) along with Tyson Beckford. My Tyson-love waned when I happened to catch his appearance on the US version of I'm A Celebrity..., and I realised he apparently has no personality - which really isn't very attractive.

Tyrese (left) has a different set of problems. Is it just me or does he appear to be losing his boyish good looks? Anybody seen him lately? As if that isn't bad enough a crime, evidence is emerging to suggest he's also homophobic: perezhilton.com reports that Mr Gibson will be making his forthcoming "Shirts Off" tour (in which he'll 'perform' with Ginuwine and Tank) a man free zone: "We're putting a ban on all dudes from coming to the show." It occurs to me that as well as being grammatically incorrect, our not-a-Baby-Boy is worried about being looked upon in the flesh by - gasp! - men. Allegedly, Tyrese once stopped a concert when a male fan caught the shirt Gibson threw into the crowd and said, "Naw, dawg, that was for the ladies."

L.T. Dinwiddie at contrydiction.blogspot.com has this take on it: "A dollar is a dollar whether it’s from a man or a woman. Secondly, lets be real, I dont know any single woman who care(s) about Married with four kids-Ginuwine, woman beater-Tyrese, and boring as hell-Tank. The gays might be the only ones who can salvage your career(s). It’s obvious that the ladies don’t care because all three of their current releases bombed on the Billboard charts. It just amazes me that in 2007 we still have young, intelligent, black men still discriminating against others. These aren’t country bumpkins who have never been around a gay person in their lives. They’re industry boys. They are surrounded by more gay people then any non industry person could ever be."

So, could it all be a publicity stunt, designed to whip the ladies into a frenzy? Possibly. But it seems unlikely that a media whore like Tyrese would be unaware of the perception of such a decree.

Oh, and apparently he's a wife beater too - but you didn't hear it from me.


michael said...

Tyrese has always been a WANKER, and he is not as hot as he seems to think he is.

Tyler said...

Tyrese is an idiot. He deserves to be shot in the foot and have men cum all over it. LMFAO

Ivy Leaguer said...

All I have to say is one thing: OOOH, HOW YOU DOIN?? ALLLL RIIIIGGGGHHHTTT!!! (c) Wendy WIlliams

Ms. Tyrese is a SUCH a media whore..this "decree" of his wont last when he realizes that NO ONE is at his concert...

He needs to grow up...or COME OUT. All THREE OF them do (Tank, I see you! Ginuwine--I see you also!)

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